Notting Hill Farmacy

Summer has taken its sweet time this year.

It feels like whenever we have beautiful weather you have to race out and squeeze every drop of goodness out of it!

Custard thoroughly agrees.

Farmacy Notting Hill-1

There’s nothing quite like Notting Hill’s pretty painted streets when the sun shines.

Farmacy Notting Hill-2

Chocolate box houses, wavy railings and more colours than a spring bouquet.

Farmacy Notting Hill-3

Blending in in:

Blue wrap dress (on sale & lots of colours)

Vintage Louis Vuitton bag // Strappy sandals


Farmacy Notting Hill-4

With a Silver May Sparkler as the cherry on top.

Farmacy Notting Hill-5

Farmacy Notting Hill-6

There’s a new healthy hotspot in Notting Hill that everyone is talking about.

A huge and gorgeous, light filled, bronze detailed place on Westbourne Grove.

Welcome to Farmacy.

Farmacy Notting Hill-7

Juices, smoothies, shots and vegan fare galore!

Farmacy Notting Hill-8

We shared a few of the better sounding dishes from a vast menu.

Farmacy Notting Hill-9

Starting with nachos (really just chips and dip. I don’t know that you can call anything that’s not smothered in cheese “nachos”. It just doesn’t seem right!)

Farmacy Notting Hill-10

Farmacy Notting Hill-11

A veggie burger.

Farmacy Notting Hill-12

‘Reuben’ – portobello mushroom, sauerkraut, sprouts mix, almond & paprika mayo in sourdough bread.

Farmacy Notting Hill-15


Green Eggs Bowl – quinoa served with a lightly steamed mix of broccoli, kale & garlic aioli with avocado and a poached egg.

All washed down with really great juice cocktails.

Farmacy Notting Hill-14

I can see why Farmacy has caused such excitement, it’s exactly what the area needed.

Plant based food is tremendously popular and will only become more so.

The only thing I would say is that you have to already be into plant based food to enjoy Farmacy. Don’t expect this place to convert you.

Everything, without exception, tastes extremely healthy.

Which isn’t for everyone…

Farmacy Notting Hill-16

But if you’re a yoga bunny looking for a new lunch spot, you are going to love it!

Farmacy Notting Hill-17

Find them on Westbourne Grove, where Ping Pong used to be.

Website here for menus, etc.

Oh, and there’s a gelato place across the street, just in case you leave hungry!

Farmacy Notting Hill-18

You can never be too careful!

Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine, y’hear?

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  • Notting hill has been your topic for quite a number of times. and it does look like a very attractive place. i love reading your posts about London and it makes me miss this city.

  • I love Custard’s summer do! xo

  • Sophie

    You look gorgeous and the food looks so tasty! Sophie x

  • Lyndsay Coache

    Your dress is so pretty! My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for England! I am so excited. I might have to check out that food spot; it looks delicious! Any other recommendations?


  • LOVE this dress! I especially love that it is for sale! I need to check out Farmacy, although I know what you mean by tastes healthy. Have you tried out Nama in Notting Hill? If not, you should! I’m not the biggest fan of this kinda grub but it tasted damn good. Immy x

  • I can’t wait to be walking in the beautiful streets of Notting Hill! Looks lovely. X

  • Such beautiful photos . . . You can never go wrong with the LV. Vintage is class and style. I adore the total looks. Simply beautiful! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • I love those shoes! And your nails look really, really pretty in these photos!

  • I love the dress, especially, the back. Is it easy to tie it yourself without help?

  • Love your dress! And Farmacy makes healthy food so appealing! I like my fair share of decadent sweets, but sometimes I forget that healthy food can be delicious too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • 009XZ

    I wasn’t impressed with Farmacy – style over substance and found that the staff didn’t have a clue why certain ingredients were in the dishes e.g. ordered a golden latte which should have black pepper as it aids absorption of the turmeric and it came with lemon and cayenne pepper??!! (which was not listed on the menu)! A shame the food doesn’t taste nice – just because it’s plant-based doesn’t mean it should be devoid of flavour. Go to NAMA or Redemption instead!!

  • This dress is so pretty!

    Tamara –

  • Have been eyeing this dress on UO for a while. Looks great on you.

  • Michelle Joseph

    Lol that place probably doesn’t sound like its for me then. I love healthy, but I love tasty healthy.
    So probably won’t give it a try.

    Mich x

  • I’m guessing it was a bit healthy for your taste!! Lovely dress, and Notting Hill is looking beautiful too.

  • Živilė Dap

    Gorgeous photos and outfit!



    Jill D Blog

  • Kate

    Loving your outfit Rosie, especially the back detail of the dress! The food at Farmacy looks appealing – sorry it wasn’t to Custard’s taste though! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • klpark

    Good lord Custard is so CUTE!! That “I don’t know about this place” face he is making just kills me 🙂

  • I’ve heard so many good things about Farmacy, really want to go! Love your dress too 🙂
    Brigitte x |

  • Oh my, I was at the same spot in Notting Hill doing a photo shoot, outside that very pink house a couple of weeks back, how cool! I’m into plant based food, so I will check out Farmacy the next time I visit! and that dress is gorgeous on you : )

  • Such a pretty backdrop! I love your blue dress…such a great color for you!
    -Kate //

  • This place looks amazing. Although I don’t eat plant based, I eat really healthily ie nothing processed but I do love fish & chicken so I’d definitely try this one out. And what a gorgeous little dress!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Divya

    Hi Rosie, this place is not vegan only (plant based only), it’s vegetarian, just in case vegetarians want to visit and are not a huge fan of vegan food, there’s still loads for them. Love the post as usual and looove that dress too
    Divya xxx

  • Eek thank you so much for this post!

    I love heading into Notting Hill but never really know where to go for food, I’ve only previously been to Eggbreak before and was hoping that there would be something more there for me!

    This place has definitely been logged for my next visit!

    Heather x

  • ooh will have to try this place out

    Mel x

  • The best kind of pharmacy – this place is amazing! It’s so funny because I used to follow you while I was in Australia I used to read all your London posts and now I’m here I can actually go visit them myself! 🙂

  • Firstly you look fabulous, looking at your summer dress makes me think (or hope?) that we *may* just get some consistent sunshine soon!
    I’m not vegan or veggie, but I do love this type of food and what I love most is when someone can balance great flavours and really tasty food…without people feeling focused that its vegan/plant based!
    So, as beautiful as everything looks, I’ll resist next time I’m in the city and try somewhere else on my ‘to visit’ list, so far all your recommendations have been excellent!..xx

  • Tederrs

    The dress is lovely and flattering. I love the detailing on the back and the drape on the front. It’s nice to see that you got some sun in London as well, can’t say the same for the West Country!

  • Kari Guastella

    I love that shot of juice! What a fun idea!

  • This sounds perfect for me, always looking for a new plant-based spot! On my list 🙂

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • This looks interesting and unusual 🙂

  • Presentation looks fab and it’s great that there’s a place with a speciality focus… Even if it’s not for everyone! xo

  • I appreciate your honesty, and also the way you said, “you can never be too careful”! Do you mean to say that it’s okay to enjoy a little gelato from time to time, for the sake of your mental health?

  • Just went there on the last Wild At Heart Foundation event committee meeting with lovely Nikki & Nadine… hadn’t tried vegan before – but it was amazing!

  • Farmacy looks ace! I tend to over-indulge on the weekends if ever eating out, but at Farmacy you can eat out and be healthy. Win win!

    The Blonde B

  • Oh, Notting Hill is just the cutest! While I was in London a couple weeks ago I had just one day to explore this neighborhood and sadly…it rained…of course. One day I’ll make it back while the sun is shining and give Farmacy a try! XOXO