Pandora’s Box, Copenhagen

The next morning brought sunshine and breakfast.

Copenhagen -1

Enjoyed on the terrace of our incredible room at Hotel D’Angleterre.

I could have stretched out in that gentle sunshine, beneath the blue Copenhagen skies all day.

But we had more exciting things in store…

Pandora had a new collection to unveil, so the world’s press gathered at the head office for a sneak peek.

Copenhagen -2

Pandora started as a tiny little shop in Copenhagen, founded by goldsmith Per Enevoldson.

Together with his wife Winnie, the pair built the company into a worldwide brand and household name.

Today Pandora is worn by women in more than 90 countries, on 6 continents. They employ more than 15,000 people and are one of Denmark’s proudest exports.

Talk about power couple goals!

It all started with a ring…

Copenhagen -4

We sat down with head designer Lee to hear about what inspires him and how he takes every day beauty and turns it into something tangible.


Followed by a treat of a peek at the new Autumn/Winter collection.

Copenhagen -3

Which is top secret for now, but hopefully I’ll able to show you more come autumn!

I take working with brands very seriously and Pandora’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, affordability and ethos are what prompted me to become an ambassador.

Meeting the Danish team and seeing the excitement the new collection generated from all of the fashion press was a real treat. It’s exciting to get to work with a brand that has become such a huge success from such humble beginnings.

Plus they throw a mean lunch party!

Copenhagen -6

We refueled with a Scandi-flavoured rooftop bbq.

Copenhagen -7

Grilled asparagus with Parmesan.

Copenhagen -8

Teeny tiny shrimps fished from the fjords with white asparagus.

Copenhagen -9

Seared greens.

Copenhagen -10

The most delicious and unusual dip – pureed celery and cashew nuts with olive oil.

A firm favourite amongst the hungry group.

Copenhagen -11

After lunch we hopped onto peddle powered rickshaws, for a whirl around town.

Copenhagen -12

Copenhagen -13

Copenhagen -14

Copenhagen -15

Copenhagen -16

We hopped off and left the others who headed off for a tour of a famous larger factory.

We had other things on our mind…

Copenhagen -17

Vintage shopping and homeware hunting for example!

Find this little vintage treasure trove here.

Copenhagen -18

And be sure to check out Rue Verte for furniture, velvet palm print cushions (gasp), and trinkets for the home.

Copenhagen -19

Copenhagen -20

Copenhagen -21

Tage Andersen is a beautiful little place, filled with curiosities.

Copenhagen -25

Peer inside to be surrounded by flowers, art and the singing of birds in cavernous cages.

Copenhagen -23

^ Captured mid song!

Copenhagen -24  Copenhagen -26

White knit // Blue jeans

Striped espadrilles // Navy bag

Tree of life pendant

Copenhagen -27

We strolled the sun soaked streets, stopping off for coffees and ice-cream along the way.

Narrowly avoiding being mowed down by cyclists along the way.

Copenhagen -28

There’s an old joke about Holland-

What’s the last thing a tourist hears before they die in Amsterdam?

*Ding ding*

Well, the same is true of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen -29

It’s full of pretty coffee shops, old book stores and you’ll never be short of somewhere to have avocado toast.

Copenhagen -30

Copenhagen -31

Copenhagen -32

But my favourite bit is still the painted houses and waving ship masts of Nyhavn.

Copenhagen -33

People sit out in the evenings, listening to music and sipping on local beer.

Copenhagen -34

We strolled past on our way to the docks.

Where we found Tom waiting for us in his little Duffy boat, proffering a cold bottle of champagne and beckoning us aboard.

We chugged off for a tour of the water.

Copenhagen -35

I found my dream house.

Copenhagen -36

And saluted sailors on the Queen’s yacht.

Copenhagen -37

Tom, our guide was one of the most knowledgeable, interesting and kind guides I’ve ever come across.

I really thoroughly recommend booking a trip with him, he was our highlight of the trip – which is saying something!

For supper we stayed beside the water’s edge and took a table at Studio.

Copenhagen -38

Here we were treated to a Scandi tasting menu of epic proportions.

The freshest flavours, beautifully prepared and impeccably presented.

Copenhagen -39

Copenhagen -40

A sort of salt and vinegar crisp/rosti sandwich. (Better than it sounds!)

Copenhagen -41

Truffled quails eggs.

Copenhagen -42

Caviar and hot little bread muffins.

Copenhagen -43

Copenhagen -44

A sort of hybrid between sour cream and butter, salted and served with an envelope of crisp breads.

Copenhagen -45

Copenhagen -46

Raw Norwegian scallop with grilled sweet peas and verbena.

Copenhagen -47

Topped with elderflower snow!

Copenhagen -48

Baked witch flounder, new onions and sauce with unripe elderberries & chickweed.


Copenhagen -50

Danish potatoes, egg yolk and milk grass.

Copenhagen -51

Langoustine, elderflower and kohlrabi cornflower and hip rose.

Copenhagen -52

Copenhagen -53


Copenhagen -54

Fried and glazed veal sweetbread, grilled cabbage, dill and white currants verbena.

Copenhagen -55

White asparagus, green strawberries and vanilla woodruff.

We stayed late into the night, working hard to finish all of the incredible wines that had been paired with the dishes (something we didn’t quite manage, thank goodness!)

A truly wonderful day of discovery and just the ticket for falling in love with Denmark.

If you’re considering a mini-break away I thoroughly recommend Copenhagen, and of course it’s the perfect excuse to stop by the Pandora store!

I’ll be back as soon as I’m able. I don’t think I’ve had quite enough asparagus yet!

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