Burano Island, Venice

Our adventure to Burano Island was born out of something of a disappointment.

I had hoped to take the others to lunch on the Venetian island of Torcello at one of Hemingway’s favourite hotels, Locanda Cipriani.

A tiny little place on a beautiful little island, Locanda Cipriani is (in my opinion as someone who prefers rustic to glitzy) the best Cipriani in the world. You can take lunch in the gardens and sip the freshest white peach belinis among wild flowers and beneath fragrant vines.

It’s heavenly, but was closed.

So we took our concierge, Carlos’ advice and hopped in a taxi to Burano instead.

Burano island-1

And there’s nothing quite like a Venetian taxi for making you feel like James Bond on a mission!

Burano island-2

Burano island-3

We raced out into the lagoon and waved goodbye to the floating city.

Burano island-4

…in our own special way…

Burano island-5

Hopping off the boat and into something of a technicolor wonderland!

Burano island-6

Burano island-7


Burano island-9

First established by the Romans, Burano didn’t really establish much importance until the 16th Century when the women of the island began to hand stitch lace.

Leonardo da Vinci visited and purchased a cloth from one such local woman. He used it to cover the altar of the Duomo di Milano, cementing Burano as the place to get your lace.

While the women who’d brought fame and fortune to the island practiced their craft, the men would go out into the lagoon to fish.

Painting their houses bright colours to spot them from a distance and find them in even the darkest storm.

The tradition stuck and is now a carefully controlled trademark of the island. Popular with artists and the odd fisherman, if you want to paint your house you must apply to the government who will tell you which colour to use.

This care has preserved one of Venice’s greatest treasures.

Burano island-10

Home to some of the kindest people, they are Italian after all, it’s just the spot to wander and grab a spot of lunch.

Burano island-11

Floral print dress // Pink jumper

Pink sunglasses

Handbag // Loafers

Burano island-12

Burano island-13

We’d booked a table at The Black Cat.

Burano island-14

Where we feasted on all manner of local delicacies.

Burano island-15

Soft shell crab, razor clams, raw langostine and tuna tartar.

All washed down with the palest of rosé.

Burano island-16

Burano island-17

Spaghetti alle vongole for me.

Burano island-18

Huge scampi for Jules!

Burano island-19

And artichoke and scampi pasta for the boys. A local specialty and unbelievably tasty, despite its apparent simplicity.

We each settled in to attack our heaped dishes. Some with more ease than others…

Burano island-20

And finished off a very long, leisurely lunch with a few rounds of thick, creamy tiramisu.

Burano island-21

Trattoria al Gatto Nero has earned its place in my top restaurants.

Run by the most charming of father and son teams, you truly must pay them a visit if you can.

Have whatever your server recommends, he knows best and won’t let you down.

Burano island-22

After lunch we set about walking it all off.

Burano island-23

Julia’s cardigan // Dress

Gucci bag // Checked shoes

Burano island-24

Burano island-25

Burano island-26

Burano island-27

The town takes such admirable pride in keeping the place pristine, bright and friendly.

It quite simply bursts with colour!

Burano island-28

Burano island-29

As the afternoon began to cool a little, we headed back to Venice.

Burano island-31

Though we needed a little help after a couple bottles of that rosé…

Burano island-30

We glided along the canals, past the Piazzetta.

Burano island-32

Home into glittering Venice, slowly turning gold in the late afternoon light.

Burano island-33

What a treat to have come from what felt like such a disappointment in the morning!

And seeing as I couldn’t introduce the others to Cipriani, we’ll just have to go back again.

Which is a real shame!

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  • That lunch looks delicious! Plus I love your easy, breezy outfit!


  • Wow, it looks so lovely! I’ve never heard of it, but I can see I wouldn’t have been disappointed! I’ve always wanted to go to Cipriani’s, as I LOVE the old school Hemingway/Fitzgerald legacy! 🙂 It’s too bad it was closed, but it seems like you had a wonderful time nonetheless!

    — LisaLDN.com

  • Burano island looks absolutely amazing! I’d never heard of it before, but I think if we ever visit Venice, we’ll definitely have to stop over there for a day! That food looks so amazing!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Looks so dreamy… The colour palate is perfection! Lovely post 🙂

    LEACH | theleachlife.com

  • Oh this post reminded me of my trip to Venice in March. Burano is so beautiful in its simplicity. Lovely post 🙂


  • Ashley Christabelle

    You’re so right! Water taxis do remind me of a James Bond film, hahaha! So in love with the brightly colored houses, sooo gorgeous. x


  • Adore all the beautiful colours in that little town. Cute dress you’re wearing too Rosie!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • That Tiramisu looks absolutely heavenly. What a day! Immy x


  • Rach

    It looks amazing there! I love the pops of color everywhere!


  • Burano looks like such a happy and serene little place, I want to visit it so badly! 🙂


  • Love these photos, beautiful colours.


  • Your lunch looks insane – al vongole is my fave too!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • What a beautiful and charming little island! I loved following your snaps while you were there! So lovely.

    xo Bryn

  • Peppermint Dolly

    The colourful buildings in Burano Island alone, are reason enough for me to want to visit – its looks fantastic – so bright and friendly!!



  • Elise Gray

    My favourite restaurant in the world is the locanda cipriani 🙂 my husband whisked me to Venice after proposing and booked an evening table for us. It was perfect – can’t wait to take him back there in the daylight xxxxxx

  • What beautiful houses – I totally agree with them keeping the bold beauty a national treasure!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Looks like such a fun adventure! And love that floral dress!


  • How beautifully bright are all those houses in Burano! Your photos hypnosed me! My sister had mentioned it but I had never thought there was such a beautiful array of colours and that things were strictly controlled by the government. At least they are preserving the essence of their uniqueness! Brava! I absolutely adore that photo of you and Julia looking stunning and very much James Bond Girls, with Venice’s amazing background, this is a fab picture that you girls gotta frame! As for the food, thankfully I have just had diner otherwise I would have salivated for hours! Will demo keep in mind the recommendation for the Black Cat! Julie xx


  • What a dreamy place!! I loved Venice but never ventured to Burano. I would love to pick up some lace there but I’m sure it is very pricey. Stunning as always, Xx

    Nikki | http://www.nikkibstyles.com

  • Kate

    I love Venice but I’ve never been to Burano. It’s so picturesque! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Ashlee

    All that food look beyond delicious! Wonderful photos


  • So many pretty colours! Love this post!

  • gina

    you’re so glam! we took a ferry, in the rain, but it was still gorgeous http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/the-dream-that-is-venice.html.. seems like you were a bit luckier with the weather!! means i have to go back i guess 😉

  • Jill Dap

    such beautiful photos!


    Jill D Blog

  • Jen

    Love the colorful buildings and your killer sunglasses!


  • I love your dress! So cute!


  • What a simply gorgeous picturesque place, I would love to visit when I head back to Italy. Rosie http://www.therosedogblog.me

  • Wow Feast in Venice looks soo delicious!! It seems like you had a great time in Burano Island….

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    It looks like you guys had such an amazing time! We weren’t able to make it over to Burano when we were in Venice. Next time!

  • The colors are just amazing and so is that food! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • The Sunday Mode

    It looks like both of you are having an incredible time, I love how colourful Burano is it’s so beautiful that it almost looks fake. I’m definitely jealous of all the amazing italian food you get to experience as well!


  • Really want to visit Burano! The colours are so beautiful!
    Your outfits are so pretty too

  • The colours are simply sublime

  • Such stunning photos, Rosie, and your outfit is just the cutest. That color! J’adore! <3

  • Stacy

    Such a gooooorgeous atmosphere)))

  • Hi Rosie, Do you have any alternative suggestions to Locando Ciprani that are equally special? They are closed for a private party on the night we will be there. Many Thanks!