Marché Gourmande, France

It felt like forever since I’d been on a family holiday.

I travel lots of course, but family hols are different.

There’s something so special about going on an adventure with your closest loved ones. The people who know you the best and love you without reservations.

To be able to experience different cultures, new places, mishaps and new views with these people… well, isn’t that what life’s really about?

We didn’t go far! Choosing rural France over any far-flung-tropical island.

Packed up the car, stuffing it with things we didn’t need, and drove down through the glorious French countryside. We stopped off in restaurants along the way and finally arrived at the house, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the Lot Valley.

How to spend our first morning was an obvious choice, a market in a nearby village, perched on top of a hill.

French Holiday-1

French Holiday-2

Lauzerte is a typically pretty French village.

French Holiday-3

Cobbled streets, sandstone walls, painted shutters, and that inexplicably blue French sky.

French Holiday-4

French Holiday-5

French Holiday-6

French Holiday-7

French Holiday-8

There’s a little church, flooded with stained light.

French Holiday-9

French Holiday-10

French Holiday-11

French Holiday-12

French Holiday-13

French Holiday-14

And a market square, hidden through a maze of winding streets.

French Holiday-15

French Holiday-16

We descended like hungry locusts!

French Holiday-17

French Holiday-18

French Holiday-19

French Holiday-20

French Holiday-21

French Holiday-22

French Holiday-23

French Holiday-24

French Holiday-25

French Holiday-26

French Holiday-27

French Holiday-28

French Holiday-29

French Holiday-30

French Holiday-31

French Holiday-32

French Holiday-33

Having bought enough fruit, cheese, bread and veggies to feed the French army, the girls made a beeline for the baskets.

French Holiday-34

Well, we’d need something to carry all that food in, wouldn’t we?

French Holiday-35

French Holiday-36

French Holiday-37

French Holiday-38

Yellow shirt dress (petite option) // Flower sandals

Gold sunnies // Stacked bangles

We chatted and agonised over the perfect straw baskets, as the chaps rolled their eyes and yawned.

French Holiday-39

French Holiday-40

French Holiday-41

^ Dad being sold on the quality of the baskets.

We each chose our prize, and moved on for drinks and nibbles elsewhere.

French Holiday-42

Peeping into open windows to catch glimpses of village life.

French Holiday-43

French Holiday-44

French Holiday-45

French Holiday-46

French Holiday-47

And over walls to drink in the views.

French Holiday-48

French Holiday-49

French Holiday-50

We met a grand total of six Custard look-a-likes, and a handful of other cuties.

French Holiday-51

Stopped off for frosty drinks in the shade.

French Holiday-52

French Holiday-53

And mapped out future plans.

French Holiday-54

French Holiday-55

All overseen by the boss.

French Holiday-56

Just kidding, we all know Mum’s the boss!

French Holiday-57

We headed home for lunch and feasted on our market finds.

The perfect start to our countryside adventure in France!

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  • The French countryside sounds like such a perfect place for a family vacation! Looks beautiful!

    • Rosie

      You really can’t beat it for a little family adventure! x

  • Y Magro

    This is such a lovely post and the photos are gorgeous!

    • Rosie

      Thank you lovely girl! xx

  • Every photo feels like a scene from a film! Such a beautiful setting.

    Ps, your father is quite the snappy dresser 🙂

    Olivia –

    • Rosie

      Ha! He LOVES to read the comments, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy this Olivia! x

  • I’ve been waiting to read all about this! With all the far flung places you’ve been to, it’s so lovely to see you spending some quality time close to home with Custard!! I’m dying to go to France again, I’ve only done Paris so far but really want to go more rural and have a good old wander around the markets and cobbled streets, looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Rosie

      You will LOVE it Laura! Needs to be top of your “to travel” list for sure x

  • Luxx Mint

    I love rural France, it’s has such a simpler way of life. Looking forward to more posts of France with your family!

    Luxx mint

    • Rosie

      The French really know how to live!

  • Megan

    Lovely to see you with your family Rosie. My sister and I are considering a trip with our parents next year! It will be the first since we were kids so I’m looking forward to it. Judging by how pretty Lauzerte is, France might be the place to go!

    • Rosie

      I really, really love a family holiday! I’m sure you’ll have an incredible time. Take lots of pics, one day your littles will love to see them! x

  • That looks like such a fun trip! I’ve heard wonderful things about the French countryside!

    Xx Casey

    • Rosie

      It’s heaven on earth… with added cheese!

  • Kate

    Please tell me you got that round basket! Very Birkin 🙂

    • Rosie

      Mum beat me to it!

      • Kate

        🙁 I used to do all my shopping in baskets but now my cats just sleep in them… I’ve got to reappropiate them, although none are as perfect as your mums x

  • I’ve checked your blog like a dozen times today waiting for these French Posts… utterly lovely! There’s something very perfect about family holidays <3

    • Rosie

      I’m so excited to finally share them! So pleased you liked the first! xx

  • Georgina

    J’adore ta robe elle est trop bien! Verrryyy Swishy

    • Rosie

      Merci G! xx

  • Sounds like a lovely adventure, perfect spot for a family trip. I’d love to take my mum there!

    Krissie x –

  • Looks like a beautiful day there! I love you dress by the way, such a pretty color!

  • Suzanne Miller

    Mom is always the boss! Love this post – a perfect little tabletop vacation. Can’t wait for more on this trip! XOXO

  • What a beautiful village & family!

  • oh this looks perfect!! These pictures are stunning Rosie. I’m constantly blown away with your pictures. The one with the smiling little girl has to be my favorite. And the one with Custard made me laugh.
    X Anna –

  • My dream vacation. As much as I love the salty air of the ocean I grew up by it. I would love to spend a week in a rural french village.

  • Nothing beats the French countryside for me! Looks stunning. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Aren’t French markets the best! I love how you still do things like this as a family. Gorgeous yellow maxi shirt dress Rosie!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Jo

    Love this!! Looks so relaxing, can’t wait to go with my boyfriend!!

  • This made me so sad as I have not been on a family holiday in the longest time. I dont know that I ever will again to be honest. Beautiful photos as always. x

  • Looks like a lovely family getaway – those freshly baked loaves look delicious!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Oh la la! I have a soft spot for the French countryside! Custards look when you’re choosing the baskets is priceless!!

  • My French colleague is from there and she always raves about how beautiful it is over there 🙂
    Love your story telling in combo with you perfect photos. Thank you for sharing <3

    Mahshid مهشید

  • Kari Guastella

    What a fun family vacation! I just went on a family vacation to Yosemite. Very different, but so fun and gorgeous!

  • Reminds me of my holidays when I was young, my dad always told us that we didn’t have to go anywhere else we were living in France! To be honest I didn’t find it excited when I was young but now I have to admit that this would be my dream holidays !


    Céline from Larry & Co.

  • Beautiful photography and especially the yellow dress of yours. You shine and so does your family. The french countryside is something I’ve been wanting to go for a while now. Take care x


  • How lovely that you’re getting to go on a family holiday! It must be incredible doing all the travelling that you do, but I bet it’s nice to share it with your family also.

    Beth x

  • julie

    your pictures are stunning! wow. I need to go to france like tomorrow 🙂

  • Rajwant Kaur Singh

    Exquisite photos!
    looks and sounds like the perfect place for a family holiday


  • Ang

    I love you Rosie and your blog, but please get rid of those pop up advertisements.

  • I envy those who live in Europe! In the US, you travel 3 hours, you are still surrounded by the same landscape, same culture, etc. In Europe, you can travel to a different country in that amount of time or less! I would love to be able to just skip over to Spain or Germany!

    Lena Parker-Duncan – Graphic Designer and Photographer

  • I love the french countryside, nothing beats it in the height of summer 🙂

  • Maireem Maneje

    Gorgeous vacation! Love your dress 🙂

  • How beautiful! I’d take a quaint cottage in the French countryside over a lavish, exotic trip further afield, any day. Simply for all that delicious bread, cheese and wine…

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  • Lisaemmerton

    I’m so jealous over your amazing luck in finding those gorgeous Courgette Blossoms! It’s almost impossible to find them here in So Cal!

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    Oooo, look at that little red car! Car goals 😉 As always, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us. Happy travels 🙂


  • How charming! And your dress… it’s what dreams are made of!

  • Audrie Anne Eldridge

    You have the most unbelievably beautiful family, and what look like the best vacations! Eat a ton of cheese for me!!

  • What a fashionable family! Every time I read one of your posts I just want to raid your closet hahaha

  • Little French villages are so charming! Looks absolutely perfect for a family getaway.


  • Priyanka

    That looks like such a fun trip! I’ve heard sublime things about the French farmland!

  • Seems like a great getaway, and I love those baskets! 🙂

  • I love rural France; I’m going with my own family again this Christmas…I can’t wait! These photos are beautiful 🙂

  • Kate

    This looks so idyllic! I still love taking time for family holidays. I think I always will! (BTW – loved your dress so much I bought it! Not sure my bank balance is going to be happy with me for discovering the shop section of your blog…) x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Your dad is quite the silver fox isn’t he! xx

  • You can’t beat family holidays, especially in a country with so much cheeeeeese!
    I’ve only really seen the french alps (total snow bunny) but i feel like i should definitely take a trip to wander round rural France! It’s so so beautiful! xo

  • Unbelievably beautiful photos. Your family looks adorable and fun to travel with, lucky you! Next Europe trip will include the French countryside!

  • Rosie, your posts are incredible. All these pictures are lovely! So great!

  • I really would like to visit a place like this 🙂

  • Lynndgren Lynndström

    Looks so nice and like the perfect family vacation!