Reindeer & Saunas, Sweden

We woke from a cosy and surprisingly satisfyingly long sleep, on the ice.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -1

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -2

Utterly ravenous and ready for breakfast.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -3

Closely followed by a hot shower, a quick change and we were off again!

Ready for a new Swedish adventure.

Ready to meet some reindeer.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -4

We snuck off into the woods, to meet a few reindeer from a herd of thousands.

While the rest spend the winter out and about in the mountains, the littles and the elders are brought in to be fed and looked after.

So, much to our delight, we helped give everyone their morning feed.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -5

Which consists largely of moss and nuts.

Much like most January “detox plans”.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -7

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -8

We fed them, stroked them and let their fuzzy muzzles nuzzle our mittens. (Say that three times fast!)

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -9

Even in the process of shedding this year’s antlers, they still all looked incredibly fine and proud.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -10

Though some are naturally shyer than others, just like any party, there’s no better ice breaker than a fist full of food.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -11

Our guide hopped on a sled and gave us a rough idea of how to drive.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -12

“Hold on tight, because there are no breaks!”

And we were off!

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -13

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -14

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -15

Racing through the woods, with nothing but reindeer power.

(Thankfully they don’t fly until Christmas eve. Might have been tougher to hold on for take off.)

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -16

Having thanked our trusty steeds, we snuggled up in the tipi for tea.

Sneaking out to watch the mid-day sunset over the frozen river.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -17

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -18

Nature in all her glory.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -19

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -20


Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -21

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -22


We played in the deep powder and couldn’t help but just stare in amazement at our surroundings.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -26

Being swallowed up by the vast, silent beauty of it all.

And just feeling so lucky to be able to experience it together.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -27

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -28

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -29

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -30

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -32

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -33

We hiked back to The Ice Hotel just as the sunset reached its final blazing glory.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -34

And then, all of a sudden, it was gone.

Plunging us into darkness for the rest of the afternoon.

Just the excuse we needed for a serious pampering session.

We booked the “Sauna Experience” which turned out to be one of the best parts of our trip. Out on the river, flaming torches are lit, guiding you from the ice and into the warm.


Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -36

Huskys race by, their sleds heaving with waving passengers.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -37

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -38

Inside, you strip off, scrub yourself (or each other – you get the whole place to yourself, you see) in the shower before baking yourself silly in the wood-fired sauna.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -39

Once you’re hot and bothered, you race outside and roll in fresh snow.

Shouting and swearing as you go!

Hopping back in to the comfort of the sauna once more.

There waiting for you is a bucket of water and some birch branches, which you whip each other with. It increases circulation and makes your skin feel incredible!

Then once you’re really hot… the big challenge comes.

You wrap up in a robe and little wellies, and follow the fires back down to the river. Here a hole has been cut in the ice, leaving nothing but a dark, bottomless flowing river beneath…

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -40

You just about have time to whip your robe off, kick off your wellies before jumping in!

The ice hits you like a ton of bricks and a million needles all at once, completely taking your breath away.

Totally stunned you swim to the slippery wooden ladder and haul yourself out. Hurridly wrapping your robe around you before sprinting back up the hill and leaping into the wood-fired hot tub!

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -41

Still somewhat giggly, delirious and slightly unsure of what you’ve just done!

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -42

But with a couple of glasses of wine to sooth your nerves, you soon relax into the spirit of things.

The place is yours to keep for the rest of the evening, so you can go full prune if you like (so of course we did).

In my rather exciting (and flattering) new one piece…

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -43

From here, and I’ve popped a few other options below.

After a few hours soaking in the steam and the stars, we headed home for supper.

Served in the same restaurant as lunch and breakfast, though the food was unrecognisably excellent.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -44

Plump scallops with truffle.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -45

Sashimi on ice.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -46

A type of Nordic fish I have never heard of and have now completely forgotten… it’ll come to me.

Reindeer and Saunas in Sweden -47

All polished off with exquisitely good frozen puds.

The glazed cherry on top of an incredible trip.

Hard to believe we were only there for a weekend, it seemed like so much longer and the memories will last a lifetime. Thank you so much to Discover The World for having us.

So what do you think? Is a life on ice for you?

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  • Wow you’re a lot braver than me…. I would have skipped the ice and been straight in the sauna!! xx

    Laura |

  • Wow! I can’t believe you were only there for a weekend, you packed such a lot into the trip. How cute were those reindeer! I must say how brave you were Rosie to go from a steaming hot sauna to the ice cold water. What an utterly fabulous experience. I’ve really enjoyed reading about it.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

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    Sounds so fun! Won’t ever survive the cold though x

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    looks incredible, I saw a programme on the Ice Hotel, how it was made etc.. really interesting.. You are so brave jumping in that cold water!

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    What an incredible trip! That bathing suit is smoking

  • I’m so jealous that you got to pet a reindeer!! And those afternoon sunsets are gorgeous, although I can’t imagine spending having the day in darkness!

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  • Madison

    What a stunning sunset!! I don’t know if I would have been able to jump in that frozen lake…good for you for taking advantage! Amazing photos as always ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • emma

    I grew up in Finland and we went ice-swimming weekly as a child, followed by sauna and then a few more trips to the lake again. It feels amazing and is so good for your health!

  • It’s a fab boost for your skin to jump in the ice, I always have a hot and cold shower become massages as it helps detox the body ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to experience this myself what incredible views!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • I’ve done the whole rolling in snow before/after a sauna thing in -6ยฐc and it was bad enough – can’t imagine doing it in up to (or is it down to? :/ ) -20ยฐ’s! Must have literally taken your breath away (and makes me cold just thinking about it!) xo

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