Jungle Pools & Sea Planes, Maldives

We spent our last morning on Reethi Rah soaking up the sunshine.

We had breakfast in our water hut, feet dangling over the ocean as we sipped our tea, munched through the banquet of food and slowly brought ourselves to life.

We sunscreened up and lounged in hammocks with our books.

Well, I read a little of mine before being pulled back to Monument Valley! (Download it immediately, you’ll become as obsessed as I am.)

Dipping in and out of the sea, to cool off now and then.

One and Only Maldives-1

The water villas are wonderfully private, so you can pretty much swim about and sunbathe in the buff if you like.

But if you fancy the cooling oasis that a swimming pool offers, you have to make your way back into the jungle.

Which is no great hardship, when the jungle looks like this:

One and Only Maldives-2

One and Only Maldives-3

One and Only Maldives-4

^ Uber chic crocodiles they’ve got at One & Only! Ammiright?!

One and Only Maldives-5

We jumped between the cooling shade of the jungle pool, to the sunbather’s paradise of the cliff top one.

One and Only Maldives-6

Striped bikini // Straw boater

One and Only Maldives-7

Mum can never resist pointing a camera in my direction.

My “thinking” face is generally a furious one. “I’m not cross, I’m just thinking!” is something I’ve proclaimed since childhood. And infact, mum took an almost identical snap to this next one when I was about 3.

One and Only Maldives-8

Thankfully I’m old enough to turn the camera her way, now!

One and Only Maldives-9

Sadly for me, she never looks anything but the picture of serenity and elegance.

One and Only Maldives-10

So I took a leaf out of her book and just stretched out in the sunshine instead.

One and Only Maldives-11

One and Only Maldives-12

One and Only Maldives-13

One and Only Maldives-14

One and Only Maldives-15

One and Only Maldives-16

We made friends with a number of other guests.

One and Only Maldives-17

But always got the feeling they were sort of eyeing us up, judging some how.

One and Only Maldives-18

And the fruit bats were just party animals who just slept all day!

One and Only Maldives-19

I’m in the process of testing out cameras, as I’ve fallen out of love with my Sony.

We gave the Olympus PEN a go, with a portrait lens.

The results were pretty spectacularly different to what we’ve become used to with the Sony!

One and Only Maldives-20

So much more detail, you can pretty much see every freckle.

One and Only Maldives-21

But on the downside, you have to be a good few metres away to get the shot.

So the hunt for a replacement continues.

After a lazy morning we packed our trunks and set off again.

Ready for our first jaunt on a sea plane!

See? Plane.

One and Only Maldives-22

One and Only Maldives-23

One and Only Maldives-24

Striped tunic dress // Lace espadrilles // Straw hat

One and Only Maldives-25

We climbed into the tiny cabin, took our seats, feeling like two sprats jumping into a frying pan.

It was unimaginably hot in that little tin can!

But the view made up for it…

One and Only Maldives-26

One and Only Maldives-27

One and Only Maldives-28

We flew past sandbars, sunken islands, resorts and tiny puddles of sand with nothing but lonely palm trees waving in the wind.

And then we saw it, our first glimpse of our new home!

One and Only Maldives-29

^ That’s our hut there! Just in from the big one on the right, front row.

Casa MaryRose!

One and Only Maldives-30

One and Only Maldives-31

One and Only Maldives-32

We splashed down into the turquoise water and glided towards the jetty.


One and Only Maldives-33

One and Only Maldives-34

One and Only Maldives-35

Mimosa shirt // White shorts // Similar hat 


We’d arrived at LUX.

We checked in with the cheeriest man I’ve ever met, and were taken to our new home.

One and Only Maldives-36

One and Only Maldives-37

One and Only Maldives-38

Having had a bit of a snoop around and a swim, we wandered back to the shore to explore.

One and Only Maldives-39

It didn’t take long to get into the swing of things!

One and Only Maldives-40

One and Only Maldives-41

One and Only Maldives-42

One and Only Maldives-43

One and Only Maldives-44

One and Only Maldives-45

White cover up // Sandals // Sunnies

One and Only Maldives-46

We rustled up a nice cold drink, plonked ourselves on two sun beds under a palm tree, wiggled our toes into the sand and sighed with complete and utter joy.

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  • Hannah

    This post along with the amazing London weather today has given me some bloody serious holiday fever! In need of a large glass of white wine to help with the jealousy…

    Hannah xx


  • I will be planning a trip to the Maldives starting now! Looks amazing!!!!


  • oh Rose you had some stunning photos from this trip! your freckles are really showing and your mum is a beauty (it’s easy to see where you get it from) I hope to get over there one day for a vaca!


  • Mod Circus

    All of your trip posts look absolutely heavenly! I’m getting a serious travel itch as we speak. Now if I could only get your wardrobe as well, I’d be all set!


  • oh my goodness this is like the vacation that never ends! Still incredibly jealous but I think my favorite resort might have been the first… guess I’ll just have to visit and make sure! Love the updates!!


  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! This looks like paradise and I m-u-s-t go there myself soon!! ;D

  • I stayed at the Lux in Mauritius recently and absolutely loved it! Their staff and hotels are amazing – looking forward to your next post…

    Harry x

  • That Olympus really does its job! I have an older version myself and I couldn’t be happier with it 🙂 Des | theanti-tourist.blogspot.com

  • The white beach outfit is lovely 🙂


  • What? Wait… what’s up with the Sony camera? What made you fall out of love with it??

    Love that swing. I could sit there all day. It’s like the longest vacay to the Maldives ever!


  • Ant

    I love this post and I think the pictures are beautiful. I have to point out though that it is illegal to sunbathe topless in the Maldives, let alone ‘swim in the buff’.

    • Annabel


  • These shots are amazing!! Love both cameras.

  • I think I’m becoming more and more in love with the Maldives as I read each post – what beautiful surroundings, and those Olympus images are incredible Rosie!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://www.lemonbutterlove.com

    I heard the Maldives are going to be swallowed up by the ocean in the not to distant future – you’re a lucky gal to check it out before it is gone! – Charlie

  • Audrey E.

    Can you please do a tutorial on how you braided your hair in the post? I LOVE it! xx

  • STUNNING photos as usual Rosie, like reading a quality magazine 🙂

  • Everything looks absolutely stunning! I kind of want to live there full time!
    – Hazel

  • All your beach looks are so great! I love that white cover up at the end. Also, I’ll be eager to hear if you find a good replacement camera – it’s always great to know a good recommendation. xxx

  • Gorgeous! Looks like you had such an amazing time!

    x Sarah

  • Well…I’m not sorry for saying it: your mum and the colour blue have stolen this post! 🙂


  • Wow gorgeous photos as ever. I was thinking of investing in the Olympic Pen, but from your brief mention you weren’t completely sold on it. Any reason in particular? Would love to hear your thoughts from another blogger before I hand over all my cash!


    Rae x


  • Laura

    This looks dreamy.. extremely jealous right now!

    prettywanderful.wordpress.com xxx

  • Ahhhh ROsie this looks TOO good! These posts are making me so envious – I’d love to get over to the Maldives soon! You’re looking stunning in your photos. I’m using a 4/3 Lumix at the moment and adoring it – let me know if you want the model number to try it out!
    Lauren xx
    The Lifestyle Diaries

  • All the freckles!! And you look so different with your hair plaited like that. Love Sophie x

  • Those portrait pictures are beyond beautiful, like right out of a magazine! What an amazing trip this has been for you guys, I am so grateful that you share all these wonderful stories and pictures with us.. Now excuse my while I go back with both feet on the ground, determined to work hard and make those crazy amazing journeys myself as well one day 🙂 <3

  • It’s amazing how different all these places are, I’d be really interested to know the pros and cons of each…I will go one day 😉
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  • Chelsea

    Why did you fall out of love with your Sony? I was planning on getting it myself 🙁

  • Gorgeous post, love the happiness that exudes from you and your Mum in this. That plane though, wow, small planes make me nervous x

  • You’re making me want to book a trip to the Maldives asap! 🙂


  • The photos are amazing! I can’t wait to visit Maldives myself! I’m envious how you always have such beautiful outfits too!


  • Rūta

    Ahhh I seriously just want to vacation there. I love your posts from the Maldives. I can’t stop looking at the photos over and over again.

  • Afriyanto Wisman

    Maldives, my dream destination…Hopefully one day I can be there and stay in one of those water villas…you can take picture-postcard photos almost anywhere…You are so lucky!


  • The water is so blue! Is it even real?! Loving your last pair of sandals 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • You and your mumma look absolutely stunning (as always) what a glorious holiday. Immy X


  • You’re such a beach babe Rosie!!!! Adore the photos of you with the new camera, the clarity of the shots are amazing. What I love about your trips is that you always pack so much into them…can’t wait to read the next installment.

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Tanya

    Loving these Maldives snaps! *lovestruck*

    That white cover up is to die for!


  • That pool is seriously the most incredible things I’ve ever seen, it looks so inviting right now! I am totally living through these photos right now, they’re all so gorgeous!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Fantastic photos from the sea plane and the Lux looks stunning. Your Mother looks as great in the photos as you do

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • The colour and detailing of the portrait shots are lovely.
    Please tell me there’s a few more posts from here to come?
    I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to holidaying in the Maldives vicariously through you just yet! xo

  • I wish I were there!!! Lucky you 😉

  • vicky kim

    You look gorg as always!
    Maldives seem heavenly<3 Great pictures


  • Serious holiday envy! You look a like a Bond Girl in that white coverup.

  • Love this post and thanks to your photos I’ve now booked our tickets to the Maldives 😀


  • Your mom is a phenomenal photographer and she is stunning!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Miara Matheson

    If you are looking for a new camera, we got a new point-and-shoot that we have been completely in love with and I would HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a Nikon Coolpix P310, but the new version (the P340) is even better. There is full manual mode on both if you are interested in that, and the new one can even shoot photos in RAW. We’ve been really impressed with the low-light photos it takes without the need for a harsh, unflattering flash. While we switch between this point-and-shoot and our larger SLR, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the P310’s ability to shoot portraits (close-up and far away) and landscapes with equal amount of quality. There is even an easy panoramic option for landscapes. It’s seriously been been the best camera for us when we don’t want to lug around a million lenses and just want to carry a pocket-camera.
    Here’s more info if you are interested. 🙂
    Your trip looks completely amazing, I am now definitely planning a trip to the Maldives! 🙂


  • Julia

    A dream come alive, flying from one island to the next! And that swing looks like so much fun, completely and utterly awestruck by the experience you are having once again! 😀