One~Pan Spring Chicken

You just can’t beat a good roast chicken!

I’ve popped a few recipes up on The Londoner over the years and I know they’ve become a bit of a staple in lots of people’s weekly cookin’.

This one is a zingy, springy, unbelievably succulent, crispy skinned corker of an alternative to everyone’s old favourite.

Cooked in a crust of green herbs, surrounded by a nest of carrots, kale, shallots and drizzled in its own gravy.

Spring Chicken-1

Spring Chicken-2

Spring Chicken-3

Look at those caramelised carrots, just waiting to be bitten into!

Spring Chicken-4

Slice into the charred, crispy skin and through the tender, juicy meat inside.

Spring Chicken-5

As with almost everything I share, it’s as easy as it is delicious!

You’ll need:

1 free range chicken

1 handful parsley

1 handful basil

2 large cloves of garlic, crushed

150g butter

4 anchovies

3tsp capers

2tsp wine vinegar

4-5 shallots

1 lemon

Couple handfuls of baby carrots

Couple handfuls of greens (kale/cavolo nero)

Spring Chicken-6

In a mixer or pestle and mortar, smash the hell out of your parsley, basil, garlic, anchovies, capers, butter and vinegar!

Keep going until you’re left with the most incredibly fragrant, green mush*.

*Technical term.

Spring Chicken-7

Peel and half your shallots.

Spring Chicken-8

Think that’s a nice picture?


Lay them out as a little nest, about the size of your chicken.

Spring Chicken-9

Smother the chicken in your green gloop, covering every inch.

Quarter your lemon and shove it up your (chicken’s) behind.

Spring Chicken-10

Leave it to rest while you heat up your oven.

Pop it on to 190C/375F. When it’s ready, place your chicken onto the middle shelf.

Cook for 45mins, whip it out and add your carrots. In another 45, take them out, toss them around a little and add your nest of greens.

Spring Chicken-11

Spring Chicken-12


Roast for another 20mins, or until the chicken is fully cooked and the kale begins to crisp.

Spring Chicken-14

By the time you pull it out of the oven, you should be greeted by the most incredible smell of steaming chicken, sweet carrots, blackened shallots and fresh, crunchy greens.

Spring Chicken-15

Toss the veggies about in the sauce and drizzle a little over the top of your bird.

Spring Chicken-16

Serve up as it is for a beautiful spring supper, or add a carb if you feel you need to; French bread, pasta, mash… although actually my Low Carb Mash recipe would go stonkingly well with this! And then you can feel well and truly virtuous.

As you can see, it’s an especially good recipe for washing-up dodgers!

And the leftovers make cracking sandwiches to take to work the next day. Just be sure to label them as poisonous, or risk Grand Theft Fridgeo. The struggle is real.

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  • Looks Good. I don’t eat meat, but I may need to whip this one up for my boy, he would love it!

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    Absolutely gorgeous! Love that it can be cooked and served all in one pan – and look so beautiful! Will definitely give this a go tonight

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    God lord that looks good. Anything which only needs a few basic natural ingredients, requires minimal effort & still provides my kiddywinks with a hearty meal is a winner for me. You need to do a ‘quick & easy for mums’ section! xxxxx

  • Liv M Sletvold

    Must try this, looks great! But kale is difficult to get hold of this time of year where I live. Do you think I could try to use spinach instead?


    • Tatiana

      Any other crinkly cabbage would work well if you can find it- spinach would probably taste delicious but will wilt down to a mush!

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    This looks great – I may adapt to a single portion recipe next week! x

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    Oh this looks so tasty! Hahah love the Grand Theft Fridgeo … and yes the struggle is real 🙂

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    hahahah the chicken looks like its covered in moss before it goes in the oven 😀 Its still damn good looking though 😀

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    Definitely going to make this for our easter lunch! 🙂
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