Bottomless Japanese Brunch

Autumn weekends were made for kicking leaves and eating.

The gentle *crunch crunch* of crisp leaves underfoot should occasionally be replaced by the gentle *crunch crunch* of you devouring something delicious.

And this Sunday we did just that.

Pretty printed dress with over the knee boots

Lapping up a little Autumn sunshine on the way to brunch.

Dress, boots and shearling jacket for Autumn

Printed cotton dress

Over the knee boots (popped some more wallet friendly versions below)

^NB, you won’t see the widget above if you have an adblocker installed. So switch it off to shop, I don’t allow popups or annoying ads anyway!

Brunette waves

The softest reversible gilet

Printed dress and cosy vest

Silver May Bee Rings // Trinity Bangles

Nail colour // Lip colour (neutral rose)

Cosy close up

British Squirrel

Having had quite enough of a walk, we raced off to grab a bite.

Racing squirrel!

^ He did too.

We popped over to Marylebone to try out Kurobuta‘s new bottomless brunch.

Where you’re greeted with cocktails the second you sit down!

Green cocktails

You’re then free to do your very worst at the buffet, all set up on the bar.

Sizzling steak

Sizzling steak, fried chicken, sushi, sashimi, build-your-own-ramen, it’s all there.

Fried chicken


All you can eat sushi, London

Brunch in London-14

Brunch in London-15

Brunch in London-16

Brunch in London-17

The sashimi pizzas with wasabi tobiko are by far the best sushi option, if you ask me.

So stock up on those!

Brunch in London-18

We went slightly off menu, ordering our usual cocktails rather than the one on offer.

If you don’t mind stretching the budget a little, I highly recommend the Green Bastard.

Brunch in London-19

The fried chicken with siracha mayo is just as naughty as you might hope.

But the real winners are the pork belly buns.

Kurobuta pork buns

Slathered in sticky peanut sauce.

Pork buns with sticky peanut sauce

Sticky pork buns

Brunch in London-23

Brunch in London-24

Rich, salty, sweet, spicy, pillowy soft and very, very moreish.

Brunch in London-25

Seabass at Kurabuta

Chilli seabass, in place of black cod.

Brunch in London-27

And a beautiful pudding platter to polish you off.

Brunch in London-28

Complete with the world’s greatest cake.

Pistachio chocolate forrest cake.

Brunch in London-29

A sort of soft, moist almond/pistachio creation, sandwiching a thick, creamy chocolate filling.

Served with iced fruit.

Brunch in London-30

And mochi ice cream balls.

Brunch in London-31

All you can eat brunch, bottomless booze and cracking live music, every Saturday & Sunday.

£35-£45 per person (depends whether you want the pork belly buns, which you definitely do. So let’s say £45.)

Find them: Kurobuta Marble Arch, 17-20 Kendal St, W2 2AW

Reserve: 0207 920 6440

Should you get all your favourites together and book a table this weekend?

nodding gif

Yes, yes you should!

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  • That price really isn’t too bad considering all that deliciousness on offer – it looks soooo good! I’m intrigued by the ‘Green Bastard’ cocktail now too!!

    • Rosie

      Best bastard you’ll ever taste, Laura! 😉 x

  • This brunch looks so good, especially the pork belly steamed buns!! I’m loving this new trend of bottomless drinks AND bottomless food because you really get your money’s worth!

    • Rosie

      I am totally behind anything never ending, Courtney! Especially food. x

  • A Japanese all you can eat, I’m in!!!!!! I love your dress & boots combo – I have the same Stuart Weitzmans!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Cate Elise

    Oh god, none of this is very good for my pre Christmas diet! Those pork buns look divine! xxx

    The perks of being a
    hipster- Christmas Yankee Candle

    • Rosie

      Pre Christmas diet?! That sounds like a terrible idea, Cate!

      • Cate Elise

        Hahaha, okay we could call it my post-honeymoon diet…or… a two week period where I’m going to try not to eat everything I see, before an entire month of chain-eating mince pies?! xx

  • The picture of sticky sauce all over your hands, did make me laugh! That is EXACTLY what Sunday’s should involve, a bit of messy eating! Look delicious! x Jersey Girl x

  • As someone who doesn’t really eat eggs, this is what I dream about when I think of brunch. Hello fried chicken! And yes I do want pork belly buns, thank you for assuming…

    • Rosie

      I knew you would, Franks. I knew you would.

  • Julie AF

    Hi Rosie, the ‘lip colour’ link brings you back to the nail varnish link. Could you please correct so that I can have a look at your lipstick number. Cheers beautiful! Julie xx (jaf_in_the_box)

    • Rosie

      Shall fix it at once! Though you can always click on the picture link a bit lower. (You might not see it if you have an ad blocker on.) xx

  • That’s great value compared to their usual extortionate prices – would actually be keen to visit them for this, particularly since they had run out of the pork buns on my visit! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Ahh you have the Millie dress! I want this so bad. Looks lovely on you x

    • Rosie

      It’s such a flattering shape, I think it would probably look lovely on everyone! But thank you very much Lauren! x

  • I am in love with your dress! Lovely photos. X

  • Anna D

    The food looks amazing and I LOVE that dress!
    xx, anna

  • Looks great: LOVE a good brunch! Is it just me who can’t see these posts properly though? There’s two very big gaps in the middle and no budget friendly boots 🙁 it’s been like this for a couple of weeks.

    • Rosie

      Try turning your ad blocker off, it blocks the widgets. I don’t know why! x

  • The slow pace

    As much as I love japanese food I never thought about having japanese for breakfast (because brunch is basically a big breakfast, isn’t it?) However, I’d give it a try if you insist…

    • Rosie

      We went at 12, so not sure it technically counts as breakfast! Just an excuse to eat twice as much, E! x

      • The slow pace

        I’m Spanish… so 12 definitely count as breakfast 😉

  • Wow, looks soooo good! When I visit London next time I will have to check this place out!


  • I love your dress!! And am now incredibly hungry; might need to order sushi for lunch today.

    • Rosie

      Good call, Gwen! x

  • omg it looks delicious! Cant help but notice the cocktails too, yum! Might have to check it out!

  • Build your own ramen bowl? That sounds perfect. The rest of the brunch looks amazing, too, but ramen always has my heart. That Bobbi Brown lippie is super pretty!

  • OMG I can’t believe Kurobuta do a bottomless brunch!! I love that place.

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    • Rosie

      You’re going to laaaav it, Angie! x

  • Fairyfeet

    Hi Rosie – amazing pictures and looks like an incredible weekend. One thing though, I was reading today about a blogger named Essana O’Neil, who has quit lifestyle blogging because of the pressure and focus on aesthetics. One thing that occurred to me when I read these posts is that, even on a romantic weekend, you still have to be “on” – i.e. you’re still pretty much working on your blog. Is it hard to separate life from work as a lifestyle blogger? Do you wish you could properly switch off? It would be great to see a post about how you balance all of this. It looks effortless, but it is clearly not. Given you have so many young and impressionable fans around the world, it might be really helpful and refreshing to hear your perspective.

    • Rosie

      I’m not sure if you meant to comment this again, I’ll just paste the response I left over on the other post just incase!

      Hello “Fairyfeet”!
      Interesting question and one I was actually asking myself this morning having watched her video.
      I had an interesting chat about it with a few peers over tea, as it happens.
      I suppose the biggest difference is age. I often say that I can’t IMAGINE how difficult it would be to grow up with social media, and I’m incredibly grateful that I didn’t. Your body at 15 is nothing like your body at 20, 25, 30, 40… or even 18! You change from a little girl into a woman, capable of carrying children. I can imagine the pressure (as within the modelling/acting industry) must be MONUMENTAL to stay little girl shaped, because that’s what is portrayed in the media, and by these “professional instagrammers”.
      The pressure to always looks perfect, always look tiny, always have the most beautiful breakfasts and perfect hair must be difficult… but it is a self imposed pressure. In reality, most people don’t notice flaws as much as you do yourself.
      I’ve met a great number of bloggers who will spend HOURS getting the perfect shot, shooting and reshooting the same pose. Instagrammers who’ll let their lunch go cold just so that they can take the perfect photo of it.
      My style is a little different, because I suppose I’m not willing to give “perfection” that much of my time.
      A long time ago I read a brilliant quote which said “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”. Yes I could take better photos, yes I could probably spend more time planning and setting things up, and I would probably have more Instagram followers if I always used the same filter and restricted what I posted to what’s perfect. But at what price?
      I would enjoy life less, I would have less time with my loved ones, I would be more stressed, and most importantly…. my food would be cold!
      I grew up in the dark room, my mother was a photographer and I was her #1 model. Taking photographs is in my blood and I love every second of it. For me it’s not a chore to take photos of my campfire, or a quick snap of my food as it arrives because I enjoy the process and I enjoy the phonecall with my mum or my best friend after they’ve read the blog post and the “oh I really felt I was there with you!”, that’s my drive. Every comment from a girl who says she has a better relationship with food because of the way I live, drives me. Every comment from a girl who says I inspired her to get out there and change her way of life, drives me.
      Even if noone read the blog but these people and my mum, I still wouldn’t stop.
      Of course I get sick of it occasionally, I’d get sick of chocolate cake if I ate it every day! But I just take a break. I leave my phone behind for a weekend (as I did for this post) or I take a day or two off blogging. Yes it pisses people off and upsets those who say “ITS YOUR FUCKING JOB HOW HARD IS IT TO POST EVERY DAY?!” but that’s entirely their problem, not mine.
      At the end of the day, as with everything in life, your happiness depends on you. I don’t base my self worth on how many likes my Instagrams get or how many readers read a blog post. People are welcome to take or leave my content, I’m thrilled if they enjoy it, but I’ll survive quite happily if they don’t.
      As I said in the beginning of this rather long answer, I do think this comes down to age and experience. If I was 16 OF COURSE I’d be counting likes and obsessing over how thin I am compared to other girls. But you know what? In my late twenties, I’d rather have a Sunday roast with all the trimmings and buy my jeans a size bigger.

      • Annabel Clerk

        Hi Rosie,

        I’m glad you answered this.

        I hate that that girl is getting so much attention for simply being a liar.

        The whole thing is quite clearly a publicity stunt.

        Instead of saying “I lied because I wanted to be perfect” she’s trying to turn it onto the industry as a whole.

        Comparing your style to hers is like apples and oranges. Keep doing what you’re doing and treating the trolls with grace and humour.

        There are those of us who may never comment but love your blog and outlook.

        I’m sure your mother is very proud of the daughter she raised in her dark room.


        • Mummy Londoner

          I am! xx

          • Cat

            It’s all PR. Essena realised relying on her looks wasn’t sustainable. She will make much more $$$ writing a book about this experience of ‘QUITTING” than she ever did from being pretty.

      • Hula

        Are you pissing yourself laughing as you write this Rosie? Are we expected to believe that sitting around in the garden with a Christmas hamper in October is just an honest look at your life? Or those eighty bazillion shots of you eating an ice cream are just your holiday snaps?

        • Rosie

          I couldn’t give two hoots what you “believe” Hula! We’ve had picnics almost every weekend for as long as I can remember, and we were more than happy to swap our usual hamper for a Selfridges one as they sent it over.
          Anyone with a boyfriend as snap happy as mine will know how many pictures they LOVE to take on holiday, especially when it comes to licking an ice-cream!
          But as I said, you’re more than welcome to stop following. Perhaps your time would be better spent doing something you enjoy or putting your energy into something positive.

        • Claire

          Don’t respond to these pathetic trolls Rosie. So miserable in their own nasty lives they can’t even imagine someone being happy so it must be fake. Go back to your cubicle ‘Hula’.

      • Fairyfeet

        Oops! Didn’t mean to post twice, sorry! Thanks for taking the time to respond – it’s much appreciated. If it is effortless for you (or at least not too much pressure), then that is fantastic and you are very lucky. I do feel for girls growing up in this Instagram area – like you, I’m in my late 20s and can take many of these images with a grain of salt. I know, for example, what I look like before and after a big meal, and know that blogs reflect the happy times rather than the bad (or just simply boring) – blogs are after all, to entertain! I just hope that the more conversations we have about this, the more authentic we can all be.

      • I absolutely love this answer. 3/maybe 4 years ago now, I started to write a blog called ‘Desperately Seeking Freedom’ I had moved to London straight from my A levels and was totally on my own – my life looked amazing on the outside, but I was pretty miserable on the inside. I had no friends in London and wasn’t totally happy in my job.

        One of my colleagues noticed I loved taking photos and writing, so introduced me to your blog Rosie. I’d never seen a blog like it, so honest and inviting and hadn’t realised that I could combine the thousands of photos I took on my £99 digital camera with the stories I had in my head and create the most wonderful space on the internet that was all mine – full of real memories (good and bad) Back then, my mum was my only reader. Now I have some lovely people that read my posts and love how much it’s grown with me – I’ve even encouraged my (now fiancé) to write a blog and he loves it too ( if you’re interested)

        People always think that you spend your life creating pictures and waiting for the food to get cold, but unless you capture it the moment it’s set down, steaming hot, the excitement disappears anyway and that’s what’s portrayed in the image. I have to admit I love creating photos too – flatlays and getting dressed up for photoshoots (which I’ve always loved anyway) modelling my latest purchases. That’s how I express myself. I studied Art for A Level and this is how I now bring it into my daily life.

        What I’m trying to say is; you’re right. From another lifestyle blogger, admittedly with much less authority on the web, If you lived a lie on your blog, you certainly wouldn’t still be around in the blogosphere, because it would be ridiculously exhausting. The realness is what makes it shine. That’s why I’m still here 4 (?!) years on, with a new blog name, reading your posts and re-inspiring myself to live a more beautiful (REAL) life.

        Katie <3

    • Mikayla

      I first heard of Essena years ago when I was a True Teen (I’m maybe two years older than Essena) and she was a bit of a newcomer on the weblebrity scene. I heard her name when she published what was, essentially, a guide to disordered eating. Pre-prescribed “workouts” and snacks, suggesting only “a fistful of food” for dinner, posting “before and after pictures” of herself where the before was a picture of a normal-looking, active young girl and the after was a picture of a skin and bones child. Her suggestions were not just silly, but irresponsible; recommending that people who were essentially children (she was 16 and most of her followers were younger than she) go to bed feeling hungry and wake up hours before school to run miles on an empty stomach, suggesting that sunscreen use was more likely to cause cancer than regular sunbathing in oil, etc. Then she linked up years later with established terrible influence Freelee the Banana Girl and started pushing her awful advice. It killed me to watch the younger women I mentored take everything their fellow child said to heart.

      If this is Essena realizing that she messed up, good for her. If this is just her struggling with “fame,” eh. She and her handlers are irresponsible and have been putting young girls at risk for years. Whatever it takes to get her off the market and into treatment.

      She is the polar opposite of Rosie and what she stands for. This just seems like sourgrapes to me Hairyfeet.

      • Fairyfeet

        I don’t know much about Essena, except for the message she had about the ruthless pursuit of perfection, which certainly seems true of many people’s experiences on social media. I wasn’t making a comparison between her and Rosie – I simply asked Rosie about her own experience as a lifestyle blogger, given the legitimate issues raised by Essena (no matter how “mishandled” or misguided she may be, the point remains that what she said about crafting a particular image is certainly true for a lot of people out there). This is such an important issue, and it’s not one to bury with a spurious ad hominem comment. I’m happy Rosie wasn’t so defensive, and actually responded in substance!

  • Love bottomless brunch and would love even more a Japanese bottomless brunch! Everything looks so tasty!!

  • How I wish I lived in London so I could keep up with all your suggestions Rosie!! This brunch looks amazing as I love Japanese cuisine!!

  • Scrumptious food + awesome outfits! Your posts couldn’t be any more perfect!

  • tiffanytales

    This looks beyond delicious! You have an amazing way of making everything you eat, look like the best meal of your life.

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • This food looks absolutely delicious! It is such a unique take on brunch. And you have the perfect fall outfit. I want a pair of those knee high boots for myself!

    Lena Parker-Duncan – Graphic Designer and Photographer

  • This dress is so pretty, and I love how you styled it! Looks very chic, as per usual Rosie 😀
    And you take the best photos of food, it makes me hungry even though I just had dinner haha. The pork belly buns look yummy!

    Julia xx
    | |

  • Kate

    The food looks almost as good as your outfit! Definitely going to keep this place in mind for one of my next trips to the capital. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Donna Wishart

    Wow, that looks immense – especially the cocktails and buns! We will have to visit next time we’re in town x

  • I love your entire outfit! You are the epitome of fall festiveness!
    Did you do anything fun for Halloween? I was so hoping to see your outfit of choice!
    I went as Hyacinth Bucket from the TV series “Keeping Up Appearances” and my husband was Richard Bucket haha. It was entertaining 🙂 I kept sending him to fetch things for me.

  • I am so up for bottomless brunch…especially where those pork buns are involved *drools*

  • Natasha Kundi’s Blog

    Awesome boots!! wow! Always love your photography!

  • Literally just licked my lips reading this moorish post. The food looks incredible! I love Japanese food and fell in love with Sushi whilst I was in Mexico, they had a great sushi place in the hotel I was staying in. So many mouthwateringly good images here! Great read. Laura x

  • Oh boy, the pork belly bao looks so incredible! Luckily I read this post just after eating dinner, otherwise I’d be drooling all over my laptop. Love your food recommendations!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • literally cannot get over the bokeh on these lens! you make every picture look amazing!

  • Ashlee

    Looks like the best brunch ever! I love any Japanese food!

  • Sasha Marie Badillo

    i love this outfit!! and all the photos. new visitor <3

  • Sasha Marie Badillo

    oh what camera are you using in this post?

  • Caitlin Hartley

    This post is making me hungry! You look adorable!

  • I know this is slightly irrelevant to the post but I just wanted to say that I’m super jealous of how little make-up you can get away with wearing and looking so beautiful! Your skin is gorgeous!

    Beth x

  • That brunch looks divine. I’ll have to try it next month while I’m there. (And the boots too!)

  • Cynthia CC

    Autumn weekends were made for kicking leaves and eating.

  • This sounds great… I don’t eat meat but it looks like £35 is definitely worth the sushi and trimmings 😀

  • I absolutely love this outfit – I’m still not sure how you do it with the bare legs all the time though, I can’t stand not being completely wrapped up at the moment (although I’m also aware I’m very behind on your posts!)

    Completely different sunday brunch to what I’d normally go for and the cocktails look pretty vibrant – the pork buns would definitely woo me though!

    Katie <3