The Lido Cafe

Today sees the start of National Breakfast Week!


Though I’m on board with absolutely any excuse to tuck into breakfast foods for lunch, dinner and well, breakfast!

So with that in mind, I have a corking little spot where you can go to celebrate this new national holiday. And, as though by magic, they’ve just announced they’ll be serving up their breakfast specials all day long. Isn’t that dandy?

At some point this week (maybe the weekend?) wrap up warm and take yourself for a stroll through Brockwell Park.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -1

I’ve got just the coat, if you’re in the market for one.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -2

This little pastel highstreet beauty.

Complete with detailing worthy of a Burberry number!

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -3

Having thoroughly stretched your legs and muddied your boots, you’ll want to wander over to The Lido.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a swim in this weather (though the pool was full of very pink, shivering swimmers!).

You’re looking for The Lido Cafe.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -4

Pull up a couple ‘a’ cuppas.

And go to town with the menu, you really can’t go wrong here.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -5

We constructed something of a lazy Sunday breakfast buffet for two.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -6

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -7

A hearty full English.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -8

Eggs benni.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -9

Waffles with bacon & syrup.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -10

Dippy eggs and soldiers.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -11

Acai bowl with granola, bee pollen and banana.

I ordered this because I’ve never tried one. It’s pretty good! Not Full English good, but good!

We missed out on the avocado toast (and got serious food envy as we saw it sail by) and the steak with eggs and chimichurri.

There’s always next time.

We walked off breakfast around the park, where I met the most charming of gentlemen…

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -12

Mr Custard!

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -13

And together with my fella, we enjoyed a blustery Sunday out and about in Saaaf London.

The Lido Cafe, London Brunch -14

Black sunnies // Pink coat

Black polo

Skinny jeans // OTK boots

The Lido Cafe is open every day from 9am-5pm.

Find them here, take the dog and sit outside. Take kids and swim them about first. Take a group and order everything you can possibly manage. Ask for your bacon “crispy” or it wont be.

You’ll love it.

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  • The food looks amazing. Your coat is really really nice. I saw it on your Instagram yesterday, I believe, and I thought it was stunning then!

    Heba xx β”‚β”‚The Heba

  • Leigh-Anne Marie

    Rosie, you made me want a full English breakfast so badly now! Not sure if there are any places that do it right here in San Francisco, guess it’s time to plan a trip back to England πŸ™‚

    Leigh-Anne Marie |

  • Emma

    That looks so yummy! I miss London breakfast spots x

  • Sepideh

    You’re making me drool!!!!! I’ve been craving a big huge yummy breakfast for a while now and I think I’ll have to take the plunge next weekend!!

  • Madison

    This looks incredible! Just finished dinner here in the states, and now I’m already looking forward to breakfast!!

  • Ohh this looks amazing (if not a little chilly!) xo

    we are dannah | australian lifestyle blog

  • Your coat is really beautiful! X

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Omg, that waffles with bacon got me droolin’! Looks so delicious xxx

  • That meal looks lush! It is 7am and I haven’t had breakfast yet, now you’ve got me starving for a full English! πŸ™‚

  • Oh yum! It’s not often that I actually go out anywhere for breakfast, but this could sway me… Especially looking at that crunchy bacon!

    Laura xx |

  • This must be the greatest week ever celebrated πŸ˜› -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  • Everything’s looks yummy! it’s a pity we don’t have such a place in paris (or maybe do you know one?).
    And acai bowl is one of my favorite thing!! it’s vey easy to make as well πŸ™‚
    Have a good day!

  • How have I never heard of national breakfast week?!? Amazing!!!

  • I adore the detail on the trench & such a pretty colour too. That breakfast looks soooooo good!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Ooh been wanting to go here, ever since lovely Bella Franks mentioned their scrummy breakfast too! Looks like the perfect spot to celebrate National Brekky Week πŸ™‚ x

  • I’m obsessed with Mr Custard, he’s adorable! This place looks amazing, imagine it on a late spring morning! x

    Martha Jane |

  • Oh boy, all of this food look absolutely amazing! That plate of bacon…*drools*

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Jessy Simms

    The colours in this post are incredible. Lovely to see bright hues on a dull Monday here in Suffolk.
    I never stop enjoying your posts (and getting jealous of your great choice of food!)

  • I love that coat – the pastel pink is so lovely for the approach of spring, and I’ve been meaning to go to the Lido cafe for ages (now I want to go even more!!). xxx

  • The slow pace

    I love breakfast! Is my favourite meal of the… my favourite meal. Period! That place looks pretty nice. I guess I’ll have to add it to my London – foodie bucket list!

  • Yum Yum Yummy! Great way to start the week! I’ve never had a full English breakfast before since I live in the Caribbean, but the next time I travel to the UK, I will definitely try one!

  • I had a full English whilst on holiday last week and it was terrible! This is giving me real food envy just when I’m post-holiday detoxing. But as you said in your Blue Monday post – everything in moderation including moderation – maybe a decent full English is called for!

  • Looks fab, and the breaky has made my mouth water πŸ™‚

    Mel x

  • Hannah from Pocket

    Yum! We are launching our new set of 1 bed Pocket Homes in Brixton at the end of the week, a short stoll from here, bring on the bruching!

  • Wow, the food looks so delish. I am in love with your pink jacket!
    Fizz and Frosting

  • Those waffles with syrup and bacon look absolutely amazing!! I could definitely eat breakfast for all three meals of the day too!

  • I’m hungry and I just had lunch! What a great find! Love the coat and I may just have to get myself one as mine is lost. Great post!

  • Rebecca

    Breakfast envy! My sad little bowl of oatmeal somehow seems inadequate.

  • The food looks amazing and so does your coat πŸ™‚ x

  • Has your Trench got a little pink running through it? It’s gorgeous! That egg…I drool

    Sophie xx

  • Wonderful and whimsical

    Looks delicious!!! xo

  • Such a lovely post! Absolutely adore your coat. Breakfast doesn’t look too shabby either!;)x

  • What a fun brunch! Looks so delish!


    Our last day in Boston is up on the blog today – don’t miss that banoffee pie!!

  • Looks wonderful, adore your cat eye shades too!

  • oh my! YES PLEASE! haha

  • Food looks so delicious! I’m all for national breakfast week!

    LEACH |

  • Breakfast week is right up my alley… I’m so hungry now! Love the jacket too, Rosie!

  • Breakfast by the pool in winter?!… I’m in! πŸ˜‰

  • I got this coat at the weekend too! I LOVE it. I also love acai bowls because sweet breakfasts are my favourite.

    Ella xx

  • Ashlee

    Now thats my kind of breakfast!!

  • Kat

    I didn’t even see the food on my first scroll through I was just admiring the coat – it’s amazing! If you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you and what size did you get? I’m only 5’3 so I would like it the same length as yours.

  • The coat is gorgeous! Absolutely love the color. The breakfast looks too yummy! πŸ™‚

    x Yized |

  • Merin Tom

    Mr Custard is super adorable!! loved the post Rosie!!


  • Your buffet for 2 looks scrumptious! And breakfast is my fave meal of the day! Will try to get hubby to go there the next time we go back to the UK… but I doubt I will be ‘allowed’ to order that many dishes! πŸ˜€

  • Gorgeous outfit! I love the shade of that coat, plus the food looks seriously good!

  • This post is making me so hungry!

  • Wow this looks amazing!! Custard is the cutest! Would you mind if I asked what lenses you use nowadays? The depth of field is insanely amazing!

  • Yay, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! I’m from Saaf London haha so I must check this place out x

  • P i l a r

    You look great! I love your new hairdo. I just have one question, while you are taking the pictures, doesn’t the food get cold? πŸ˜‰
    Congratulations for your blog, it’s the best!!!!!!!!

  • The food all looks so delicious!

    Ash | Liakada

  • Love the look of those pancake waffles! And your coat is a corker πŸ˜‰ Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • National Breakfast week?! My fave! Love the look of the Acai bowl, and what a glorius place especially as the weather warms πŸ™‚

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Oh whaaat, I had no idea this was here and I walk Bear in Brockwell Park most weekends, oops! Will definitely check this place out next time, would not say no to that eggs benni after long Sunday walk! Immy x

  • Kate

    I sometimes think breakfast is the most enjoyable meal to go out for. That one looks spectacular! I could really go for some poached eggs and crispy bacon right now! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Oh that all looks like heaven – I’d love to say I’d go for the adventurous, sophisticated breakies but that waffles with bacon and syrup looks too good!

    Alice Rose

  • Kari Guastella

    That coat is super cute! I’ve been looking for something just like it!

  • Robyn

    Those waffles with bacon and syrup look to die for! It’s making me so hungry! xx

  • Looks like a really great spot! I bet it’s lovely in the summer for a nice early swim followed by a hearty breakfast – my ideal morning! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

  • Heather

    looks yummy!

  • This looks sooo delicious! Also love your coat!

  • I’m dreaming of this for my brunch today – seriously good spread

    Mel x