Campfire Breakfasts

We woke early the next morning.

Having let the fire go out the hut was freezing! Nice and warm under the duvet with Custard wriggled in between us, flat on his back, paws in the air, quietly growling in his sleep, but the hut was so cold you could see your breath.

Leaving the somewhat useless men in bed I hopped out, pulled on boots and a jumper and got the stove going again. Popped a kettle on top and poked my head outside.

Our little meadow was ablaze.

Shephard Hut Camping-1

Bathed in the most sensational pink light, with frosted ground and mists rolling in.

Shephard Hut Camping-2

Even Custard couldn’t resist coming down to watch!

Shephard Hut Camping-3

Shephard Hut Camping-4

As the fire crackled away and warmed up our Wriggly Tin, I sat and watched the mists rolling in over the woods.

Shephard Hut Camping-5

Frosty Morning

The crisp, frosted ground was too much to resist.

We got wrapped up and went for a pre-breakfast walk.

Classic chestnut UGG boots

And a much needed leg stretch!

Autumn knits

Cosy outfits for fall

Snugg as a bugg in fresh fresh UGG boots and gloves!

Having worked with them on their Luxe boots earlier this Autumn, I just couldn’t resist a pair of their classic chestnuts.

There’s something so wonderfully appealing about a girl in skinny jeans and a beautiful pair of classics.

knitwear and ugg boots

Jeans tucked into cosy, soft shearling. It’s one of my favourite casual fashion silhouettes.

Worn with the self assured feeling that  she’ll be warm and comfy all day.


By the time we got back from our frosty walk, the hut was positively tropical!

Shepherd Hut Camping - The Wriggly Tin, UK


The Mr lay the campfire, and I laid the table for breakfast.

Campfire breakfast

Still coated in a layer of sparking frost, and adorned with nature’s finest decorative accessories.

Shephard Hut Camping-15

Alex, the camp chief, delivered a basket of breakfast goodies.

Camp breakfast

Local bacon, local sausages, local eggs, bacon and beans.

Shephard Hut Camping-17

I had a few tricks up my sleeve too, so got started on breakfast.

camping breakfasts

Glamping UK

If you plan on giving Glamping a go, you need to give Campfire Pancakes a go!

Fill a jar with:

1 cup self raising

1tsp salt

1tsp baking powder

(optional 1tsp cinnamon)

Seal it up and pack it in your kit.

Campfire pancakes

When you’re ready, crack in a large egg.

Camping pancakes

1 tablespoon of melted butter.

Camping pancakes

A cup of milk.

Camping pancake recipe

Seal it up and shake the hell out of it!

Shephard Hut Camping-24

Keep going until you have a thick, smooth batter.

If it’s not going runny, add a little more milk and try again.

Place on one side until you’re ready.

campfire bacon

We fried up the bacon from a farm nearby, with sausages already sizzling away.

camping breakfast

Our smoke and that of our neighbours drifted across the clearing, mingling with the sitting mist.

Shephard Hut Camping-28

Not a bad view with your morning cuppa!

cosy scarf


Shephard Hut Camping-35

We drank many a bucket of tea, keeping the mugs warm at the edge of the fire.

Shephard Hut Camping-36

Shephard Hut Camping-37

Once the bacon was nice and crisp, the sausages well and truly cooked through, we started on the pancake stacks.

Pop a little butter into a hot pan, and pour in your mix.

camp breakfast

campfire pancakes

Repeat until you run out of mix!

Shephard Hut Camping-40

Shephard Hut Camping-41

Keep the stack warm near the fire, while you cook the rest.

Campfire full English WITH PANCAKES!

And when you’ve made as many as you think you can, drizzle in the good stuff.

Shephard Hut Camping-43

As we ate happily, the sun came up over the treetops, turning the view from shades of grey into glorious technicolour.

Autumn in England

Totally stuffed, we took Custard for a walk through the newly glowing woods.

Cosy knits and Ugg gloves

Autumn outfit

Knitted snood // Knitted jumper (similar UK / similar US)

Skinny jeans

Chestnut UGG boots // Chestnut UGG gloves

Honey Bee Stacking Rings

Shephard Hut Camping-47

^ Giving Mr Custard the fright of his life!

Cosy look for Autumn

But he soon forgot, and went back to hunting squirrels, and the elusive postman.

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  • What an amazing start to the day! I love glamping, getting back to basics and just enjoying the countryside. Looks like the perfect campfire pancake recipe, definitely storing that one away!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

    • Rosie

      Would work at home too! You can just store the jar away and add the wet ingredients whenever you fancy a stack! xx

  • It looks like utter bliss! So still & serene out in the woods. And you’ve got me wanting a pair of Uggs and that perfect sweater!! You better believe I’ll be ordering those ASAP x

    • Rosie

      You can’t beat Autumn cosiness, Shannon! xx

  • Clothears

    Looks like a rather interesting idea for a mini trip, though looking at your lovely photos from the comfort of a warm study and the actual reality of sitting in a frosty field and having to start a fire for a cup of tea could be a whole different ball game. Fair play to you, you make it look all so effortlessly glam, dread to think what I would look like after a night in a van with my partner and one huge great black lab clambering all over us!

    • Rosie

      All part of the adventure, Clothears! 😉 x

  • What beautiful pictures of the mist! looks like such a beautiful, peaceful morning to wake up to.

  • Kim

    I never thought I’d say this but you might have changed my mind about ugg boots. I NEEEEED those beauties in my life this winter!!

    • Rosie

      You really can’t beat them for cosy Autumn comfort, Kim! xx

  • Your photography has become so magical, I almost feel like I’m there experiencing this with you. I must say though, I could go something like this right now. I actually feel so incredibly blessed out after reading this, so thank you!

    Kiara //

    • Rosie

      Thanks Kiara, so pleased you enjoyed. It’s actually my favourite post in ages! xx

  • These photos are so beautiful!

  • Such a beautiful morning view! Would love to go glamping once!

    • Rosie

      You must, Charelle! x

  • Vindya

    Hi Rosie. I enjoy your postings and write ups , Such cool things to read. while i envoy your job ( kidding) all the best

  • Cary

    Why doesnt your boyfriend want to be named or pictured?? I bet its because he has another girlfriend and doesnt love you

    • Ali

      What a ridiculous comment

    • Rosie

      Ah yes, the only logical explanation, Cary!

      Of course the reason he gives is that he’s a very private person, doesn’t like social media or his pictures online. One day this will seem totally rational and I’m sure we’ll all come to regret our digital footprint… but for now I suppose you can just assume it’s because he’s a cheat.

      • Ashleigh

        People will always try to make you feel bad when you are happy. Sad state of life. Jealousy makes you nasty.

  • Olivia K

    This looks like such a lovely time, the photos are gorgeous.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  • This looks so cute! I still love wearing my chestnut Uggs too, they are classics! And I love the idea of making camping pancakes x

  • LZ

    Another cracking post, Rosie! (Didja see what I did there? *wiggles eyebrows*). Longgg time reader here, and I can definitely say that your photos get more and more magical with each post! The trip looks absolutely stunning, and I am not a camping fan (where do people shower??).. Cannot wait to hear about the rest of your trip xxxx

    • Rosie

      Thank you, lovely to hear!

      You needn’t worry about the shower situation, this place has lovely showers and fab loos! xx

  • Rita M.

    But where do you pee?

  • This makes me want to find a glamping location near where I live asap! Though I’m not sure I’d be quite as resourceful when needing to start a fire!

    Stamp, Please! Lifestyle and Travel

  • Jenn Sie

    Beautiful photos.

  • Looks like a wonderful little vacation. Very autumnal and picturesque. Your photography is also so wonderful, something to aim for!
    Hugs, Brittney

  • The meadow looks like the perfect backdrop to an early autumn breakfast! Every thing you made looks delicious, especially the pancakes!! Love the idea for campfire pancakes!

  • I adore the photos! It seems like the perfect morning!

    Alex | Pink Elephant Blog.

  • Simply amazing!

  • Ashleigh

    What a gorgeous start to the day! Those sky colours are to die for. xx

    Ashleigh |

  • Anna D

    What a fun little getaway! I’m going to hunt for a similar place near New York–it looks amazing!
    xx, anna

  • Love this post!! So cosy and British, you certainly look snug in the Ugg boots and jumper.

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  • Jill

    Such a fun post. Beautiful pics! Feeling better about my Ugg boots for winter 😉

  • That outfit looks so comfortable – love the skinny jean and Ugg boot combination too.
    Custard is waaay too cute. He’s the star of the show!! (:

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Madison

    What a dream!! I’m so intrigued by the idea of beans at breakfast — strictly a dinner item in the U.S. I’ll have to give it a try this weekend!

  • Natalia

    Dreamy breakfast! I love your Autumn posts! x
    Natalia –

  • Looks like the most perfect start to any day! Complete lifestyle goals! I’ve yet to try pancakes with bacon and syrup, but I’m going to America next year so I’ll be sure to try it out there. I may be a convert, who knows!

    Adore your jumper, going to have to trawl the highstreet looking for a similar one more in my price range!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

  • Emma and Emily

    I feel like I can smell the bacon! What a gorgeous way to start the day!!

    Emily x

  • Looks like a great start to the day ! Although that breakfast would send me straight back to sleep !

  • What a wonderful weekend getaway! Isn’t autumn the best? Everything seems more magical this time of year.

  • TheVagabondWayfarer

    This is such a beautiful setting. Love your look. You got me drooling at all the food.

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    This looks like so much fun! I am seriously craving going camping now!!!!


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  • Holly & Boydie G.

    Those first few pictures were magical! What a site to wake up to! I can just imagine the crisp morning air and crunch of frost underfoot. Adding sausage, bacon and pancakes….heaven!!! Thanks for the quick morning getaway!

  • Jeanne

    I follow you daily and The Londoner was the inspiration for my own blog. This post was exceptional. Your lovely photographs tell a delightful story. So fun and so, so beautiful. Thanks! Glamping, hmmm. So much better than a tent!

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    Beautiful photos as always! The morning mist and closeups of the spiderwebs are absolutely stunning!

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    Love, love, absolutely ADORE the mood you created here. What an inspiring morning. Thank you!

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  • This has to be one of my favorite posts of yours: it just seems so peacefully perfect.

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    I love this post its look like you are on the set of Hocus Pocus!!! Happy Autumn!!!!

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    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

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  • I love your cozy outfit, Rosie! How adorable is Mr Custard?! 🙂

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  • This looks like such an amazing experience and is making me very excited for our very first camping adventure in Big Sur next month. Will have to give your pancake mix a try!

  • Alexandra Gabriela

    Rosie, I have just discovered you yesterday. Amazing pictures, lovely style and Rosie, your hair is absolutely gorgeous! You have just become my second favourite blogger after Julia Engel. Keep up the good work! I will get inspired for my future blog!xoxo

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    Not over how beautiful this all looks and your amazing breakfast skills!
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    Rosie, the photos in this post are insanely awesome. Keep it coming!

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    xo April | April Everyday

  • Bringing the pancake mix along was a genius idea Rosie. Even when glamping you manage to rustle up such yumminess!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Looks the ideal morning, if a little below a comfortable temperature. Especially love the spiders web image!

    Charlotte xx

  • CB

    This looks so gorgeous and is only half an hour from me! I have already emailed Alex about whisking my man away for a weekend for his birthday next year and Alex said if I book before the end of November he will still offer the 2015 prices not the 2016! What a babe.

    So lovely to do something different – and such a beautifully quaint little camper. Now we just need the dog to go with it!

    CB x

  • What a stunning spot! And beautiful pics! It’s reignited my urge for winter camping-nothing like wrapping up warm and sitting next to the fire with a good bottle of red…

  • Emily

    I’ve just been sat staring at these photos at work for so long – looks absolutely ideal! I was wondering if you could let me know what camera you use? I’m in love with the depth of field you’re getting!

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    Lovely images and such a wonderful retreat away from London! Your making me hungry! Nathan Xx The Rollinson London

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    Glam-camping indeed!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

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    Wow, beautiful photos Rosie! I am in love with the photo of the spider web. The pictures of the mist remind me of my favourite movie Pride & Prejudice. When Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) walks up to Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) in the field and proclaims his love for her (*heart melting while tying that*). Love this post. One of your best!

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    Hey Rosie! The coziness just emanates from your photos…may I know what lens you used for taking these photos or your go-to lens for the pictures in most of your blog posts? Thank you! 🙂

  • I never thought I’d say it, but I’m *totally* craving campfire pancakes.


  • Beautiful snaps, love the way you’ve captured the mist! Just curious as to what type of camera you used for this 🙂

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    Oh my gosh. Get your man to help you do a post on some basic photography. How to get such gorgeous photos and what kit to use 🙂

  • You couldnt have paid me to get out of bed or that hut before the frost had melted! Haha!

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  • Ash

    Now that is the breakfast of champions! Just for novelty I may have to
    cook breakfast over the fire some weekend morning. Also, I miss living
    near trees as big as those in your photos. <3


  • Bethany avenoir

    I need to go here!! Hope it wasn’t too far from London!

  • Rosie

    Hello “Fairyfeet”!
    Interesting question and one I was actually asking myself this morning having watched her video.
    I had an interesting chat about it with a few peers over tea, as it happens.
    I suppose the biggest difference is age. I often say that I can’t IMAGINE how difficult it would be to grow up with social media, and I’m incredibly grateful that I didn’t. Your body at 15 is nothing like your body at 20, 25, 30, 40… or even 18! You change from a little girl into a woman, capable of carrying children. I can imagine the pressure (as within the modelling/acting industry) must be MONUMENTAL to stay little girl shaped, because that’s what is portrayed in the media, and by these “professional instagrammers”.
    The pressure to always looks perfect, always look tiny, always have the most beautiful breakfasts and perfect hair must be difficult… but it is a self imposed pressure. In reality, most people don’t notice flaws as much as you do yourself.
    I’ve met a great number of bloggers who will spend HOURS getting the perfect shot, shooting and reshooting the same pose. Instagrammers who’ll let their lunch go cold just so that they can take the perfect photo of it.
    My style is a little different, because I suppose I’m not willing to give “perfection” that much of my time.
    A long time ago I read a brilliant quote which said “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”. Yes I could take better photos, yes I could probably spend more time planning and setting things up, and I would probably have more Instagram followers if I always used the same filter and restricted what I posted to what’s perfect. But at what price?
    I would enjoy life less, I would have less time with my loved ones, I would be more stressed, and most importantly…. my food would be cold!
    I grew up in the dark room, my mother was a photographer and I was her #1 model. Taking photographs is in my blood and I love every second of it. For me it’s not a chore to take photos of my campfire, or a quick snap of my food as it arrives because I enjoy the process and I enjoy the phonecall with my mum or my best friend after they’ve read the blog post and the “oh I really felt I was there with you!”, that’s my drive. Every comment from a girl who says she has a better relationship with food because of the way I live, drives me. Every comment from a girl who says I inspired her to get out there and change her way of life, drives me.
    Even if noone read the blog but these people and my mum, I still wouldn’t stop.
    Of course I get sick of it occasionally, I’d get sick of chocolate cake if I ate it every day! But I just take a break. I leave my phone behind for a weekend (as I did for this post) or I take a day or two off blogging. Yes it pisses people off and upsets those who say “ITS YOUR FUCKING JOB HOW HARD IS IT TO POST EVERY DAY?!” but that’s entirely their problem, not mine.
    At the end of the day, as with everything in life, your happiness depends on you. I don’t base my self worth on how many likes my Instagrams get or how many readers read a blog post. People are welcome to take or leave my content, I’m thrilled if they enjoy it, but I’ll survive quite happily if they don’t.
    As I said in the beginning of this rather long answer, I do think this comes down to age and experience. If I was 16 OF COURSE I’d be counting likes and obsessing over how thin I am compared to other girls. But you know what? In my late twenties, I’d rather have a Sunday roast with all the trimmings and buy my jeans a size bigger.

  • Wow! These photographs create such a stunning atmosphere! I love all of these beautiful photographs. Such a homely fresh approach. x

  • What a fantastic pancake recipe! Thanks again for another amazing recipe!

    Erin x

  • your jacket looks amazing, not to mention great photography skills