Exploring San Francisco

My friend Julia invited my fella and I over for Thanksgiving dinner.

No big deal, right? We’ve had hundreds of meals together.

Well, this particular dinner was to be hosted all the way over in California.

But you know me, I can’t say no to a good meal! We packed up our bags,

San Francisco blog -1

and said goodbye to a very frosty London.

Shearling jacket // Poloneck // Prada tote

Skinny jeans // Bow flats

Wheelie suitcase (glides like a dream, for lazies like me) (on sale here!)

Blue weekend bag

By the afternoon we were in San Francisco and really rather hungry! Julia and her husband Thomas took us out to a casual supper and we treated ourselves to an early night.

Staying at The Four Seasons right in the heart of the city meant waking up to the most glorious views.

San Francisco blog -2

The only silver lining of jet lag comes from enjoying beautiful sunrises.

San Francisco blog -4

Seeing as we were up early anyway, we joined Julia to run a few errands.

San Francisco blog -5

San Francisco blog -6

Starting at The Flower Market.

San Francisco blog -7

Warehouses stuffed to bursting with fresh flowers, trees and berries.

Just the ticket to decorate the house for Thanksgiving.

San Francisco blog -8

San Francisco blog -9

Acres of every type of rose imaginable, with a few varieties I’ve never even seen before.

We both gravitated towards the huge, open ones, filled with the most glorious scent, like a fresh and delicate perfume.

San Francisco blog -11

Filling our arms full, and then some!

San Francisco blog -12

Julia’s outfit:

Knitted jumper // Jeans // Leopard print boots (on sale!)


Blanket cape //Poloneck (on sale!) // Bib necklace

Skinny jeans // OTK boots // Lanvin Jiji bag

San Francisco blog -13

San Francisco blog -14

San Francisco blog -15

After picking up a few more necessities, we fuelled up at Philz.

San Francisco blog -16

Braving the queues to get our mint mojito iced lattes.

San Francisco blog -17

I know, I know, it sounds wrong!

But they’re delicious! A little sweet, but really refreshing. Try one if you get the chance.

Don’t get the gingerbread one; awful.

San Francisco blog -18

Caffeinated to the max, it was time for doughnuts.

And as everyone knows, when you want doughnuts in San Francisco, you pay a visit to Mr Holmes.

San Francisco blog -19

San Francisco blog -20

Here they serve up all manner of wickeness.

Layers of flakey pastry, crumbly cookies, tarts, muffins and…. *drum roll*… cruffins.

San Francisco blog -21


San Francisco blog -23

San Francisco blog -24

What exactly are cruffins I hear you cry?

They’re the (evil) genius combination of a muffin and a croissant, fried, rolled in cinnamon sugar and stuffed with custard.

San Francisco blog -25

Magically calorie free!

San Francisco blog -26

(If you close your eyes. Calories don’t count if you’re not looking.)

San Francisco blog -27

San Francisco blog -28

San Francisco blog -29

San Francisco blog -30

There’s a spot to take a seat and slurp your coffee between cruffins, just incase you need a breather.

San Francisco blog -31

San Francisco blog -32

San Francisco blog -33

We headed back to Julia’s place to set up the flowers and unpack groceries.

Later in the afternoon we popped up to see The Painted Ladies.

San Francisco blog -34

And snap our signature tourist snap!

San Francisco blog -35

Along with a few other, sophisticated poses.

San Francisco blog -36

San Francisco blog -37

San Francisco blog -38

^ This was me about to do a jump, which of course collapsed upon landing, leaving us in a pile of giggles on the floor.

We took the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the view.

San Francisco blog -39

San Francisco blog -40

I’ll take the blue one, please.

San Francisco blog -41

As the sun began to set, we moved down to the water to watch.

San Francisco blog -42

San Francisco blog -43

We tried our best to take a nice picture, but kept cracking each other up; much to the boys’ great amusement.

San Francisco blog -44

San Francisco blog -45

San Francisco blog -46

The Golden Gate Bridge lived up to its name, and glowed in the evening light.

San Francisco blog -47

A breeze whipped along the water, bringing the salty scent of the ocean with it.

San Francisco blog -48

I terrified Jules by sitting on the edge.

San Francisco blog -49

San Francisco blog -50

But convinced her that if this guy could manage it…

San Francisco blog -51

We could too.

San Francisco blog -52

San Francisco blog -53

Though when nerves got the better of us, we retreated to the shore to watch the last of the light disappear.

San Francisco blog -54

San Francisco blog -55

San Francisco blog -56

And there we stayed until the very last drop of San Franciscan sunshine leaked away, leaving us in twinkling twilight.

A pretty special first day in The Bay.

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  • Oana

    i always love the photos in your posts 🙂 you two are stunning


  • ‘Calories don’t count if you don’t look at them’ – best thing to read on a Friday! Fab post as ever lovely x

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  • It looks amazing! Such lovely photos. X


  • Wow, stunning photo’s, Rosie! It looks like an absolutely beautiful place. It is now firmly placed on my bucket list of places to visit around the world! x Jersey Girl x http://www.jerseygirl.co

  • Jana Gr.

    Wow, your photos are so amazingly beautiful! Looks like you had a lot of fun 🙂

  • Those cruffins look too good to be true!! I totally agree that calories don’t count if you don’t look at them… and on birthdays and holidays!


  • Hattie West

    Gorgeous Rose. Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and I see you over Christmas back in L Town xxxx


  • These photos are all so incredible, San Francisco looks like such a fun city to explore! That blue house…the things I would do to live in a place like that…

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Gorgeous pictures! Cruffins sounds so tasty. Never tried it before!


  • wonderful and whimsical

    Looks like an amazing trip!


  • Looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving in San Fran! Also, ‘Calories don’t count if you don’t look at them’ – that’s some hardcore truth right there! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  • You girls look so cute! Those doughnuts… I want one right now♥


  • Looks like you had such a lovely time. That place looks magical, I must go x


  • SF blew my mind – the houses are so colourful and beautiful! And I want a cruffin!!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Both of you have THE most amazing hair ever! I love this post – it looks and sounds like an amazing trip!

    Shot From The Street

  • Love these gorgeous photos! Beautiful bag and cape (and glad you got to meet up with Julia)!

    x Sarah

  • Marianne

    Those were all of my first stops when I visited SF this past spring! Such a gorgeous place!!


  • Heather

    I love the airport outfit! Cute shoes & a cosy jacket. Also, your up-do looks great! It seems like wearing the hair down is very popular (Thanks, Catherine) but I like this look better on you.

  • Anna

    Glad you enjoyed my hometown! It sure is lovely this time of year (especially now that I’ve moved to England and can fully appreciate the value of November sun!!)

  • Calories don’t count if you can’t see them – Yeah I’m pretty much going to live by that motto!
    Pictures are stunning, xo

  • Anna Wills

    Ah these photos are absolutely gorgeous what a wonderful time!
    SF has some wonderful independent movie theaters too!
    are you going to do a blogger SF meet up?

  • Jeanne

    San Francisco…one of my favorites….lovely photos. Such fun!

  • Gorgeous, Rosie! San Francisco is my favorite city <3
    Curious as to which camera Julia has around her neck at Holmes? I love how light it looks!

  • Sarah

    I love following along on your journeys, Rosie. You can feel the authenticity and beauty!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving stateside!

    Sarah // http://www.memeetsoui.com

  • Micah Lambert

    Gorgeous photos!

  • Lovely hair, lovely photos, and lovely friendship! So glad you had fun in San Francisco! -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  • You guys look like you had a blast together!
    xo Adri | http://www.adrilately.blogspot.com

  • Kari Guastella

    My two favorite bloggers in my home town! Lots of love! Glad you had fun!

  • This makes me miss SF so so much, and the mix of croissants and muffins – genius especially with the cinnamon!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • What a gorgeous post! San Francisco is on our travel list! The Sunsets and Karl the Fog look beautiful and what with Miette and Mr Holmes it looks perfect! Your photos are always so fun and lovely!


  • Ahhh makes me SO happy to see SF from your eyes 🙂 I’ve been in the Bay for four years now, but only moved into the city-city earlier this year & I love that you hit up all of my faves!! My sister lived right around the corner from the Painted Ladies so that’s old stomping grounds and PHILZ!! Ha, I was there literally four times a week in college. Next time, try the Ecstatic Iced Coffee sweet n’ creamy. I love it even more than the mint mojito 🙂 ALSO there’s a secret menu! Each location has their own, but um… the Campfire or the White Christmas have been my favorites!

  • How lovely to be in California this time of year! San Fransisco is such a beautiful city, and it looks like you had an amazing first day. xxx

  • These photos bring back happy memories of the 1st leg of my honeymoon spent in San Fran. Gorgeous photos of the two of you. Loved your instagrams & Snaps of this trip. Can’t wait to see more.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Beautiful photographs 🙂 I haven’t been to San Francisco before but it looks beautiful from the photographs showcased here on your beautiful blog. A great post. Laura http://www.sheheart.net x

  • Wow such awesome photos – mr Holmes cruffins look amazing!!


  • San Fran, with the sun setting over the Golden Gate bridge & thanksgiving to look forward to? Bliss!

  • San Francisco looks absolutely stunning, and so do you two ladies! I am desperate to visit America one day soon x

    Martha Jane | http://www.marthajanemusic.com

  • gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous sooooo excited to see more of this adventure 🙂 <3

  • Kate

    Beautiful as always Rosie (you, and your photos, and your story telling!) I need a cruffin in my life! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • San Francisco looks magical!

    Stamp, Please! Lifestyle and Travel

  • Ashlee

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Cant wait to see more photos!


  • Love the look of the cruffins!

    SilverSpoon London

  • Ana Simões

    I loved San Francisco when I was working in Cupertino. Wish I could go back and just enjoy the city. Btw, if you get the chance to visit Carmel and do the 17-mile-drive, I promise you won’t regret. Such a magical coast.

  • Beautiful post Rosie! I was at Philz last summer , when I visited San Francisco. I liked that coffee shop so much!!! kisses from Spain

  • Shulamit E

    Awesome! You are in my neck of the woods. I am in Oakland. I am glad to see you are having a blast. Enjoy yourself.

  • Looks amazing! I’d love to visit San Fran.

  • Such beautiful photos and now I have some serious hair envy! Stephanie x


  • I love how you photographed your trip! Looked like you had a great time xx beautiful


  • Absolutely beautiful post! I travelled across America in the summer but unfortunately San Francisco was the only place I couldn’t see that I wanted to. Really hope to travel there sometime!

    Beth x


  • It is insanely superficial but I think I might make “get hair like Julia” my number one New Years resolution this year. What a gorgeous friend you have!

    xx B

  • Beautiful pictures! The pictures really do justice to the vibe of San Francisco. Also, you and your friend have the most gorgeous hair (colorwise and stylewise) on the planet!


  • So magical. I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to visit this year. I want to do a road trip through the whole of the U.S.

    Katie <3


  • katheryn
  • Aria

    Where are those Golden Gate photos taken?