La Vie en Rose

You are cordially invited to tea in the garden.

Slip into something suitably light and comfortable, and I’ll pour you something pink.

Garden party-1

Follow me, we’ve saved you a seat!

Pink Picnic -2

White dress (half price!) // Butter soft shoes

Pink Chanel bag (similar)

Pink Picnic -3

Pink Picnic -4

Pink Picnic -5

The pink blossom in London has been the most spectacular I’ve seen in all my years here.

The mild winter, deluge of rain and slow arrival of summer all seem to have culminated in the perfect storm of exploding pink trees, all over town!

Pink Picnic -6

Something about its fleeting visit makes it feel all the more special, like you have to savor it while you can. Enjoy every swirl of blossom filled wind while it’s here.

All too soon it will all change to the, admittedly still beautiful but in a different way, greens of summer.

So, while it’s here let’s celebrate the pink!

Pink Picnic -7

Pink Picnic -8

Can you imagine a more perfect setting for a British picnic?

Pink Picnic -9

Complete with good English tea, naturally.

Pink Picnic -10

Daisy solitaire // Twist of fate ring

Nail polish (uk/us)

Daisy ring // Classic ring // Sparkling ring

Pink Picnic -11

As an ambassador for Pandora jewellery, and unofficial but very eager ambassador for London’s changing seasons, I was always going to gravitate towards Pandora’s Rose pieces.

Rose jewellery is very difficult to make. It can be unpredictable and causes all sorts of problems.

This led Pandora to create their very own, patented rose jewellery. Something you’ll only ever find in their collections, it is as unique and special as the people who wear it.

Pink Picnic -12

You can layer it with other Rose pieces, or mix and match it with silver bits & bobs.

The effect is very pretty, very feminine and perfect for the run up to (what we can only hope will be) a long, beautiful summer!

Pink Picnic -13

Rose bracelet // Charms

With lots of cake.

Pink Picnic -14

And meringue, of course.

Pink Picnic -15

While I’d love to take credit for these pink beauties, they were hastily picked up at Ottolenghi, as I’d totally forgotten we’d put tea in the diary!

But when London looks like this, who’d notice?!

Pink Picnic -16

Pink Picnic -17

We popped open rosé champagne, and feasted on cakes for the duration of the lazy afternoon.

Pink Picnic -19

Catching up on work, friends, travels, chaps, adventures and life in general.

Pink Picnic -20

Bella works on some of the most incredible charity projects, and teaches life drawing classes.

It all seems to have rather taken off lately, people and companies are booking her to host events for them. She does private parties and co-hosts supper clubs.

All levels of artists are welcome, from the very best to those who just draw squiggles while they’re on the phone.

Pink Picnic -21

There’s usually tea and nibbles involved too, in case you fancy popping along to something!

Here’s the calendar – perhaps I’ll see you at the next one?

Pink Picnic -22

As you know, Tania and I work together and we’re planning a trip away with another of my favourite people, Valentina.

So much of our chatter circled around that, and this lemon tart.

Pink Picnic -23

There’s really nothing better than spending time with friends, who at the drop of a hat can make you laugh so much you’ll snort tea through your nose.

It really is quite the talent!

Pink Picnic -24

Pink Picnic -25

Hearts of Pandora necklace

Pink Picnic -26

Pink Picnic -27

We stayed nibbling in the gardens until the sun dipped low below the city rooftops.

Pink Picnic -28

Awash in a pink sunset, we couldn’t have hoped for a better celebration of all things rose.

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  • Love the scenery! It looks amazing! X

    • Rosie

      British summertime is just the best! xx

  • What an incredible fiesta of pink!

    • Rosie

      You can never have too much pink, Angie! 😉 x

  • Loving all the pink in this post! I could just devour one of those meringues right now!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

    • Rosie

      Me too… I’m rather sorry they’ve all been eaten now! x

  • Aliki F

    Lovely pictures, can’t wait for the weather to get a bit better so we can have picnics!!

    • Rosie

      Yes A! Where did it go?! It’s positively miserable today.

  • Athena Politou

    Omg this is perfect! *heart eyes emoji* Btw LOVE your nail colour!

    • Rosie

      Thank you!


    This looks absolutely lush, tea parties are the highlight of my summer!

    • Rosie

      So glad we’re on the same page!

  • Girl With Goals

    I think this is up there in my top 5 The Londoner posts!

    So simple but beautiful!

    • Rosie

      BOOM! Thanks doll, lovely to hear! x

  • Such a beautiful post, I’m really loving those little delicate Pandora rings, they’re just perfect! 🙂 xx


    • Rosie

      Aren’t they just? So perfect to layer.

  • That bag! Lovely photos.

    • Rosie

      Thank you!

  • OMG, I love your nails! <3 They're natural, right? What nailpolish do you use?

    • Rosie

      All natural, except for the paint! 😉
      There’s a link to the colour along with the ring details, just under the pic with the tea pouring. x

  • These photos are so beautiful Rosie! It’s so summery and lovely, I love all of the pink!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

    • Rosie

      Thanks Tessa x

  • Emma Sales

    Oh I just adore this pinkness! So spring-like and done so brilliant! Hats off to you once again Miss Rosie xx

    • Rosie

      Thanks E! x

  • Stunning set up!

    xx ♥ La Coco Noire

  • Absolutely beautiful, you really rose to the challenge of throwing the perfect pink tea party! Immy x

  • So lovely and delightful … Such soft romance and dreamy feel to the photos. So nice! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Rach

    This is such a cute tea party! Makes me want to throw one!

  • Ballets&Bows

    This post was beautiful! I’m amazed at how you can take something as simple as tea with friends and weave it into this intriguing story that I can’t stop reading! You have quite the talent for writing 🙂

  • Iris

    There´s nothing like spring in London…simply magic! Where is located that amazing scenery?!
    Iris XXX
    Spaniard passport&Londoner at heart

  • Iris

    There´s nothing like Spring in London…simply magic! OMG…I miss my life in London so badly!
    Btw, where is located this amazing scenery?
    Iris XXX
    Spaniard passport&Londoner at heart

  • Gorgeous images! That lemon tart looks absolutely divine! Love reading your posts and following your many adventures!

  • I wish the weather was like this now. It’s absolutely freezing up North – going to have to wear tights for tonight’s adventure. Katie x

  • The meringue looks SO beautiful! Almost too beautiful to eat. Almost 😉 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • This looks like so much fun, what a beautiful post. Your dress is stunning xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • Such pretty pictures! You look as beautiful as always! I’m not a meringue fan but this looks incredible.


    Tamara –

  • LuLu with Grace

    What a beautiful lace dress, and such great photos! Looks like a lovely time!

    Kristi From Lulu With Grace

  • This post and the glorious pinks remind me of Lisa Vanderpump, I’m sure she’d love this!

  • So much camera envy right now.
    Your pictures are always just so beautiful!
    Also now I want meringue. Pink meringue.

    x tink jayne lifestyle x

  • Cate Cruse

    England in the summer is the best place in the world!!! Stunning photos xxx

    The perks of being a hipster – Mykonos Part 1

  • Alice Rose

    Your photographs are always so beautiful!

    Alice x

  • Amellia Mae

    Gorgeous pictures, what a lovely post. I’m inspired to do an afternoon tea in the garden now. Just need some sunshine!

  • Emma

    Hi! I love the dress off you friend Bella. Where is it from? xx

  • The pictures are amazing!

  • If you ask me, nothing screams summer like pink. All I want is pink drink, pink treats, and pink cheeks. Gorgeous post, love!


  • Tell me this isn’t your garden?! Well jel!

  • Sarah Jane Cox

    You have inspired me to go on picnics! The photos are beautiful!

  • Tiffany McGoff

    This whole post is so beautiful……and i need new rings and i love the ones you are wearing….your girlfriends are so sweet too. xoxo

  • mycitymylondon

    The rings:) My favourite. I love Rose Gold jewelry. They have completely taken over my jewelry draws.