No Excuses

When the wind’s howling and the rain’s pelting against the window, the last thing you want to do is go and work out.

When it comes to choosing between a winter run or snuggling up on the sofa with a packet of biscuits, I know which one sounds more appealing!

Especially when you throw wet feet and chattering teeth into the run.

So when Nike promised me they’d found a solution, I was all ears.


I put their wet weather, winter run gear through its paces.

Stretch it out

Choosing a delightfully British (grey and miserable) Sunday morning.

Wet weather run gear

All stretched out,

Just do it!

tied up,

Winter running - No Excuses!

wrapped up…


…and ready to run!

Get fit - no matter the weather!

Hypershield jacket

Cowl neck top – Warm, wraps over your hands to keep you warm but instantly whips away any sweat

Dri-fit leggings – same as above, with vents behind your knees

“LunarEpic Flyknit Shield” trainers

Nike commissioned this post – all opinions are mine 

Goal digger

Everything is designed to protect you from the elements.

Rain slips off the waterproof jacket, even the zips are sealed. The cosy cowl neck top keeps your chest and throat warm and protects you from the icy wind – no-one wants to go home with the sniffles.

The leggings let you move freely and keep sweat off the skin, but the real winner for me?

The trainers.

Nike waterproof trainers

So light and seamless, they fit like a second skin.

Soft, breathable, but still durable and completely water repellent. Run through all the puddles you like, your toes are staying dry.

Added traction for running in the wet and a cosy upper to keep your ankles warm, dry and supported.

The Stealth Black ones are my faves, or you could always design your own.

Run through it

With winter drawing in and the nights getting longer, it’s important to make sure you’re seen on the roads.

Every piece of the collection is equipped with Nike’s flash technology, every time you run under a lamp or a car shines their headlights… you light up like a Christmas tree.

Flash technology

Black hooded jacket

Once you’re wrapped up and out of the house you’re bound to feel more motivated.

More alive.

Ready for anything.

Just keep running

Run through negativity, run through stress, run through problems, run for the hell of it, run for that extra slice of cake!

Use the Nike+ Run Club app to keep track of your progress and push yourself further.

Make a splash!

Even if you don’t run, get out there and walk. Get your pace up until you feel it’s just getting tricky to talk and you really need to catch your breath… and keep going!

Set yourself a circuit, drag a buddy along, maybe go past your favourite coffee shop and pop in for one, just get out and get moving.

With the right wet weather gear, there really are no excuses.

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  • Peppermint Dolly

    I’m really loving the jacket with it’s flash tech, so clever! Will have to flag this Nike line with Santa!


  • I love the jacket but waterproof trainers are really high on my wish list this Christmas!! It’s awful down here in Exeter, the river’s already looking like it’s about to burst its banks! I used the Nike Running Club app earlier this year and loved it! I’m now giving one of their Training Club app programmes a go 🙂 six pack here I come…? xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • I love this sports shoes! and this color! 🙂 beautiful photos.

  • Love this! I love how the top is designed to keep the neck warm, that is what I find hardest when running in the winter! Immy x

  • Gabriella Granata

    I love this post Rosie. It’s really motivated me to get running again, and up in extra rainy Manchester, it’s very easy to hibernate all winter! Must get my gear sorted out. XX

  • Good health and looking beautiful is really no excuse. Such great inspiration to get out and get that work out in even on a rainy day. No excuse! 🙂

    Love it! 🙂

    LA BIJOUX BELLA | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Love those shoes! They sound perfect! And love how the jacket reflects the light, that’s so important!
    xo Bryn

  • Hey Rosie, this looks great. I am always on the look for stylish, confortable & practical sports gear and this new line from Nike seems really promising especially if you live in a country like the UK where the weather is oh so humid/changeable. Love the effect of your hoody going on/off with light, pretty cool! Thanks for the recommendation. Julie x

  • Kate

    I love that you found a backdrop to compliment the outfit so beautifully! This looks like some seriously good exercise gear, and the flash feature on the jacket is genius. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Love this post, I am trying desperately to get excited about running again but it is difficult. If I’m honest I only do it because its good for me not because I enjoy it. New running gear might be just the ticket to get me feeling enthusiastic about it though!
    Farah x
    ps more low carb recipe posts soon please!

  • My big yellow couch

    I need these shoes in my life!! Thanks for the post!

  • You look great! Also love that the jacket lights up- really smart!

  • I’ve got a similar Nike running jacket with fluorescent stripes and a brilliant hood – I love it! Those trainers look amazing, though. Something to wish for this Christmas? 😉

  • Great post Rose, I’m sold – even though I never run ha! The flash wear is very cool and I love the puddle shot! x

    Paula | The LDN Diaries

  • Shannon Mills

    Waterproof runners?! That is amazing!! I travelled through Paris this year when it rained for the whole 3 days we were there (flooding made the news!). We were soaked, with the worst wrinkled little toes. I have a pair of Nikes right now and already want a new pair!! xx

  • Very cool sneakers and since it rains more often than not here, its about time someone came up an attractive alternative to wellies. Yes I know, you can’t run in wellies, but some of us walk a lot.

  • Ummm…Wow!
    Those photos of the trainers in the puddles are just stunning- like a moment frozen in time.

    Big fan of Nike… It’s the only brand I find lasts, fits perfectly & is hard wearing.

    Emily x
    Auburn Antics

  • Oh, it’s so exciting for me to see you in sportswear – Obs, you look fantastic! I think a lot of people don’t realise just so hard it is to get a great running shot..
    Anyway, reflective jackets are so important, I detest it when people run all in black at this time of year. Fitness clothing has evolved so much, it’s now form fitting, stylish and functional.

  • Beautiful photos!

  • Ooo! This active year looks so good! 🙂

  • Krista

    Cute! I want everything you’re wearing! You just motivated me to get out tonight for a long walk. I think that will help with my breakup stress 🙁 Thanks for the motivation! xx

  • Wow! That flash technology looks amazing. I’m hopeless at running, so swimming is my thing…I swim a mile of front crawl a day Mon-Fri, but this gear would look fabulous going to & from the pool!!!!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Love this post! Really does motivate you to get off the sofa and give it a go, even if it’s just once! Love that the jacket is waterproof in every single way too! xx

    Hungry Little Bear

  • Britt Elen

    Hi Rosie,

    Just wanted to tune in to tell you that your blogposts aren’t appearing in my Bloglovin’ feed any longer. Maybe has to do something with the changes to the homepage?


  • Kashif

    i really motivated myself , as your excellent training and kit.
    inspiration work. online shopping in ksa

  • Lionhearted

    That reflective jacket is amazing and I love the idea of those waterproof trainers… look great to run in! May have to let Santa know!
    Lionhearted xx

  • Ok this whole workout outfit is enough to make me believe I will start going on runs! That jacket and trainers are a must 🙂 Laura x

  • Awesome sportswear, love the gif! Need some new trainers so will check those out, like the idea of designing my own bespoke pair too.

  • That flash technology is amazing! (and love that it looks good whether lit up or not).
    Was the grip on the trainers ok? I don’t mind running outside but I’ve slipped over more times than I should probably admit when running in the rain so always a little hesitant!

  • Love Nike! Need to look into those shoes…