A Private Tour Of London

I have a little tip for you.

It’s something I tell every visiting friend who comes to stay from another county or country. Everyone wants to see the sights, everyone wants to get their gorgeous British Instagram pictures, that iconic photo of Big Ben’s tower glittering in the Thames… but of course when everyone wants the same thing it can get remarkably busy!

On a sunny day in August you’re bound to be run down by a stampede of school children and have your view blocked by half a dozen tour buses.

Unless of course you use my little tip.

You’re not going to like it, but I can promise you it’ll be worth it. A totally free, VIP private tour of London’s sights, just for you.

All you have to do is set your alarm.

Houses of Parliament in London, at sunrise

Get up with the birds and you can have the place to yourself!

Little Navy Skirt

Some of the best views in London, all for you!

Sunrise Tour of London

In summer the sun rises at 5.30, but unless you plan to party the night away and go right there… you can easily aim for 6 – 6.30 and still have the place to yourself.

The views are worth it.

The London Eye at Sunrise

No matter the weather, this is one of the best places to watch the sun rise in London.

The light is always spectacular.

Bathing the sandstone buildings in the most glorious golden light, and repeating the sky in the water below your feet.

Little Navy and White Skirt Ensemble

Houses of Parliament at sunrise, London

Even when they’re giving Parliament a little TLC, and you’ve seen the place a thousand times, it still takes your breath away.

Striped Navy and White Jacket

Striped Navy Peacoat

Feeling very sixties preppy in my two piece

Navy & white jacket // Navy & white skirt

White silk shirt (sim)

Classic sunglasses

Navy & Gold Pumps

Teamed with the new Tory Burch Gigi Pumps

A Private Sunrise Tour of London

How’s that for a view to start your day with?

A Private Sunrise Tour of London

As a Tory Burch ambassador I was utterly thrilled to receive the new Gigi pumps just before they launched, and even more excited now I finally get to share them with you.

The perfect, classic and elegant pump to take you from day to night, work to weddings, graduation to the boardroom.

I’m a big believer in investing in pieces that’ll never date or age, because if the quality’s this good, they’ll last you a lifetime.

Navy & Gold Pumps

From this spot you can watch the world start to come to life, the red buses trundle past, people start their commute to work and sky slowly changes from brilliant gold to blue and white.

Red Bus on Westminster Bridge

Walk a little further into Parliament Square to kick it with some of the greats.

Churchill Statue in London

Houses of Parliament in London

And then London’s your oyster!

You’ve got a little while before the hoards arrive, so take your time and enjoy it.

Navy & White Skirt Ensemble and Red Telephone Box

Even if you’re not from out of town, it’s a bit of a treat to be a tourist in your own home.

Private Sunrise Tour of London

But best of all?

If you’re up that early you can treat yourself to breakfast in town.

And at 7am, that means Claridges.

Breakfast at Claridge's

Prepare yourself for the best eggs in town. The scrambled are my faves, while my fella will always have the eggs Benni with truffle. To be honest you can’t go wrong.

Happy exploring!

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  • Claudia

    Do you know when the suede ones you’re wearing will come out? I need them ASAP!

  • Wow! Absolutely stunning photos… It’s like a different place without all the people!

    The Leach Life | theleachlife.com

  • This is the best. We always end up here after a night out, so lovely and still at this time. My pal is coming over from NYC soon, definitely going to do this! Such a magical way to see the city. Immy x


  • Such a clever idea! I am so going to do this, great tip Rose

  • Scott

    This is such a lovely post, thank you! I’m taking some American friends to town this weekend, hopefully if I show them your pictures I’ll be a little more popular when the alarms go off…

  • Tally Bod

    OMG your shoes! Which ones are you wearing in this post? x

  • Loving the new layout! Just wanted to let you know that for some reason, your updates no longer show up on Bloglovin 🙁


  • wow I’m really loving these pictures. I know getting up early is key to visit every city I’m just no so good at it 😉

    x Karen

  • The early Bird gets the worm every time! Growing up in France, during my childhood, I used to do this all the time, get up early and go out to the Tour Eiffel to catch the best glimpse parfait sunrise. It seems to never failed. 🙂

    Once again, another winning post. I also adore the look of the new TB shoes. They look so lovely and comfortable, I would love to try them in the store. (That’s usually a “welcome home, a new addition to my shoe rack”)

    Very lovely as always 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Wow! Rosie this post is just gorgeous, I’ve never managed to get myself up and on the tube early enough to see the City so empty and with the first glow of sun on the buildings, your photos are simply stunning! That is just the prettiest preppy nautical outfit as well! Also i’m loving the new look of your blog, it’s preppy and really fresh! Great stuff!

    Ellie | @maplesyrupandteacups

  • Justyna Ilczuk

    OMG how could I miss my favourite blogger, I ran there every day 6.30am :(((

  • I love this post Rosie – I always aim to get up at sunrise at least once when I’m travelling as you get a completely different experience of a place, and that peace and quiet that is just magical. Someone recommended it to me when I was in Chicago and wanted to see the bean without the crowds and I’ve never looked back. Next time I’m in London I’ll definitely do this and have a quiet stroll around my home city 🙂
    Maya x


  • Those shoes are gorgeous! I love how classic they look. London has been on my travel bucket list for years. I’ve been dying to go!

  • The photos are stunning! Going to see the Duomo in Milan in a couple of weeks and will definitely do the same. Go there early to have the place to ourselves! Thanka for the tip!

  • Emma.F

    Oh my goodness I have been wanting to visit London again since the last time I went and now I want to more than ever! I am also in love with your outfit, so preppy and classic ❤️


  • The photography in this post is brilliant and the images are breathtaking- I love London so much.

    Shakira x


  • Jeanne

    A lovely post and a wonderful idea…Love London!

  • Annie

    I love love love the new layout! The map on the Travel page is perfect. These tips for being touristy in London are great. London has been on my bucket list for as long as I can possibly remember. I hope to visit soon and look forward to using these tips along with your other posts to see the very best that London has to offer!


  • Kari Guastella

    The light is just stunning in these photos! I love your London posts!

  • Corrie

    Love this post! We just came home from a trip to London, and definitely the best part was the early morning/late evening aimless stroll-abouts. Sure, it was great to go inside the celebrated museums, but it’s such a treat to sprawl on the lawn at Parliament Park and pretend, for just awhile, that we live there. Some day! Until then, thank you for sharing your London with us x

  • diygou

    you look absolutely beautiful…that outfit! The pictures are travel magazine worthy!

  • I love this post! I’m heading to London for the first time in November and I’ll definitely have to do this. Also, the lighting in these photos is gorgeous!! xx Maren

  • Beth Clark

    Rosie, your pics are next level. Just mouth-wateringly stunning. Well done you! And thank you for the tip on setting your alarm. So simple, yet it makes a wooooorld of difference.

    Love, love, love your blog!


  • Love the suede shoe! SO gorgeous!

  • I don’t know about getting up for 6am but I like your ambition! 🙂


  • Thanks for the great tip! Will definitely keep that in mind when we visit London next 😉 Lovely outfit, perfect for the season. Thank you!

  • Love this post! It’s so true, it’s the same in Sydney, if you’re up early you’ll get the most beautiful (unobstructed!) views of the harbour. By the way, LOVE that outfit! Thanks for sharing.


  • This is a great tip for every big city like London or New York; it requires a lot of effort but it’s oh so worth it! Absolutely loving your outfit and let’s not even talk about those breathtaking views… Amazing, thanks for sharing!
    Andrea | Twentyish Brunette

  • This post is STUNNING and is just the most wonderful reminder of how truly beautiful London is, and how worth it waking up early to explore can be. And those Gigi pumps? They just found themselves at the tippy top of my wish list.


  • marie from heartfelt hunt

    beautiful pictures! by the way – your hair looks amazing!!!



  • Adore the skirt and jacket sooo need them in my life xxx
    Love Cathy

  • Beautiful photos, makes such a difference not having a million people in the background! xo

  • Just wrote a post quite similar to this xx


  • This is so fabulous! You seriously look amazing and I definitely agree it’s worth getting up that early to be able to catch that view! xo Bryn http://www.waketonroad.com

  • Jason Evans

    London is really beautiful and it is always a pleasure visiting. Lovely pics, btw 🙂
    Jason @ Moving In Ltd

  • These photos are gorgeous! The view and your outfit are stunning!

    Jess | http://www.JessExplainsItAll.com