Ferrero Rocher {No-Bake} Cheesecake

This is properly naughty.

Calorie counters look away now!

A marriage of some of life’s finest ingredients – chocolate, hazelnut, cheesecake, cream, cheesecake… I would carry on but I know you’re already sold.

Ferrero Rocher {No-Bake} Cheesecake!

A decadent base, topped with surprisingly fluffy Nutella and Rocher filling, sprinkled with crunchy toasted nuts and a few extra chocolates for good luck!

To make a whole cheesecake (I won’t tell you how many it serves because I don’t want to limit your slice sizes! But it makes a fair amount.) you’ll need:

24cm(ish) spring form pan – I use this one

300g digestives / graham crackers
6(ish) ferrero rocher chocolates
150g melted butter

300g cream cheese
200ml double cream
200g nutella (That’s one of these jars, then you can use it as a glass afterwards!)
1tsp vanilla essence
1 shot of hazelnut liqueur (optional)
6(ish) ferrero rocher

2 handfuls of chopped + roasted hazelnuts
Few more ferrero rocher chocs

Basically buy the biggest box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates you can find. (This isn’t sponsored by them, although then I could say I was an ambassador and I’m spoiling you…
But again, I’m not and it’s not.)

You’ll want to make this recipe the night before you need it, so it has time to set in the fridge overnight.

Make your base by blending together your biscuits with a few chocolates. When you have biscuit sand, pour in your melted butter and keep blitzing until it’s all Incorporated.

ferrero rocher cheesecake-2

Pour into your pan and flatten out with a spoon.

ferrero rocher cheesecake-3

This is quite wonderfully satisfying. Enjoy!

ferrero rocher cheesecake-4

Whip your cream until it just starts to stand up on its own but then melts back down again. (Not still peaks, don’t go too far!)

Pop to one side and cream together your nutella, cream cheese, vanilla, liqueur and a few more chocolates.

ferrero rocher cheesecake-5

When it’s smooth, gently stir in your cream – taking care not to knock the air out of it.

ferrero rocher cheesecake-6

When you’re satisfied it’s properly mixed, add to your base and smooth out.

ferrero rocher cheesecake-7

Cover and put into the fridge over night.

Bowl licking during clean up absolutely compulsory!

ferrero rocher cheesecake-8

When you’re ready to serve, remove from the fridge.

Run a large knife under the hot tap, wipe it dry and ruin it around the edge of the cheesecake.

Unclip your pan and free your cheesecake!

ferrero rocher cheesecake-9

Sprinkle with chopped nuts.

(Pop something under it so you can make a mess… and go nuts!)

ferrero rocher cheesecake-10

Throw a few chocs on top.

ferrero rocher cheesecake-11

And serve for pudding, tea or a particularly decadent midnight snack!

ferrero rocher cheesecake-12

ferrero rocher cheesecake-13

Ferrero Rocher {No-Bake} Cheesecake - So easy and crazy delicious

A showstopper you’ll keep making forever and ever!

And no need to turn on the oven.

You’d be nuts not to try it!

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    Oh, I’ve missed this kind of recipes over here. I’m a little bit tired of avocado chocolate whatevers, no carb chimichangas and all that jazz. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Even more if you’ve had a week at work like I’ve had.

  • You are dangerous. 🙂

  • Oh my gosh what have you done? This is definitely getting made! Who cares about calories! All that nutella and rocher creamy goodness! And that base! I’m a sucker for cheesecake bases, and this looks incredible.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

    UK Food and Lifestyle Blog

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    This looks absolutely delicious and it reminds me that I haven’t had a Ferrero Rocher in years!

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    Ferrero Rocher is my favorite! So I KNOW i will love this recipe. Totally trying it out!

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  • Nice! I made this for Christmas dinner pudding last year! So good, extremely rich.

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    I suck at making things so if someone could please make me this, I’d be forever grateful!

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    “This isn’t sponsored by them, although then I could say I was an ambassador and I’m spoiling you…” I properly laughed out loud!!! You’re hilarious!

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!

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