Christmas Hamper Practice

Now, I’m not exactly sure what happened, but 2015 seems to have almost completely vanished!

I’m sure that yesterday we were only just gearing up for summer, making bbq plans, dreaming of lounging on far flung beaches, and suddenly the trees are shedding their leaves and Christmas is racing towards us at an alarming pace!

Brace yourself for this…

…Christmas is only about 60 days away.

As utterly terrifying as this may, there are upsides. Shops are full of festive chocolates, which of course all have to be tasted before the real festive season arrives, so you can be fully prepared when the time comes. It won’t be long before the streets start to twinkle and it’ll be totally acceptable to have mulled wine at any time of day, every day.

When I heard Selfridges were looking for someone to test drive their new range of Christmas Hampers, well I selflessly volunteered as tribute.

All in the spirit of being well and truly prepared, of course.

Practice makes perfect.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -1

My choice of hamper arrived in a vast wicker basket, fastened with yellow buckles.

I peeled back the crinkling tissue paper to reveal layer after layer of edible wonders!

They were never ending, like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, I tell you.

It was clear I was going to have to enlist some help from the rest of the clan.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -2

We lit a fire and all snuggled down to enjoy it.

A mini pre-Christmas, if you will.

Starting with the hot chocolate to end all hot chocolates.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -3

The Italian Hot Chocolate.

You whisk the powder in with milk on the stove, and you end up with the most incredibly rich, thick, decadent drink of the gods!

Selfridges Christmas hot chocolate

Just look at that.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -5

You almost need a knife and fork!

Christmas jumpers and hot chocolate

Those with more delicate palate opted for the passionfruit tea.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -7

A vibrant and fragrant infusion, much more to mum’s taste.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -8

Christmas hamper champagne cocktails

Selfridges Christmas hampers -10

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas (or even practice Christmas) without a few bubbles.

Though I’m sure you’ll manage it more elegantly than I did!

Selfridges Christmas hampers -11

Selfridges Christmas hampers -12

Selfridges Christmas hampers -15

Selfridges Christmas hampers -16

Selfridges Christmas hampers -17

Selfridges Christmas hampers -19

Grey jumper // Ridley jeans

Selfridges Christmas hampers -20

Luxury Christmas Hampers

We used the blackcurrant cordial to turn a few into Kir Royals, just to add to the festive spirit!

Selfridges Christmas hampers -22

Selfridges Christmas hampers -24

Autumn apples

We had rounds of hot buttered toast with jam and honey, both found in the very depths of the endless hamper.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -26

Selfridges Christmas hampers -27

Selfridges Christmas hampers -28

Selfridges Christmas hampers -29

British jam and honey

Selfridges Christmas hampers -31

Selfridges Christmas hampers -32

Selfridges Christmas hampers -33

Selfridges Christmas hampers -34

Selfridges Christmas hampers -35

To say we enjoyed ourselves would be a gross understatement!

Selfridges Christmas hampers -36

Even the extended family got involved!

Selfridges Christmas hampers -37

Selfridges Christmas hampers - chocolate

Rich, Italian, thick, and indulgent, just how I like my men.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -39

Eyeing up my bracelet?

Oh, I just had it lion around.

An incredible piece, hand carved by my sister.

Christmas hamper chocolate honeycomb

We slowly unearthed better and better goodies.

Selfridges Christmas hamper biscuits

Selfridges Christmas hampers -42

We chattered on through the afternoon, handing around chocolate dipped treats and drinking our festive cocktails, while my boyfriend laughed and snapped photos of this strange family and their love of picnics.

And dogs.

We love picnics and dogs.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -43

And chocolate.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -44

Selfridges Christmas hampers -45

Selfridges Christmas hampers -46

Mum dripping in her own designs, lots which haven’t even been released… yet. Coming soon!

Selfridges Christmas hampers -47

The baby of the family felt a little left out.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -48

But soon got over it!

Selfridges Christmas hampers -49

The fire crackled away as the sun began to set, and everyone cuddled a little closer.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -50

Except for Custard who took my fella’s seat.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -51

Selfridges Christmas hampers -52

Selfridges Christmas hampers -54

The settling dusk wasn’t going to slow us down, as we moved onto more of the hamper’s nibbly bits.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -55

Selfridges Christmas hampers -56

With another round of cocktails.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -57

Selfridges Christmas hampers -58

Selfridges Christmas hampers -59

Watched over by my favourite Greek.

Selfridges Christmas hampers -60

Selfridges Christmas hampers -61

Selfridges Christmas hampers -63

Things got a little sillier after that…

Selfridges Christmas hampers -62

And the camera was soon forgotten!

I think it’s safe to say that we gave the Christmas Hampers a good test drive. We couldn’t even begin to finish all of the food and drink, which is saying something in this family!

So it’s safe to say it would make a pretty spectacular gift for almost anyone.

Mine was the Stylish Host Hamper, and I think it had a very good mix of sweet and savoury to keep someone going through the holidays.

I love working with Selfridges on their Christmas offerings every year, and can’t wait for you all to send me pictures of your hampers again this time.

Perhaps you could even squeeze in your own practice Christmas?

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  • Practice Christmas… Now there’s an idea I could get behind! Looks like you had a beautiful day with the family!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

    • Rosie

      We have the power to make this happen Lauren, let’s MAKE it a thing. xx

  • Lisa Kristin

    This looks & sounds like the hamper of my DREAMS! That hot chocolate is literally all I ever want from a hot chocolate – I really don’t like the watery ones you usually get (even if you make them with milk!).

    Lisa x

    • Rosie

      Honestly Lisa, I wan’t to sing from the rooftops about how good that hot chocolate is! xx

  • Oh wow! I would do a practice Christmas every weekend if I could, I am feeling sooo festive this year! This has only reinforced my view that it’s OK to be ridiculously excited about it! Might have to pick up a hamper for myself (I mean friends, obviously!) when I next pop over to London. Thanks for the insider look, Rosie! x Jersey Girl x

    • Rosie

      Buying one for yourself is a bloody brilliant idea. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! xx

      • Well if the motion is seconded, then I must go ahead! 😉 I’m over in a couple of weeks to catch up with Angie S and Suze, so maybe we can all pop out together for a shopping spree! x

  • Arabella

    Yknow I’ve never even thought of a hamper being a gift idea but this looks awesome!! Christmas sorted and it’s not even December yet!!!

    • Rosie

      Cracking work Arabella!

  • I’m thinking to make my boyfriend’s parents a hamper for Christmas this year so this has given me lots of inspiration! x

    • Rosie

      Excellent news Lauren x

  • Becky

    I absolutely love your loose jumper in this post! Fancy spilling where you got it from??

  • What a great way to check out the hamper. The hot chocolate looks waaaaay tooooooo gooooood!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • A girl after my own heart. I love that Christmas has begun in even the smallest ways, i love the slow building excitement and anticipation. I do love Halloween and Bonfire Night but being out in the cold just reminds me of what’s to come. I have even started writing my own themed christmas posts! Frankie from

  • I have a major deficiency in my diet and I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t have that hot chocolate in front of me right now…. Will have to fix that ASAP 😉

  • What a perfect way to spend an afternoon, just been on the website and definitely got my eye on the festive delicatessen one… Feeling festive already!
    Farah x

  • This is such a lovely idea

    Petite Side of Style

  • CB

    We are usually a Fortnum & Mason Christmas hamper family.. But having seen the goodies in this one, I think that may have to change!! The hot chocolate looks INCREDIBLE but I think the Hampshire would win every time #sorrynotsorry

    CB x

  • Am I allowed to gift this to myself?! I’ll share so it’ll be a win-win for everyone invited.

  • Where is your jumper from?
    Fie x

  • This looks absolutely lovely, so cosy! I’ll grab a spoon with that hot chocolate and take your sweet dog to go please!!

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  • This Christmas hamper looks beyond amazing, especially the hot chocolate!! It looks like you guys had a total blast rummaging for foodie treasures for your picnic!

  • Errr I’m all over practicing from Christmas! I’m practicing my mince pie recipe this weekend, you know just to make sure it works. Katie x

  • Oh god everything is SO stunning. I’m falling in love with Autumn. And your hair…!

  • It looks absolutely divine! And I must admit, I adore every post that your family is in. You all seem to have the greatest time together!!

  • Things we don’t have enough of here in the states — proper Christmas hampers and Selfridges! What a sweet little evening with the family!

    Also, an honorable mention goes out to that delicious sweater you’re wearing. RIP the rest of my paycheck.

    Lovely post as always 🙂


  • Looks like the perfect afternoon. The treats in that hamper are neverending – super jealous! Love your jumper btw. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Well this looks g l o r i o u s. DAT hot chocolate. I like the idea of a Christmas picnic very much. Immy x

  • Nothing better than hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, and I would love to celebrate it everything.

  • Heather

    Loved everything in that hamper and that gorgeous fall picnic! Great setting and very happy friendly smiles from a loving family. Cheers to 60 days till Christmas!

  • That hot chocolate looks so good! I’m drooling!

    Xx Casey

  • It’s amazing how much you and your family seem to enjoy each other’s company! I’m inspired for a picnic now. Unfortunately, we’re about to be rained out by a crazy hurricane. Maybe next week!

  • Katie

    These hampers sound amazing! Wish we had a Selfridge’s in the States!


    Catch up on everything I’ve been up to lately, including a few pics from Boston!

  • I’m always up for an early christmas run through (especially if it means hampers and roast dinners!) and can we please admire Harry’s jumper…. amazing

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Natalia

    Love your family posts so much! That chocolate looked amazing! I am definitely trying the hamper! x

    Natalia –


    These pictures are incredible, and I adore the idea of having a practice Christmas. Let’s make this happen!

  • Hehe, love the idea of a practice Christmas! I mean, why stop at one Christmas when you can have two?! That hamper looks spectacular, and it looks like you all enjoyed it in the nicest way possible. xxx

  • This looks like an afternoon of sheer bliss! You all look very happy with all the bubbles, chocolate and other nibbles. How fun! Gotta get in on these Selfridges baskets. Delightful post. Xx

  • Ash

    That’s a fine thing to practice. I’ve got enough cheese and nibbles in my fridge (terrible side effect of running a cheese blog of course) that all I need to add are bubbles for a likewise “Christmas practice”. It may become a kind of pre-holiday tradition. Though I like any excuse for a picnic.


  • Vanina

    Ahh, another one of my favorites!
    Rosie, for a moment there I thought you had a major life-changing event, without telling us, so I was relieved you specified that your chap hasn’t changed his boyfriend status. 😉

    Selfridges should be very pleased working with you. The colors, the setting, the big smiles of your family are so warm, inviting and festive, that we all want to run online and order a piece of that happiness.

  • These look amazing!! I want one now 🙂

  • Those dogs are more delish than the food! Just adorable :b

  • Looks like quite a feast, Rosie! It’s a great idea because I wait for Christmas all year long. It’s my favorite holiday!

    I love your sweater by the way 🙂

  • Shen Outar

    This post was wonderful, i honestly wanted to be apart of that picnic haha! Great post Rosie.
    Luxe travel, food and lifestyle blogger |

  • Queenie Lee

    That hot choc looks incredible! 😀

  • Wow these pictures are insanely amazing! The focus that it has is just insanely amazing. Also that hot chocolate! Literally looks like they just melted a chocolate bar and put it in a cup! Looks amazing!

  • Donna Wishart

    I have just had your blog recommended to me and I am so glad I came and stopped by. You have made me want to go and have a Christmas picnic, surrounded by friends and family. Your photos made me happy. Following now too 🙂 x

  • The hot chocolate looks absolutely amazing, it looks like you took it straight from Willie Wonka’s chocolate lake.. That’s my idea of chocolate heaven!!

    Nadine xx

  • Oh My, oh My, oh My!!!!! This looks heavenly! The food, the dogs (I adore dogs & Yours are ADORABLE), & oh! Your Mom looks so cool I just had to mention this! ^^ it looks extremely fun!

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  • Kate

    This looks like an amazing hamper! Love your grey jumper too – so flattering. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Rich and I are definitely having a practice Christmas, because I need to practice cooking the dinner! Every cloud has a silver lining 😉

    That hamper looks incredible, but at £200 it will be out of my budget unfortunately 🙁

    Such amazing photographs of your picnic – ever jealous of your picture perfect family!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

  • How gorgeous does an autumn picnic look. Those colours are beautiful.

  • ErinTrees

    Your bracelet is amazing!! Is your sister thinking about making more, or is it just a one-off piece??

  • How have practice Christmases not become a thing already!? xo

  • Coco Cami

    What a beautiful post and I agree, this year has flown by alarmingly fast!

    Camille xo

  • This looks yummy! I’m so jealous!

  • That hot chocolate looks divine, you definitely know how to enjoy yourself! And also, SO MANY PUPPIES!

    Charlotte xx

  • Leuko Tigraki

    nooooooooooo the italian hot chocolate is out of stock! that’s so unfair!!!

  • Emma and Emily

    Such a gorgeous Christmas present idea! Looks like you had a wonderful afternoon with your family 🙂

    Emily x

  • That hamper looks delicious! The blue and white China is beautiful! I’m pretty sure I’m buying Fortnum hampers this Christmas for my Grandma! I wonder if they’ll let me on a plane with one for myself too! Hmmmm.

    Ellie xo

  • Sarah M.

    That Greek dog has to be one of the cutest I have ever seen. His coloring!! Do you have any idea what type of dog it it is? And what’s his name!? Thanks Rosie!

  • What a lovely set up you had there – so cosy and warm despite being outside! My favourite posts of yours are the ones that involve your family. It’s so lovely to see how well you all get on and have such fun together!

    Beth x

  • You and your family are just so British–I love all your picnics! I hope you saved your man some toast and hot chocolate too Rosie 😉