Tapas & Gelato, Santorini

Now I’m aware that “I know a great little tapas joint” is not the first thing you expect to hear from someone who’s been in Greece.

But hear me out, this little place really is great!

And it was just the place for us to spend a particularly grey and miserable thunderstorm one evening in Santorini.

Santorini Supper-1

The wind blew us all the way from our hotel up onto Oia’s main drag.

Santorini Supper-2

Santorini Supper-3

Valentina’s silk scarf // Striped dress

Tassel sandals

My striped jacket (half price) // Chanel scarf

Polkadot playsuit

Gold + tan sandals

Santorini Supper-4

We wandered over to Melitini for the intriguing idea of Greek Tapas.

Santorini Supper-5

Santorini Supper-6

Plonking ourselves on their roof terrace to watch the storm roll in.

Santorini Supper-7

With wine and nibbles, naturally!

Santorini Supper-8

We shared a range of uber garlicky dips, followed by a much better baked feta.

Santorini Supper-9

Exceptionally good grilled octopus.

Santorini Supper-10

Before the heavens opened with a crack of thunder, and we raced down into the warmth.

Where we found two great big baked dishes waiting for us.

Santorini Supper-11

Santorini Supper-12

Potatoes topped with spicy sausage, tomato sauce and fried eggs.

Santorini Supper-13

And roasted vegetables piled high with creamy Greek yogurt.

Santorini Supper-14

A truly delicious meal and something a little bit different to what you’ll find on the rest of the island.

Well worth a visit if you’re staying in Oia.

In between rain clouds we raced through the streets to our favourite gelato spot.

Santorini Supper-15


Santorini Supper-16

Dancing along to the old-school-disco-tunes booming out of the old speakers is highly encouraged.

My combo of choice was peanut dream and chocolate. My very own snickers in a cup!

We took up a couple of seats outside and saw out the storm under the canvas.

Santorini Supper-17

Racing home in the dark, slipping and dodging raindrops as we went.

Tucking ourselves into bed just as the real monsoon started, with a huge bolt of lightening illuminating the angry sea.

There’s not much better than being tucked up under a duvet when a storm’s howling outside, but doing it with some of my favourite people, full of ice cream was a real life highlight!

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  • Oh my word that food looks delicious! I remember seeing your battle with the wind on Snapchat, it looked crazy!

    Laura xx | http://www.lovedbyaura.com

  • Pretty photos! Looks like such a fun night…Santorini has always been on my bucket list, so it’s fun to get travel ideas and recommendations!
    -Kate // classyandkate.com

  • Yassss . . . Another beautiful little friendship traveling story. So carefree and cherished! Simply fabulous as always! Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • The food looks amazing, but I had a hard time dragging my eyes away from your gorgeous scarf!! Just so lovely!! xxx

  • It’s even beautiful in the rain dammit! I think I might have to make Oia my Spring trip next year <3

    Little Miss Katy

  • Everything looks delicious! I especially like the grilled octopus! https://flyingkittyadventures.com

  • Wow the food looks SO good! Looks like an incredible vacation.

  • Those greek tapas do look very tasty, the perfect place to take refuge from all the wind!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • The photos of you two and the bike and drinks are so cute ๐Ÿ˜€ Loving Valentina’s dress ๐Ÿ™‚ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • klpark

    I was in Santorini in 2005 and I remember one day there was a massive storm. The morning was sunny and hot, but by early afternoon the black clouds rolled in. Rain drops the size of golf balls started crashing down and flooded the streets and still to this day I have never heard thunder so loud! A few hours later a blue, sunny sky appeared and the water dissipated. It was wild! We were all soaked but it was still so warm. I absolutely love everything about Santorini, even the crazy storms! I have to go back soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kate

    I remember how cool and breezy the evenings can be in Oia! I wish I’d found this place when I was there though – it looks amazing! X

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Such gorgeous food! I would love to visit Greece! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I can’t stop looking at the Chanel scarf! It’s SO beautiful


  • Rach

    Greek tapas sounds amazing!! The food just looks too delicious!


  • The Sunday Mode

    As much as I miss Santorini my hair definitely doesn’t miss that wind! Damn I looked like a hot mess while I was there.

    Perfect gelato choice as well, anything snickers related is always my go to. Except I’ll always go for the cone and not the cup!


  • Tapas and gelato – two of my favourite things! You both look lovely x

  • That food looks delicious! Gorgeous photos!!


  • Santorini looks stunning! I wish there was a way of smelling food through the screen…

    The Leach Life | theleachlife.com

  • Love your Chanel scarf Rosie!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Looks like you made the best out of a grey evening! The food looks delicious!

  • I loved Santorini – and even in the rain its just so pretty! The tapas looks fab!x

  • I would have taken peanut dream & chocolate too ;))

  • Adiyam Ogbaselase

    Lovely shots Rose. That food… ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Athena Politou

    ฮคhe potatoes with the egg and sausage had me drooling over my keyboard! Your photos and the way you caption everything is just perfect. I’m gonna miss your Greece posts!


  • mycitymylondon

    Ice-cream for all kinds of weather! And we sure do share the same tastebuds when it comes to ice-cream! Oppaaa:)


  • Sophie

    Gorgeous outfits! Sophie x


  • Victoria

    I find that tapas is always really over-priced and disappointing outside of Spain but those huevos looked prettyyyyy good ^.^ And I couldn’t agree more about being all wrapped up and snuggley inside whilst listening to the storm outside <3




  • looks like you have had a fun time eating gelato with your good friend, or should I say, sister-from-another-mister, right? May I say that the quality of your photos have vastly improved from the old posts I have stalked ๐Ÿ™‚