A New Face in Covent Garden

Anyone else still doing their Christmas shopping?

Please say it’s not just me!

Between meetings in Soho this week, I popped over to Covent Garden to tick a few more people off my list. I adore CG, as you know, I write about it all the time. It’s a beautiful and incredibly festive little pocket of London.

Somewhere to wander, pop in and out of shops, grab some food and not have to worry about taxis or busses, or getting between shops in the rain, because they’re all nestled so snuggly next to each other.

Being so snug, you always know what you’re going to get. You know all the shops and are rarely surprised.

But this time I spotted something new.

Something shiny.

Something just begging to be explored

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-1

Like a moth to a flame, I fell into kikki.K

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-2

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-3

A shop bursting with Scandi style goodies, stationery, knickknacks, journals, travel bits and homewares.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-5

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-6

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-7

And stripes! So many stripes.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-8

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-9

Striped passport holder

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-10

Eat Well, Travel Often (my thoughts exactly!) travel journal

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-11

Yearly planner

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-12

Having inherited my mother’s addiction for stationery and cards, this place is just way too much fun!

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-13

Every day is a fresh start mug

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-14

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-15

A journal to write your #blessings in.

Thankful journal

This is an especially good idea for anyone who’s having a bit of a rough time, is stressed or struggling. Every night before you go to bed, write down something that happened that day that you’re thankful for.

In the beginning it could be something as small as “I didn’t miss the train” or “It didn’t rain.” It’s just about switching into a more positive mode, rather than falling asleep thinking about all the bad things and letting all that negativity seep in.

Before you know it, what started as difficult soon becomes incredibly easy, you’ll fill page after page of happy memories, and you’ll start to notice them more throughout the day; reminding yourself to note them down later.

Noticing the good will make you forget the bad, you’ll start to feel better and I can promise you, your world will change.

In the beginning my blog helped me in the same way.

I picked up one for myself and some for friends, to keep on our bedside tables. You can never be too thankful.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-16

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-17

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-18

Be here now

Good reminder for those of us who wish our lives away waiting for what’s coming…

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-19

Grown up colouring book!

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-20

Ideal gift for those who doodle over everything when on the phone!

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-21

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-22

Well, obviously this had to be mine!

But first, coffee mug.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-23

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-24

Good old Viv.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-25

My thank you cards for the next few months sorted!

There’s even a little spot where you can make yourself very much at home, to think about your picks.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-26

Just don’t make as much mess as I did…

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-27

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-28

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-29

Piled high with goodies for everyone I love, we skipped* off into Covent Garden for some more festive cheer and a spot more shopping.

*Trust me, with heels and cobbles, you skip!

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-30

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-31

Side split coat (not too warm, not too cool. The Baby Bear’s porridge of coats.)

Black poloneck // Blue skinny jeans

Red heels // Red tote

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-32

CG is all spruced up again and ready for Christmas.

This time, dripping with huge bunches of mistletoe.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-33

Demure and delicate in the day, they come alive and glow by night.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-34

Not a bad stop to wait for a kiss…

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-35

Though if you get hungry while waiting, you can always pop over for brunch at The Ivy.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-36

Which is all dolled up, too!

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-37

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-38

As someone commented on my Instagram snap, “only in England would they have a jar of Marmite front and centre on the table!”

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-39

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-40

We stuffed our marble table top with everything we could manage.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-41

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-42

An old fashioned English Breakfast for me.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-43

Eggs Benni for him, as always.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-44

Yogurt with berries and honey.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-45

Sumptuously fantastic pastries, still warm from the oven. That one at the front is filled with warm custard.

Order the pastries!

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-46

Crumpets with mustard.

Not something I’ve experienced before, and I still can’t say I have… as I went for buckets of butter and lashings of raspberry jam.

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-47

There’s just nothing better than a crumpet swimming in butter.

It collects in all the little pockets and dribbles all down your chin when you take a bite.

It’s impossible not to feel like a naughty child when tucking into one. Just the state of mind you need, to get your Christmas shopping done!

Christmas shopping in Covent Garden-48

Ready to head home at the end of the day, pour a cuppa and wrap those pressies.

In the age of emails and texts, you just can’t beat a hand written note.


Handwritten cards-1

Scissors // Wrapping paper // Christmas candle // Ribbons

All on my new coffee table

So come on, spill.

Are you all done? Maybe room for a little trip to CG anyway, to see the lights and pick up some of those kikki.K stripes?

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  • Rosie, I totally appreciate that this is detracting from the point of this post but I’m now absolutely obsessed with the coat – it looks fantastic! So much so that I just popped it into my shopping basket too! Can’t go wrong with a classic taupe coat, and love the cheeky splits.

    The thankful diary too is great, will have to check Kikko out for sure.

    Merry Christmas!



    • Rosie

      No judgement here, Reena! I felt the same way when I saw the coat online.
      You’re going to LOVE kikki.K! xx

  • Annabel

    I go to CG all the time and I’ve never seen this place!! Will go at lunch time thanks Rosie

    • Rosie

      Happy to help, Annabel! x

  • GG

    YESSSS more posts like this please!!!

    • Rosie

      Right-o. x

  • Heather

    I LOVE all things paper. Wish I lived in London so I could visit.
    PS: love your blog. You inspire a 47 year old like me with your delish recipes and incredible outfits. Happy Christmas

    • Rosie

      Thanks Heather, that’s lovely to hear! xx

  • Kari

    So many great photos! I will definitely have to visit the stationary shop 🙂

    Kari (nouw.com/lifebykari)

  • What a lovely post. Having suffered with depression for the last year, and finally feeling like I’m getting better, I will definitely be purchasing the thankful journal for 2016. So over a year I can see just how much I’ve grown!

    Have a fab Christmas!

    Fie xx Coffee & Confetti

    • Rosie

      So sorry to hear that, Fi.
      Glad to hear you’re on the mend and taking care of yourself. Always here if you need a chat, and I think the journal would be a very good idea. xx

  • Looking lovely as always! Kikki K looks brilliant, we could do with a nice little shop like that in Jersey! Another thing to practice to keep yourself happy, is the Danish tradition of Hygge – I wrote a blog post on it a few weeks back, such a lovely tradition of just being thankful and spending time with friends! Look it up if you get chance, I’m sure you’ll fit right into it, Rosie! x Jersey Girl x http://www.jerseygirl.co

  • I’m the exact same way when it comes to stationary and I can spend hours looking around for new journals and cards!! And I keep a “5 Year One Line a Day” journal and I absolutely love that I can see exactly what I was doing at this time last year!


  • Rebecca

    You are not alone! Still have some shopping to take care of myself before the big day. kikki.K is amazing, yet another shop to visit when I finally get back across the pond. Thank you for sharing it, I am going try and get the gratitude journal if they will ship to the US. Everyone can use to be reminded of the good in their lives.

  • OMG, this kind of stores are just amazing and I could spend days in them.

    …Love Marmite so much, and I am not British 😉

    Xx Mahshid مهشید


  • I love your writing style- you make everything sound like an adventure !! That store was precious !! I love writing, so I would be down the rabbit hole for hours in there!!

  • Not so much still doing my Christmas shopping as just starting my Christmas shopping… Just posted a little Christmas gift guide on my blog, a far better use of that time would’ve been to have actually done some shopping… Definitely checking out Kikko, looks right up my street!
    Farah x

  • Fell in love with KikkiK when living in Sydney and have fan-girled all about it ever since, fair few of my Christmas presents sorted in there (and a fair few more presents for myself too!) x

    Pippa | http://ballpointsandbiscuits.blogspot.co.uk

  • Kamara H

    Hah, yes, Covent Garden was really not designed for women in heels! I’m always trying to hop from one flat surface to another. I adore your side split coat! So classy. Love the idea of the thankfulness notebook, too <3


  • Michelle Joseph

    Oh my goodness! That shop! I NEED to go there and get some cups and yearly planners and diaries. Oh my gosh I’m in heaven thinking about it. And how amazing is your outfit especially those stunning heels! My eyes are big red hearts right now!

    Mich | howshe-seesit.blogspot.co.uk

  • So lovely! Looks like a great time



  • skybluesounds

    I definitely need to get a Thankful journal, I usually do that anyways in my mind when I’m feeling down but the thought of writing it all down and being able to look back at happy moments sounds so amazing! I’m so happy this blog was able to do that for you too, such a beautiful analogy. xo Patricia


  • Surprisingly I have actually sorted Christmas! That ‘thankful journal’ is probably exactly what I need right now; I’m hoping that my new blog will act as the same type of thing for me.
    I actually ordered that coat but had to send it back *le cries* It looks so chic on you.

    Girl Not Living The Dream

  • Kari Guastella

    What a beautiful place to go shopping! I love San Francisco, but it would be amazing to see London at Christmas time!

  • This looks so cute! X


  • Your posts make me miss London so much! Love your holiday shopping look with the red bag and pumps. I’m almost done holiday shopping at last… now on to wrapping, which I don’t find nearly as enjoyable.
    Happy Holidays!

  • Covent Garden is one of my favourite places in London, and the fact that there is now a stationary store means I want to visit London again even more. I’m a Stage Manager, and I love all things stationary and journals! By the way I just finished my shopping today!!

  • Your coat is absolutely fab! Love all the different journals 🙂 -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  • What a fabulous post! Covent Garden is easily one of my favourite places to explore and relax in London. Those heels are incredible. The part of this post about the Thankful Diary really struck me, as someone who’s battled (and overcoming) severe Anxiety and worry I feel like this is such a lovely idea. Keep up the fabulous posts and have a Wonderful Christmas.

    Ellie xo

  • We have a similar shop in South Africa called Typo (originally from Australia). I am in heaven when I browse through the beautiful journals, decorations and other bits and bops.

    Your photos are so pretty, Rosie – enjoy your Christmas month!

  • This shop is amazing!!! I am now spending so much money on this website 🙂 And your outfit!! 🙂


  • All the beautiful places you go ahhh! I’m so jelous! Putting London down on my bucket list of adventures for sure!


  • Queenie Lee

    I’m obsessed with Kikiki, the stationary is so beautiful! So far, I’ve got a 2016 diary and an inspirational book. Will deffo be getting a calendar too 🙂


  • Anthony Kershaw

    Picked up Asos red shoes for my wife.

  • I went into Kikki.K last week and I was in heaven! The blue journal and a few other pieces definitely ended up in my basket…

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Jasmin

    I love Covent Garden, especially during Christmas. Thank you for sharing these beautiful picture. They give me the feeling of having been there by myself ;).

    The shop looks great. I think you never can have to much stationery, especially such good looking one 😉

    Merry Christmas!



  • Ashley Christabelle

    I love Kikki.K! Definitely gonna go and purchase something when I’m in Singapore x


  • Wow, I must visit kikki.K next time I find myself in Covent Garden, there are so many lovely bits and pieces to pick up!

    The bit you wrote about writing down things to be thankful for was so sweet, it seems like a wonderful idea for a bit of a boost. As much as I love your blog for holiday inspiration, restaurant inspiration, clothes inspiration…okay pretty much everything life orientated, I must admit that when you write more personal things like that it is especially great.

    Sometimes it feels as though your blog has become a bit endorsement-led, and I miss the old days of more personal posts. But I guess you can’t fight roaring success! More of these though, it was truly lovely! X

  • With all the photos of England at Christmas I’m feeling nostalgic! Covent Garden looks so amazing. Have you been to St. Christopher’s Place yet? I remember they had beautiful decor too.

  • kikki k has the BEST stationary! I literally have to get someone to drag me out of the store everytime i walk in. Such a struggle to NOT buy anything hahaha!

    x, Carina / Running White Horses – Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle

  • Not a huge fan of Marmite but I LOVE London, fab pics and looks like a great day x

  • Leah

    I stumbled upon Kikki.K with my boyfriend last week, I fell in love and insisted I had something from there for Christmas. As soon as I saw the title of this post I knew it was about this store! I’m so in love with the way you captured the vibe of the shop!

    Leah x

  • kikki.K has made it to the UK!! I have to visit it next time. Absolutely adore this shop, first time I saw it in Sydney. Now Typo needs to come to Europe as well.

    Merry X.Mas! 🙂

  • Malin Altenburger

    I love the coat, it is just stunning! your pictures are all so beautiful! Thank you for this beautiful post! xx http://exploringdays.blogspot.com/

  • Kirsten Wick

    Oh my God, I’m obsessed with stationary as well and now know where to go next time I’m in London. You look super gorgeous Rosie, I’m so in love with your coat. Have a Merry Christmas. Kirsten xx


  • What girl doesn’t love a stationary shop and a good brunch, looks like you two had the perfect day out! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Sasha Marie Badillo

    those shoes look so great on you!


  • SUCH stunning photographs! Seriously Rosie you look amazing in every single photograph! Your jacket looks amazing and your beautiful hair is always so pretty!

    Great images and really enjoyed looking through these 🙂

    Laura http://www.shehearts.net xx

  • Emma

    This post has made me so excited for my next trip to London, that stationary shop looks like my kind of place!

    Emma x

  • I need to go there!! I’m obsessed with journals & I want them all! Also I love your shoes!
    xx http://www.nuunablog.com

  • This shop looks like my kind of heaven – bank account, prepare to take a hammering! Also a stationary geek over here! Oops.

    Beth x


  • Love Covent Garden at Christmas, fab pics (and fab coat too).

    Mel x


  • honey and porridge

    Love the festive blog post Rosie. I have to agree lashings of butter and raspberry jam is the perfect companion to crumpets – yum very jealous of that breakfast. Also warm custard filled pastries – heaven! I love the stationary shop too – I am such a sucker for pretty mugs and stationary. I think the thank you journal is such a lovely, thoughtful gift 🙂 enjoy! xx

  • I could spend hours in this shop, I’m heading to CG early Jan so will definitely make a beeline for it! Loving your red accents Rosie.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Happy New Year! I LOVE Kikki K and did not know there were in London! Such a good thing to know! Thanks xx

  • Kikki.K looks like a place I definitely need to visit…

    Such a beautiful stationary collection! xo