Wild Swimming London

When London burns in the late summer sunshine I can’t think of a more natural choice to cool off than by taking a dip in one of Hampstead’s Swimming Ponds.

Go as early as you can manage and you can almost have the place to yourself.

Hampstead Ladies Pond meadow - go early and take a good book!

Yesterday Bella, Tania and I met in the meadow before breakfast and spent a lazy morning alternating between the water and the bank.

Hampstead Ladies Pond - Wild swimming in London

Hampstead Ladies Swimming Pond

Striped swimsuit

Straw hat

Have a little staycation in London!

The Ladies Pond is the nicest of the bunch, sorry chaps – no boys allowed.

Hampstead Ladies Pond - A must visit for all Londoners

Wild Swimming London

The water is refreshingly chilly but by no means icy.

You can’t reach or see the bottom, but there are plenty of anchored life rings if you need a breather.

Hampstead Ladies Pond

No pictures allowed once you’re in the pond, so don’t expect to Instagram that swan dive you’ve been working on.

In fact there’s little to no phone signal anyway, which is a dream come true for anyone who needs to unplug and unwind.

Take a towel, a good book, a swimsuit (sadly no nude sunbathing but topless is perfectly fine and almost everyone does) and a couple of pound coins as a donation.

You’ll find the Ladies Swimming Pond here and if you’re taking a car get them to drop you here, then it’s a very short walk to the meadow.

Having worked up a considerable hunger we ambled into Hampstead for a late breakfast.


Window box goals

Window box goals - London

Commandeering a free table outside Ginger & White.

Hampsted Ladies Ponds-11

Where they serve spectacular coffee.

Ginger and White

And even better breakfasts.

Breakfast in Hampstead

Ginger and white London

The dippy eggs and soldiers are a must, as are the scrambled eggs on sourdough.

Ginger & White Hampstead

But whatever you do, make sure you order a side of toast “for the table”. It’ll come with homemade (sugar free) peanut butter which tastes cracking when coupled with the strawberry jam.

You’d be nuts to miss out on that combo!


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  • This looks like the perfect day! Need to visit the ladies pond before summer ends, may need to take my mumma – she would love it! Immy x


  • Who knew this even existed in London?! This is why I love your blog, I’m constantly discovering the most wonderful places I never even knew about, despite always being in London!

    http://www.shegoeswear.com – Workwear & Lifestyle blog

  • The slow pace

    Well, that looks like the perfect morning to me!

  • marie from heartfelt hunt

    your striped bathing suit is super cute and this breakfast looks delicious – soooo yummy! thank u for sharing all your tipps and secrets! 🙂



  • Aurè

    hello,ciao…so nice!…the first photo is a work of Art…cheers!
    ciao ciao

  • Love it! My next trip to London isn’t until the beginning of October so I think I’ll miss bathing season… A walk through the Pergola will have to do…

    Laura @ http://www.cookwineandthinker.com

  • Hampstead is a beautiful part of London – a dip into that pond on a hot summers day is just the right thing to do! Love all those gorgeous pictures!

  • Where is the basket bag from?

  • Georgina

    Love Hampstead! Sounds lame but you can download a “treasure” hunt for the area and go explore, so fun!

  • Beautiful photos . . . A parfait day to go for a swim, and a glorious breakfast afterwards! Simply parfait! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    Gorgeous post Rosie, I just adore Hampstead – wandering around the village can feel like you’re in a tiny English town and not in London at all doesn’t it?! Love the swim suit too.


  • Kait

    This looks wonderful! Did you go to breakfast all pond water-y ? or go back somewhere to shower and change? The worst is being in a wet swimsuit all day!

  • This look amazing. London has been so warm lately, so it’s nice to have a place to cool off!

    Heba xx

  • looks like fun! I’m also loving that suit — definitely going to need one! xx Maren

  • Such a nice little summer day! Enjoyed following along on your adventure!

  • Looks sooo nice! Love your swimsuit and your hair is always perfect. <3


  • Oh my gosh, seriously what a lovely way to spend a morning! That breakfast looks absolutely divine too!


  • I didn’t know Hampstead had swimming ponds – how lush in the centre of London. Love your stripey swimsuit!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • I’m coming to live in London for 2 years this September so it’s great to find out about the places the local people go to. The ponds look like the perfect place for quiet rest, I didn’t even know there are such green areas you can access without leaving the city.


  • Looks amazing there, definitely worth a day trip.

    Mel x


  • Are there any creatures there in the water with you?! I love the look of it but am a bit scared! Steph x

  • Jen

    The dippy eggs and the sourdough look divine! Will you ever do a hair tutorial, Rosie? x

    Jen | affecionada

  • Živilė Dap



    Jill D Blog

  • Emma Reilly

    I had no idea these swimming ponds existed! What a lovely idea. Looks like the perfect morning 🙂

    Emma xx

    A Little Freckle

  • Love the little egg hats, have to say I only jump into a cold lake/river, if there’s a sauna nearby 🙂

  • Ohhhh your hair!! GORGEOUS.