Broadway Market – Dumplings & More

There are very few places better equipped to while away your weekend hours than Broadway Market.

Stuffed with all sorts of goodness, from savory to sweet, cheesy to green, meaty to veggie, and a few nick nacks and fashion stalls thrown in for good measure.

This Saturday grab a gaggle of your favourite people and meet them there.

Lazy grazing in London’s spring sunshine is hard to beat.

Broadway Market-1

Four legged friends are welcome too, of course.

As are short legged, little friends.

Broadway Market-2

Broadway Market-3

Broadway Market-4

You’ll find food from all over the globe.

Broadway Market-5

Crunchy, fresh banh mi.

Broadway Market-6

Open Scandi sandwiches, topped with thick sliced smoked salmon.

Broadway Market-7

Groceries in abundance, all plucked from nearby farms.

Broadway Market-8

Broadway Market-9

Homewares and trinkets.

Broadway Market-10

Broadway Market-11

It’s a carnivore’s dream come true!

Broadway Market-12

And quite the spot for carb lovers too.

Broadway Market-13

Oh, and chocoholics!

Broadway Market-14

There’s a good chance that you’ll want to take a break from grazing, and there are plenty of cafes dotted around.

You must stop for a cuppa, it’s the British way.

Broadway Market-15

Broadway Market-16

Broadway Market-17

Broadway Market-18

Silver May Prosperity Sparkler Ring

Broadway Market-19

Pandora feather ring // Blue cashmere scarf

Broadway Market-20

Cuddled up for a much needed rest, and digestion break!

Broadway Market-21

Once you’ve recovered, walk up to the top end of the market, away from the river.

Pay The Meringue Girls a visit.

Broadway Market-22

And then stroll over to the right.

You’ll quickly come across The School Yard, which is funnily enough, a school yard!

But instead of giggling children, toys and grazed knees, today you’ll find some of the best street food in London.

Broadway Market-23

Buns of the sweet and savory kind.

Broadway Market-24

Fragrant, hot, spicy, fresh laksa.

Broadway Market-25

Broadway Market-26

And one of the main reasons for my visit, The Dumpling Shack.

Broadway Market-27

Squidgy little dumplings, handmade in front of you.

Broadway Market-28

Fried up to order, with all the toppings you could hope for.

Broadway Market-29

Between meals there’s always time for a little shopping.

I found a wonderful woman who turns her pictures into silk scarves.

Broadway Market-31

(You’ve already seen me wearing this on Snapchat – @rosielondoner – and as promised, here’s where you can find her!)

Broadway Market-30

Navy coat // Low rise distressed jeans

Ankle boots

Our final snack of the day came from Burma King.

Broadway Market-33

Spicy beef or jack fruit sandwiches, topped with a crunchy slaw, sweet potato fries and sweet mango.

Broadway Market-34

Their unbelievably fresh secret sauce is made by a friend of mine, and you have to try it!

Broadway Market-35

Once you’re stuffed fit to bust, cross the road over to the park and lap up some of that sunshine you’ve missed all winter.

Repeat every Saturday for best results.

Find the market here, 9-5 Saturdays, take cash and go hungry!

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  • Love the silk scarves!

  • This market looks AMAZING! All of that food looks scrumptious & I can imagine myself whiling away the hours looking at every item on every stall!

  • Amazing, I adore the silk scarves. Thank you so much Rose for sharing xxx

    Career Ms

  • I love a good stroll around the London markets – each one has a different character to it to I think? I haven’t been to Broadway but it looks like it would certainly satisfy my food cravings! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • Ting

    What an amazing place! The food look so good! x


  • Cannot believe I still haven’t been…. pictures from the Dumpling Shack always make me excited to go! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

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  • Broadway Market looks amazing! There’s so much good food!x

  • Jill Dap

    Beautiful photos!


  • Sophie

    I’d love to go there!
    Kisses von Firstpug

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    I was here the weekend just gone too, agreed Dumpling Shack dumplings were amazing!

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    Those eclairs look amazing!!

  • This looks amazing, oh how I miss London x

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    Ahhhhh I LOVE dumplings! Tiny morsels of deliciousness. I’ve never been to Broadway Market so I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m in London. Thanks for sharing, Rosie!

    Happy travels 🙂

  • Looove this post. The market looks amazing and I desperately want to go now! xx

  • Oh my goodness this whole day looks amazing. Those banh mi look so fresh I can almost taste their crisp from Chicago. And such beautiful veggies and flowers and food. I can’t. I can exactly picture spending an entire day there getting groceries for a wonderful sunday meal and having a lunch and a coffee with a friend and picking up some little pretties for myself. Thanks for sharing such a great spot!


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    the photo Broadway-Market-20.jpg is a work of Art…you shine such charisma!

  • hahaha your furball is the cutest thing ever. look at him chillaxing like a boss!

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  • Your dog looks so adorable – what breed is he? Also, thank you for telling us about this place, it looks super scrummy and amazing!

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    There’s really a point to go hungry to such a place. The sandwiches look extremely tasty! I’d like to have a beef one! We’re planning together with my team to visit it next Sunday!

  • Looks such a brilliant, diverse market & the food looks amazing.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Lazy Sunday’s at the market drinking latte’s and eating delicious food is what it’s all about. Great post! xo, Nikki

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    I am literally drooling!

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