Grill My Cheese

There are times in life when you want nothing more than a good grilled cheese sandwich.

When those spring showers set in, there’s nothing like a toasty to make you feel all toasty again.

And boy oh boy, do I have a place for you to try!

Grill My Cheese London-1

Mac ‘n’ Cheese grilled cheese?

Yes please!

Grill My Cheese London-2

Yellow rain coat (get a size up) // Blue jumper // Blue scarf

Grill My Cheese is the little street-food stall taking London by storm.

And not just because of their imaginatively names sarnies.

Grill My Cheese London-3

All the ingredients are made from scratch, including their cheese – specially formulated to melt like a dream.

Grill My Cheese London-12

The combos on offer are quite simply mouth watering.

Grill My Cheese London-4

Grill My Cheese London-5

Grill My Cheese London-6





^ Sorry about that, I just had to clean dribble off the keyboard.

You choose your combo (the menu changes all the time) and they build it for you, then stick it on the grill to goo.

Grill My Cheese London-7

Grill My Cheese London-8

My special of choice?

The PB’n’J.

Grill My Cheese London-9

Sourdough, peanut butter, bacon, chili jam and cheeeeesseeee.

Grill My Cheese London-10


Grill My Cheese London-11

Though naturally I needed something to keep me going while it cooked.

Say hello to my little friend.

Grill My Cheese London-13

Proper, school dinner style mac ‘n’ cheese, toasted in a hot ‘n’ melty sandwich.

Double the carbs, double the fun.

All topped off with ‘pudding’, in the form of my PB’n’J.

Grill My Cheese London-14

Perfectly squeezable, gooey, sticky, crazy, messy and delicious.

Grill My Cheese London-15

Just like me.

Find them on Leather Lane Market (nearish to Clerkenwell Road) every Tue-Fri from 12pm-2pm, or hire them for a private event (which you are honor bound to invite me to now).

They’re so gouda, I know you’ll love ’em!

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  • ROSIE!! These pictures are insane (that first one of you is just adorable). I’ve been meaning to go to Grill My Cheese for ages but now this has completely confirmed it! Going in the diary for the weekend xxx

  • Drool! The ultimate comfort food. I love your raincoat as well.

  • Aurè

    hello,ciao!…so mouthwatering!…by the way,wearing that yellow coat you bring the sunshine…cheers!

  • Stop it! I LOVE IT! I laughed at your klsdfjlsflbfkbdf (drool) part!

  • OMG. I’m lost for bloody words. Will definitely be grabbing one of these this week! Amazing Rosie!
    Luxe travel, food and lifestyle blogger:

  • These look pretty epic, I’ve now got a serious craving for a toastie!

  • HELLO. jcheesoz this looks good. Immy x

  • Annie

    WHAT. These look unbelievable. I need this place to come to the states right now. Better yet, maybe I just need to take a trip to London. I need to try all of them!


  • Jennifer

    Looks amazing! Also, what color is your nail polish?? I love it!

  • I want to lick the screen right now. Your photos look THAT delectable. Ugh yum. So I’ll be visiting them when i’m next in London, that’s for sure! That pulled pork one too? Oh wow, like my two favourite things squeezed together!

    Hungry Little Bear

  • Krystal Lubic

    Soooo if you could just get them to hop on over to America…that’d be greattttt.

  • You look adorable eating stringy cheese! Now we are all hungry, haha! Great pics.

  • I’m drooling over this! I wish I had this down the street from me… On second thought if I lived close to it I would have to be rolled home haha

  • Kari Guastella

    Those look so delicious! I love all things with cheese!!

  • Stephanie Tengelsen

    How in the world do you stay so thin, woman?! It’s quite impressive!! (sammies are gorgeous too ; )

  • Island Living 365

    Oh WOWZERS! This looks amazing. This will be my first port of call when I’m in London 🙂 x

  • Madison

    NEVER would have thought of peanut butter and bacon, but that sounds amazing!!! Might have to recreate this at home!!


  • Oh I used to live right over there, too! These all look so wonderful.


  • those look incredible!!

  • Kaitlyn

    Rosie!! I was craving this all day at work!! Thinking maybe I should hop on a plane and go get one!!

  • I shouldn’t have read this at 10:30am – in other words, that tricky moment where it’s been a few hours since breakfast, and lunch is still a while away. It looks so delicious! I also love your yellow raincoat, it must be very cheering on rainy days.

    Tess Alexandra

  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Completely drooling over this. The last time I had a good grilled sandwich was in NYC at the Spotted Pig. x

  • Yael

    I’ve just gained a pound, just be looking at it .. But HOLYMOLY that looks delicious! I need this in my life so bad. I am going to try and remake this. OOOH LORDIELORD. Thank you so much Rosie for always introducing us to such good places!

  • This looks sooo good, I’m hungry now!

  • Emma McLeod

    Combining my two favourite foods, bread and pasta. How have i not heard about this before!!!! Think i need to jump on the train to London very soon. Thanks for sharing, and make me drool again. Emma xx

  • Jeebus they look gurd. I laughed out loud at the cleaning drool off the keyboard part! Also can’t believe how pun-tastic they are, it is quite literally your spirit restaurant with those wonderfully inventive menu names. Must visit, MUST try PB&J!
    Rosie x

  • megsiobhan

    Macaroni cheese toastie? That is heaven in food form. Definitely need to get along to this place ASAP!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  • Oh my god this looks heavenly! I seriously need to jump the pond and try that place!

  • Oh my god theselook amazing. I love a cheese toastie

  • OMG. These sandwiches sound dreamy. ADORE! <3

  • Alex L

    Those grilled cheeses look so good. I’m jealous that you got to eat them and that you looked good doing it 😉

  • These look absolutely delicious!! Plus your yellow raincoat is brilliant!

  • Salivating. Onto. My. Screen.


    xx La Coco Noire

  • My Little London

    This looks amazing Rosie, I can’t wait to try!

  • i must try it here. Seriously yummy, my mouth is watering.

    We make my grandpas own take on the cheese toasty at home a lot, red onion and grated cheese with wholemeal bread. too good

    mel x

  • OMG they look amazing nom nom

  • Natasha Kundi’s Blog

    Looks and Sounds so amazing!!! (Natasha’s London Blog)

  • That looks and sounds divine, yum!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • OMG! Those toasties look heavenly!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Natalya

    Hi Rosie, the sarnie does look yummy, toasted mac ‘n’ cheese, mmm – I am hungry now after looking at your amazing pictures on here! Will need to clean the drool off the keyboard 🙂 This food stall seems to also be at Druid Street Market every Saturday (this market is not far from London Bridge/Tower Bridge), I’ve blogged about it quite recently, it is a nice little market with loads of other amazing vendors –
    Natalya ❤ ❤

  • Megan

    I love your nail colour! been searching for something like it for ages – is it the same colour your wore in your Mexican posts? Would love to know what brand/ shade it is it looks so pretty