L’Oréal Bronde {Behind The Scenes}

Summery, golden, shimmering hair is (naturally) a huge trend this summer.

The glossies are calling it “Bronde” and it’s basically the best of brunette and blonde worlds coming together!

I’m sure you’ve seen J-Lo’s stella performance in L’Oréal’s Preference Glam Bronde ad which is going around (if not, keep your eyes peeled!) and I was lucky enough to be asked to do the British how-to.

We shot just before I left for Australia, and we snapped a few behind the scenes shots, to give you the scoop.

At sunrise I jumped into a car and raced across London to find my home for the day. Walked in to a light drenched loft in Shoreditch and was immediately collared by the gorgeous Tracie, who was keen to get to grips with my locks.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -1

She had a good rummage, gave it a bit of a spritz and brush through before drying it off.

Wouldn’t life be great if every morning started this way?!

You could just roll out of bed and have a team get you ready. Throw in a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style breakfast machine and you’d have life sorted!

loreal bronde ad-1

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -6

The girls worked on my bedhead using some of L’Oréal’s finest.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -7

While I drifted into a pre-caffeine stupor.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -8

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -9

I rolled through the wardrobe department…

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -10

And emerged in my “casual, just chillin’ in my Shoreditch loft” look.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -11

Oversized shirt // Skinny jeans

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -12

Popped over to Kenny; makeup artist extraordinaire, for a squidge of moisturiser and some of his salacious stories.

He’s been a makeup/hair pro for decades and has more gossip than any tabloid!

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -13

Which is great, but it’s not all that easy to keep a straight face when he gets going!

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -14

I took up my place on my rather gorgeous suede sofa.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -15

Ready to tell the camera just what was missing from my look.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -16

The director stepped up to give me an idea of what I should say, leapt behind the camera and started rolling.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -17

Talk about nerve wracking!

But it was over before I knew it, and Tracie was there to get me prepped for the next scene.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -18

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -19

Later we moved into the bedroom.

If this were MTV Cribs, this is where I’d say “Here’s where the magic happens…”

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -20

I chilled on my phone, watched over by a camera crew.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -21

Then it was finally time to dye!

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -22

Ready for my close up!

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -23

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -24

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -25

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -26

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -27

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -29

I brushed the product through the roots and smooshed it in a little more at the roots.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -30

A little time later, we washed it out in the sink!

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -31

(I bet J-Lo didn’t do this!)

All finished with my Bronding, Kenny finally gave me a lick of paint and the girls dried my new Bronde locks.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -32

Made up, with my new “do”, I got ready to shoot my big entrance.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -33

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -34

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -35

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -36

Outside in the sunshine is when the Bronde look really comes into its own.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -37

Shimmery, summery and very natural looking.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -38

Even better now I have a bit of a tan from Australia.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -39

Maje white dress (also comes in black) – HS version

 Jimmy Choo heels – HS option 1 / 2 / 3

In a whirlwind of makeup, hairspray and clothes, I changed into another look.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -40

Filmed a couple of very simple styles that L’Oréal recommend for your new colour.


Popped out for a casual cuppa.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -43

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -44

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -45

Filmed a little festival side braid.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -46

I’m skipping Glasto this year, but it would have been a great place to rock out with my Bronde out!

And one last change to chill back on my sofa and talk about how much I love my new look.

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -47

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -48

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -49

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -50

Loreal Preference Glam Bronde -51

And here it is, my transformation.

What do you think?

My mum used to film ads when she was my age, so I like to think I’m channeling a little of her. She is my all time heroine, after all.

If you fancy giving Bronde a go this summer you can find L’Oréal Glam Bronde in most hair-dye aisles or online here.

Send me a snap of the finished look!

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  • Kassie

    Wow, I just bought this! Can’t wait to try it and have Kate Middleton jack our style like she always seems to do with you.. xx

    • Rosie

      A Bronde Kate Middleton? That would be GLORIOUS!
      Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out Kassie! x

  • Ellen O’Sullivan

    The white shirt in the last pic is gorgeous, any idea where it’s from? x

    • Rosie

      No, but I will email and ask!

      • Ellen O’Sullivan

        thank you! x

      • Larissa

        Any luck finding out where the white shirt is from? I’ve been looking for a gorgeous blouse for a year and that one hits all my must-haves, I actually gasped when I saw it!

  • I would love to try this but am a bit worried it will go brassy as my hair is already dyed brown! Looks great though – hair inspiration!

    Debbie http://www.debbielifelondon.wordpress.com

    • Rosie

      Oh, what’s your natural colour Debbie? x

      • Mousy-fair- so I have always been a bottle brunette! Just worried that home highlights may give me orange streaks in my hair!

  • Robyn

    In the advert you can’t see much of a difference which is a shame because, although it’s meant to be subtle, it definitely adds a little something something to your hair in these pics!

    • Anna K

      I agree. The video is very badly made.
      The pictures look lovely and you did your best but L”Oreal should be ashamed of their efforts.

      • Wavertree

        I spotted two typos in the video as well – quite surprised this is for L’Oreal and the production company/client didn’t proof read it!

    • Rosie

      I think there’s even more of a difference in real life, too.
      Hair must be a pretty difficult thing to film! Especially without a studio or anything…
      But I have to say I’m pleased with how natural it looks. My hair usually goes a bit lighter in summer anyway, but this has given it a lovely boost! x

    • Kassie

      Rosie also used shade 05 I think which is the most subtle for the darkest brunette

      • CharlotteWelch MixEz

        Yes, the shade is 05 and this Bronde uses a colourant and developer especially for darker brunette hair. From what I’ve seen, the other Bronde shades use a mix of lightening powder, lightening creme and developing creme, as the base hair colour is lighter. It’s always best to do a hair strand test to check the colour.

        I like the subtle shimmer the application has produced.

  • Carys Brannan

    Gorgeous !

    Distant Dreamer

  • Edwina

    I can’t understand why they insist on calling in Bronde when it’s just highlights.

    • Paul Edmonds

      “Highlights” refer to individual strands of bleached hair.
      They’re calling the entire look “Bronde” as an amalgamation of “Brunette” and “Blonde” together.
      Currently there is no word to describe this look so it would seem the company have decided to create one and trademark the term for marketing purposes.
      Brands have been doing this for a long time. You use a “Hoover” irrespective of the brand. You use “Sellotape” or “Scotch Tape”- if you are American, irrespective of the brand.
      I highly doubt that Bronde will have the same impact but I hope that explains it in Layman terms for you.

      • geronimonkey

        Paul, I doubt you’re telling Edwina anything that she didn’t already know. It’s patently obvious that “bronde” is a portmanteau but nonetheless, what this product offers is in fact just highlights. Watch the video: she’s doing highlights. That’s what they are. It’s just L’Oreal trying to flog the same old product with a different name for the easily-excited. And apart from anything else, “bronde” suggests a colour which is half-way between blonde and brunette . . . but Rosie is clearly and unarguably a brunette, with a few slightly lighter brown streaks. There’s nothing remotely blonde about it. It’s a bizarre product and even stranger ad campaign. (Also check out the facebook page for reams and reams of people complaining about it turning their hair orange . . . I’m certainly not about to give it a go).

  • You look gorgeous Rosie! Love the colour on you!

    Lauren xx

  • I love the result! You look gorgeous, Rosie 🙂


  • Yikes looks very intense and nerve-racking…..but fab all the same!

  • The final colour looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Also, this is my first time hearing your accent and it’s not what I imagined at all… but in a good way ;).

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Would I be right in guessing that there’s a bit of Welsh in the accent? 🙂

  • Love it! Is it silly that I was a bit proud and had to show my hubby when I saw your ad? Bloggers really are making an impact now and representing real women finally! x

  • Katie Harwood

    I’d never actually heard your voice before so that ad not only revealed your new hair but another side of you i didn’t know 🙂 Looks lovely on you

  • DJ Hargrave

    Gotta love the way your oxford was styled with high waist-ed jeans; really enjoyed the video!

    DJ- http://www.tailormade-style.com

  • Loved the video Rosie & your hair’s gorgeous, the Bronde just gives it a little lift! It’s was great to see the behind the scenes to see how it’s all pulled together.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Loooove the white dress for your first ‘Bronde’ transformation! So awesome you got to do this. Is it going to be on telly?! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • How fun!! I’m loving these behind-the-scenes posts, too. I love seeing what actually goes on when bloggers get invited to do these sort of promotions. You’re one of my faves, Rosie! And your hair is gor-geous. 😉

  • Love the “Bronde” trend! You look so great and that dress is to die for. You look like royalty!
    The Twinne Twins

  • Congratulations, Rosie! How exciting!


  • OH my gosh I really want to try this!! The color looks spectacular Rosie! Congratulations! This is so cool!

    xx Anna – sincerelyyoursanna.com

  • I love the finished look, it’s quite ashy but deep in tones – so gorgeous against a tan! Love the lace shirt too, hope you snuck that one away with you 😉

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Victoria

    Gorgeous! Love how it gives that extra shine to your overall colour!

  • Zelie

    Where are the yellow top and striped skirt from? I love them together!

  • Nailed it! It looks SO GOOD. Do mine for me? 😉 🙂 *praying + heart eyes emoji*

  • Gorgeous Rosie! You look amazing and I hope you had a great day!

  • That looks like so much fun!! I love doing new things with my hair but as I’m already a blonde, I think I’ll stick with my pink salon coloring for now haha
    My Transformation into a Social Butterfly

  • Your eyes are so pretty!! And I love that oversized blue shirt on you. Definitely looks like Gwyneth Paltrow pretty!


    COFFEESLAG Summer Hit List

  • This looks amazing, I cant decide between going darker or bronde, you are tempting me bronde now.




  • I love it, Rosie! I don’t think your hair looked lackluster in the first place, but it definitely got a bit of a spruce! This is exactly the look I’ve been going for — I’ll have to check and see if these are available in the US. But, I’m not sure I trust myself dying my hair at home…I’ve had a few horrible experiences in the past!

    By the way, I LOVE that yellow tank — Do you know where that’s from?!

  • I saw your advert a couple of days ago and congrats on the fantastic opportunity! Your hair looks great! I’m extremely tempted to change the colour of my hair.

    hellomissjordan.com xx

  • Wow! Rosie! This looks amazing on you! I’ll have to scare up J. Lo’s ad now. I’m American and have been reading your blog for years now and even though I realized your from London, I’ve never heard your voice! You’re adorable. It’s official. Great job on the ad!!! – Charlie, http://www.lemonbutterlove.com

  • Pretty! I love the neon tank with the flowy striped pants. Perfect outfit.
    Happy Summer!
    xx Lane

  • I love love love that white dress! I saw you wearing it your Parisian blog once!

    Heba xx || http://www.californiaroadtrippin.blogspot.com

  • CharlotteWelch MixEz

    It’s interesting to see behind the scenes for the video. Your hair looks great!

  • Tal

    You look gorgeous! I love that your mum used to do ads, she’s my spirit animal!

    Chanel Lipstick 99 “Pirate” Swatches and Review

  • You have such gorgeous hair. So thick and bouncy. I’m very jealous. This also looks like the perfect day as well!

    Kim | http://www.thelensaffair.com

  • PeonyandPeach

    Love it! I’ve been wanting to go a bit lighter for summer and I think this would be perfect for me! Does it come in different shade options?


  • you look lovely in the advert and your hair looks nice either way, but i fail to see much difference. when you see j-lo’s hair it looks highlighted in a more subtle way. i feel this product wont work as im confused on what its suppose to do.. highlight or make your hair lighter overall? Whats the point in the bush…confused.

    Leanne’s Lifestyle Blog

  • Manon

    Would love the see an ad with your mother!

  • Sophie

    Hi Rosie! Your hair looks great! Will you give an update on the keratin treatment you did a while back? I’m so curious about your thoughts on it! Thanks for blogging by the way, I have been reading The Londoner a year now I think, and your posts never dissapoint. Cheers, Sophie (from Amsterdam! So glad you enjoyed your stay here!)

  • Maireem Maneje

    This is so much fun! Such a great opportunity. Your hair has so much volume and I so envious!


  • It looks very natural! I’ve never really had any luck with any of the at-home highlighting kits.

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • I have the exact same white dress, it´s SO pretty! I am kind of tempted to try out that bronde thing as well, even though my hair is pretty blonde naturally..but maybe as a sort of summery hair update ?!
    x Mila https://matchlessmila.wordpress.com/

  • Rebecca Brett

    Haha your mum is your heroine not heroin… I hope!!

  • CJ

    That’s my Sunday afternoon planned. Fingers crossed!

  • Nice to see highlights off the box…though I doubt that it has reached Greece yet. Bronde (before it actually was named like that) was and still is very popular in Greece…I used to rock it (in a subtle way) 10 years ago…but then I fell for ombre!!

  • Leti

    I am 25 and I am getting GREY HAIRS!! Would you recommend this product to cover them up? I am having some ‘low lights’ put in in a couple of days but this looks like it would be good to use wen they start to fade (and probably a lot cheaper!) My hair is the same colour as yours

  • I am obsessed with your video! Please please please do some vlogs xxx

  • Wow, gorgeous. You sound totally different to how I imagined! xXx

  • Julia

    You look amazing! It was so much fun to hear your voice for the first time!! In case you’re wondering you sounded exactly how I thought you would. While I won’t be getting the product myself (I am wayy too attached to my natural-never-dyed blonde locks) I really did enjoy this blog post in every way 😀



  • Laura

    Looks lovely! I kept seeing this in Boots and just couldn’t get my head around what it was? I’m tempted, although I tend to avoid home hair jobs.. I have a feeling my hair might be too light to see the benefits too ;'( x


  • Your hair is lovely! Shame I am already a blonde but perhaps I need a light brown to give myself low lights and join the Bronde team? 😉


  • Love that bloggers are making such an impact now – don’t love that “bronde” is pretty much just brown hair with lighter highlights. Your hair still looks beautiful though xo

  • Wow Rosie! You are a true natural on screen, came across as effortless and of course your style is impeccable as ever, those Palazzo Pants are gorgeous. I’m very inspired by you and your blog, so much so I’ve just started my own and have referenced you in its inception So thank you. NP – http://www.solopoppy.uk

  • Wow! This looks great. I am in Germany at the moment, so I have to find out if I can buy the product here too.

    Nadine x

  • Fearless Flights ✈

    WOW! I’ve always been a little hesitant to do my own hair but that makes it look easy enough. Going to give this a try, hopefully mine will turn out just as well!

  • thunderlegz

    Pretty, Rosie! I missed this post. You should do more video-you have a really nice presence-for some reason, your voice is always different than I expect (can’t explain-reality and my expectations are sweet and sophisticated so that’s a match-im talking nonsense but what Im trying to say is you seem like a really nice gal #Icannotbraintoday). Do a cooking class!!!!!! Hollllaaa!!