Koons & Hirst, London

You know I love a good exhibition.

Especially a silly one.

Art really doesn’t come much sillier than Jeff Koons shows.

Jeff Koons London -1

Jeff Koons London -2

Jeff Koons London -3

His new show at The Newport Gallery is the sort of place you have to walk around with your arms crossed just so you’re not tempted to touch anything.

Jeff Koons London -4


Especially this chap.

Jeff Koons London -5

Jeff Koons London -6

Gah. Don’t you just ache to run your hand along that surface?

Is it cold to the touch? How hard is it? Does it feel hollow? Would they ever get the sticky finger prints off?

So many unanswered questions.

Things only get worse upstairs.

Jeff Koons London -7

Jeff Koons London -8

Jeff Koons London -9



How much?!

Jeff Koons London -10

The show is remarkably deserted, go mid-week and you can pretty much have the space to yourself.

Jeff Koons London -11

White shirt // Chanel scarf (similar)

Paisley pants

Converse trainers // Navy Chanel bag

Jeff Koons London -12

I mean if you can walk past these without wanting to touch/smell the to see if they’re just regular inflatables then I don’t know if we can be friends.

Jeff Koons London -13

Jeff Koons London -14

Jeff Koons London -15

So many questions.

Perhaps the coolest bit of the show is the huge mound of playdough.

Jeff Koons London -16

Jeff Koons London -18

Jeff Koons London -17

Jeff Koons London -19

If you find yourself full of questions but surprisingly empty of anything else, I have wonderful news!

On the middle floor you’ll find Damien Hirst’s restaurant, Pharmacy2.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -1

Which is pretty cool by anyone’s standards.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -2

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -3

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -4

Yes, I am sitting on a pill and looking at a bar covered in medical supplies.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -5

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -6

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -7

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -8

We arrived just in time for brunch.

(It’s always time for brunch, silly.)

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -9

I ordered pork crackling to share (forgetting that my companion was a vegetarian – meaning I indulged in my favourite sort of sharing).

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -10

But it wasn’t long before the rest of our mid-morning feast arrived.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -11

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -12

Waffles with syrup and bacon.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -13

Eggs royale, with home smoked salmon and eggs from happy hens.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -14

Avocado toast and crab.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -15

More syrup!

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -16

The money shot.

The food is good! Not “oh my god” murmuring into your muffin good, but good.

And to be honest it’s worth it for the surroundings and not having to leave the gallery in the rain.

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -17

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -18

Damian Hirst Pharmacy -19

You should most certainly pop over to Newport Street Gallery in Vaxhall.

It’s a great date spot and something a little bit different to do while it quietly rains all summer long.

Catch Jeff Koons : Now until Oct 16th 2016.


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  • How cool that exhibition looks! I remember taking my son when he was a few months’ old to his first Jeff Koons’ exhibition at the Serpentine back a few years ago. I think I should definitely head back to see this latest one with my 3 little ones. Art can be such fun! The Pharmacy seems like the perfect place to re-charge with delicious dishes! Julie xx


  • Holly & Boydie G.

    I love your posts of different exhibitions. I just want to touch the giant balloon animal sculpture…that looks like it would feel fantastic! And I secretly hope it would make that squeaky balloon sound when someone does touch it!

  • That looks so fabulously fun and quirky! I have no idea what any of the art is supposed to ‘mean’ but if it makes you smile that counts for something, am I right??!!

    Laura x | http://www.lovedbylaura.com

  • This restaurant looks very interesting! It’s funny that you sat on a pill. flyingkittyadventures.com

  • Rosie, my dirty little secret is that sometimes I do reach out and place a tentative finger on. It’s terrible I feel like a kid stealing candy but sometimes it’s just so irresistible…don’t judge!

  • Artsy fabulous! There’s nothing more than a beautiful mind that meets a body of fashion nicely than you and Art! Just fabulous! ๐Ÿ™‚

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • I can’t wait to go see this! I’m dragging my mum along with me next week. And those waffles with syrup and bacon are making my mouth water! We might have to stop by the restaurant too. Tegan x


  • My nephews would love to dive in all of that Playdough!! I don’t think you would miss that smell ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure how I feel about the restaurant. Quirky, yes, but it would just remind me of hospitals and would lose my appetite.


  • Always love hearing about new exhibitions but like Misha below…the Do Not Touch signs get me!
    Definitely won’t be able to resist a trip to The Pharmacy though; I work with med supplies IRL so it’ll be a nice change to actually be able to eat in their vicinity…;) Always time and room for brunch! Ana xx


  • That Chanel bag is gorgeeeeeeous, what a beauty!

  • The exhibition looks amazing! I wish I could go! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Such a fun exhibit and I love your bag!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I love the giant mound of play dough! The Pharmacy looks an interesting concept, I wonder how long it took to line up all those tablets on the shelves!!!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • The Sunday Mode

    Now that’s the type of exhibition I would enjoy too! I especially liked the giant mass of playdough! I wonder if it would ever get to Australia – I doubt it, probs more chance of me going there ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Victoria

    How do you even find out about these things? You always seem to know about the best places to go! Seriously though, imagine if you touched one of the massive balloons and it POPPED!!!




  • Kari Guastella

    Looks like a cool exhibit! I just went to the newly renovated San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and we have several pieces that look really similar, like the suspended basketballs. How crazy is that???

  • What an exhibition! HOW did you manage not to touch everything? I don’t think I’d be able to trust myself not to touch the play dough to see if it’s squidgy, or if it just looks squidgy haha x

  • This exhibit looks like so much FUN! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s