Happy Snaps, New York

Having completed our Fashion Week duties

(the first of which being an early morning breakfast meeting with a brand I have admired forever, I arrived in a taxi to find my credit card had stopped working, had to sit in the back seat for 20mins on hold to the card company who said “Woops! Looks like we cancelled it, you can have a new one tomorrow”, meant I had to run into my meeting late and ask to borrow money to pay for a cab. If the ground could possibly have just swallowed me up there and then, I wish it would have!)

we found ourselves footloose and fancy free for the afternoon.

New York Happy Snaps-1

We strolled through the streets hand in hand, admiring the houses, the shops and the streets.

Occasionally stopping to chat to friends we’d bump into, and erm.. stroking some new ones!

New York Happy Snaps-2

Meet Betty White!

New York Happy Snaps-3

New York Happy Snaps-4

Have you ever seen Elf?

You know the part where he catches up with his brother and says “So good news! I saw a dog today!”?

I fully relate to Elf and see no problem with this as a conversation starter.

Just saying.

New York Happy Snaps-5

Bouncing around NYC wearing;

Little 60s dress // Chanel bag

Audrey Bow Flats (on sale today!)

New York Happy Snaps-6

We strolled through the West Village and over to Grove St.

New York Happy Snaps-7

To find one of our favourite lunch haunts…

New York Happy Snaps-8


We met Julia & Thomas, and waited outside for a table to free up.

New York Happy Snaps-9

The wait isn’t too bad if you do it in good company!

New York Happy Snaps-10

Julia’s dress

Chanel shoes (similar) // Hermes watch

Eventually we got in and snagged a table.

New York Happy Snaps-11

New York Happy Snaps-12

New York Happy Snaps-13

New York Happy Snaps-14

New York Happy Snaps-15

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Buvette, and it probably won’t be the last!

This little French bistro is hugely popular amongst local and visiting New York foodies. It’s the perfect place to grab a relaxed bite and a crisp glass of wine.

New York Happy Snaps-16

New York Happy Snaps-17

Whenever you go and whatever you do, promise me you’ll order some kind of scrambled eggs! They make them with the coffee steamer, and they are something special.

New York Happy Snaps-18

Although the waffle egg sandwich is pretty good too.

New York Happy Snaps-19

New York Happy Snaps-20

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, creme freche and caper berries.

New York Happy Snaps-21

Toasted cheese sandwich.

New York Happy Snaps-22

Scones and jam.

New York Happy Snaps-23

Scrambled eggs with goats cheese and sundried toms.

New York Happy Snaps-24

The best croque madam you’ve ever had!

All followed by pudding from Magnolia Bakery, just down the street.

New York Happy Snaps-25

Grab a couple’a coffees, a box full of cookies and take a seat in the park.

New York Happy Snaps-26

New York Happy Snaps-27

New York Happy Snaps-28

Having stuffed ourselves silly (that salted caramel cookie will haunt my every waking moment, it was so good) we headed uptown.

New York Happy Snaps-29

To get a good view of the city that never sleeps.

The beautiful NYC in all her glory.

New York Happy Snaps-30

Where we went full tourist and did not hold back with the happy snaps!

New York Happy Snaps-31

New York Happy Snaps-32

New York Happy Snaps-33

New York Happy Snaps-34

New York Happy Snaps-35

New York Happy Snaps-36

New York Happy Snaps-37

New York Happy Snaps-38

New York Happy Snaps-39

New York Happy Snaps-40

New York Happy Snaps-41

New York Happy Snaps-42

New York Happy Snaps-43

Top of The Rock is well worth a visit, make sure you book ahead because you do not want to join the ticket queue. Though if you plan to do any more spots, one of these will save you a pretty penny.

New York Happy Snaps-44

New York Happy Snaps-45

New York Happy Snaps-46

We couldn’t resist getting a “keeper” of a photo together.

Though it might be easier said than done at these heights!

New York Happy Snaps-47

New York Happy Snaps-48

New York Happy Snaps-49

New York, I think it’s safe to say you blew us away!


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  • Megan

    New York is my favourite place on Earth so I have enjoyed your past few posts immensely! Top of the Rock is definately the one place to go to take in the New York views!

  • Ooh i love New York so much, these pictures just make me want to visit again! Also do you know where Julia’s sunglasses are from they are lovely!!! Thanks, Frankie from http://www.newgirlontheblog.me

  • This post has me missing NYC so much! I love your photos, this looks like the absolutely perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Lovely post – will check out Buvette when there next time. What a fantastic city.

  • Emma and Emily

    I absolutely adore New York. It is such a magical city. I was there 3 weeks ago and I didn’t stop smiling the entire time. That breakfast looked INSANE!

    Emily x

  • Nadia

    The waffle egg sandwich looks amazing!
    http://www.madamepaws.com British girl living in Belgium.

  • My favourite place on Earth! I really enjoyed this post. I probably would’ve spent hours with that puppy!


  • I love absolutely everything about this post Rosie! That pup is absolutely to diieee for (and I’m a fellow ‘great news I’ve seen a dog today’ kinda gyal!) xo

    we are dannah | australian lifestyle blog

  • Nadia

    The waffle and egg sandwich looks amazing!!

  • Mel offical

    love your Outfit and the pics.

  • gina

    lunch looks gooood!

  • Top of the Rock is definitely the best view, and you really got an amazing autumn day to see NYC in her glory! And how adorable is Betty White?! Matches your dress perfectly (did you try to take her home to Custard?)

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Top of the Rock is such a fun attraction in the city! I went up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and the views were gorgeous!!


  • Aaaah no sorry to hear about the ‘orrid morning situation! Looks like you had a beautiful day to make up for it… Absolutely love the way you photographed the 60’s number – beautiful! Immy x


  • Anna D

    It’s sad that i live here and have yet to try Buvette. The food looks so amazing…definitely adding it to my list!
    xx, Anna

  • Just gorgeous… and such amazing weather you lucky thing! Stephanie x


  • Great photos, I love New York! x


  • Lucy Kim

    You look so cute especially with your dress and your mention abut Elf!! They match so nicely:))


  • rosie you have the most voluminous hair! hair tutorial? 😉


  • fifi newbery

    this post has made me miss New York so so badly! Might need to get myself a ticket and head back out again soon.

    http://www.fifislookingglass.org x

  • Buvette looks dreamy, and you and Julia make a cute pair! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • My two favourite two bloggers frolicking around NYC together, beautiful photos! 🙂


  • Laura

    AH! I’m so close (only across the border in CT) and I still haven’t been to this glorious city on this trip! Sacrilege. Thanks for reminding me I need to get there ASAP! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  • Katie

    Looks like you had a fabulous time, I love NYC!


    Come see what’s on my Fall Bucket List!


  • diygou

    New York is magical…you feel just as alive at 3am then you do walking around in the afternoon. Beautiful pics, Rosie!

  • Sorry to hear about your credit card! Mine stopped working on my first day in New York in August, plus my luggage was stolen! So I had no money to replace anything. So I sympathize!
    I loved your photos! Looks like you ladies had an amazing day!

  • Emily K.

    I am still astonished that you can eat all that and still be in great shape! Are you for real? Hahaha nice post rosie 😀

  • I’m desperate to go back to New York one day! By the way, I am exactly the same whenever I see a dog – and that puppy was too cute!

    Feet Meet World | http://www.feetmeetworld.com

  • Amazing post! So great to see two of my favourite bloggers in one post! I just love your dress – it’s so cute! I *really* want to go to Magnolia Bakery – I have their cookbook and just love it. xxx

  • Lauren B

    You are both absolutely stunning, please give me some of your beauty! Looks like you had a fabulous time


  • Amazing pictures at the top of the rock! You should definitely get one or two framed and kept to be passed down. Looking gorgeous as ever!

    Beth x


  • Can’t wait to see the pictures of all the fashion shows you attended in New York. Sounds like you had a really busy/exhausting week. 😉 x


  • CB

    You caught New York on such a beautiful day! I also need a little Chanel in my life – think I may need to save a couple more pennies first…!

    CB x

  • These pictures look amazing Rosie! I would love a post about your editing process, specifically what vscocam filter you use. 🙂
    Ps, I totally understand the Elf reference. SO me! x


  • ChelseaDagger

    LLLLLLLLLLLooooooove the new post! You or your chap indeed took some good pictures of the big apple. Gotta know what camera you are using? Do you mind to share? Thanks! xxx Chelsea

  • Awesome pics! Have you been to SixtyFive at the Rainbow Room? View is just as awesome and you get to sip a cocktail while you take it in. I highly recommend. 🙂 http://www.tracysnewyorklife.com

  • I totally feel you for the card thing, and want to give you a massive hug for the phone bill it no doubt incurred, too! I had a similar thing happen to me in Los Angeles in the Spring, and it was getting home and getting the phone bill from that that was the killer xx

  • Loved all your touristy snaps! Adore your new Chanel, the pearl clasp & beaded strap is gorgeous. I have a jumbo double flap & it’s one of my most used bags, I can guarantee you’ve made a wise choice!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Ahh this makes me want to go back so much! I currently have the view of them Empire State building as my background on my phone. I love New York. I’m glad you had a wonderful time!

    x Anna -sincerelyyoursanna.com

  • I had a list of cliche tourist things I had to tick off the first weekend here, two weeks later and I still feel like I have so much to do.
    This cafe is on my list now.


  • They say there’s a New York for everybody, and the place that holds the goat cheese and sundries tomato scrambled eggs may just be mine!

  • Aimée Nott

    The pictures in this post are simply incredible. What a travel-inspiring evening read!

  • Gorgeous photos. I need to eat all of the breakkie. It looks divine.

  • You’ve managed to make me miss NYC. Highly recommend catching a performance of the Metropolitan Opera the next time you’re in town. Spectacular.
    Rebecca | http://www.pinktoolsandpearls.com

  • Looks like an amazing day! Will note that lunch place for my next visit.


  • There is one in Paris too Angie! (A little closer to home – I wrote about it here http://www.eatplaylivewithme.com/2014/10/21/escargots-crepes-paris-day-2/). Great post Rosie! X

  • We did Top of the Rock on our trip to NY this summer! If only I’d had all these food recommendations before! xxx

  • Victoire Lry

    This post really appeals to me as I moved to NYC 3 weeks ago and I have been exploring the city a little bit like you explain it in your post. And above all, what I enjoy the most when discovering a new city is eating my way through it and finding new nice spots. “La Buvette” is definitely one of them! I love your style and the way you design your blogs. This is very inspirational for me. Would love if you could post more on NYC 🙂