If my Postcards from Babington have tickled your pickle and you’re quietly plotting your escape to Somerset, I have another little gem for you to check out.

It’s an easy stop off on the way, or the way back.

I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about Kilver Court before, but they’ve just stepped it up a notch with the brands they host… so I couldn’t resist another trip.

In Somerset casual, naturally.

Off Duty jumper // Jeans // Scarf

Similar Boots // Similar Bag

If your memory needs a nudge, Kilver is a high-end discount emporium.

A rabbit warren of shops and stalls in a beautiful old factory, with world famous secret gardens and a couple of restaurants.

They serve up the best of local produce, and are particularly proud of all things Spelt based, which is grown on the owner’s farm.

It’s a cracking spot to forage out a little pre-shopping sustenance!


Although you might be tempted to pocket all of the crockery!

Queenie gave me that knowing look ^, and I resisted.

After stocking up on fuel, we headed right to the new French Sole shop.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, they’re a British co. who specialise in beautiful flats.

They can be expensive, because they’re made to last… so this place is a bargain hunter’s treasure trove!

Welcome to shoe heaven.

Rather than being piled up in a jumble, ‘sample sale’ style, everything is displayed as it would be in their London stores.

Neatly and beautifully.

Some of the discounts are quite frankly un-real!

We ran wild!


Upstairs you’ll find Mulberry, LK Bennet, Toast, Joseph, Jack Wills, Pringle, Bottletop, and enough cashmere to wrap an army!

We picked up a few pairs for ourselves, and a few as gifts… Mother’s day is fast approaching after all!

Wrapped up warm and headed out into the glittering afternoon.

Bargain hunting hunger thoroughly satisfied…

…ready for a spot of lunch at one of the restaurants!

C’mon, shopping counts as cardio, right?

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  • Well I think this is a cheeky little must! I can’t get enough of French Sole, their shoes are so beautiful!

    Lauren xx

  • It looks amazing, I love those Sailor shoes on you.

  • Luxx Mint

    The anchor flats are very you Rosie – I hope you picked them up!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I need to go here! Loving the hair still Rosie! X

  • Oh my gosh i need to go here!!!! That food looks amazing too, maybe not quite as yummy as my dinner last night though 🙂

  • Ooh have to love outlet stores (and any sort of bargain really!) I’m currently out in Chicago and hit one yesterday which just had some of the most amazing deals!


  • Obsessed with that jumper! Looks cosy.

  • Oh to have a shoe rack like that, all colour coded too!!! Gorgeous x

  • Shopping is definitely cardio! And those blue pumps and sailor design are so gorgeous – love a high-end outlet!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • I love good designer oulets. So nice to see the products displayed as they should be!
    Fie x Coffee & Confetti

  • Looks like the perfect place for a little day outing! Really, really hope I can visit Somerset during a trip to England sometime. So far it’s been all about London (which certainly has enough to see, do and eat to keep me entertained for years to come!), but England has so many other lovely places, too, and you REALLY make me want to see them!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Shopping certainly counts as cardio, as well as eating chocolate covered strawberries and drinking bottles of champagne. There’s movement involved in all of these activities that I like 😉 xx, Ada

  • Natasha Lancaster

    Great breakfast! And shopping absolutely counts as cardio!

  • The slow pace

    Shopping IS cardio.

  • Gabriella Granata

    I must have missed your previous post on Kilver Court (somehow?)! Sounds like a great day out and amazing brands! Better than other discount outlet villages. Thanks for sharing! xxx

  • Shopping *definitely* counts as cardio – in fact why would you want to do any other kind?

  • I need that scarf!

  • I remember the first post from Kilver! It’s still equally beautiful 🙂 sounds like a bargain treasure trove too! Des | X

  • Love a good flat! They all look amazing and love that they are so colourful!


  • That food looks delicious! I can’t believe all the brands Kilver carries. Those french sole shoes look particularly tempting 🙂

  • Ryan Gingery
  • This looks a like a shoppers paradise. I normally hate sales/discount stores as I’m not a rumager, but love the way this is still laid out well.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Hi Rosie! LOVE your blog… you are pretty much my spirit animal lol!! May I ask a random anti-diet question? I know you try to stay away from artificial sweeteners… but how do you feel about Stevia/Truvia? What do you put in your tea/coffee? I’ve heard agave is better, but more caloric. Just wonderin’! 🙂 xx Jess,

  • Jeannie C

    I’m pretty sure, this is what heaven looks like

  • Love your outfit and those shoes!

  • Josée-Eve Poulin

    I need this scarf so bad!! But it’s currently out of stock…

  • Love the outfit. If you decide to back I would LOVE a pair of the mint flats! There were perfect!


  • looks lovely 🙂 I like the clear French sole flats! such a bargain too! xx

  • Kari Guastella

    I am living quite vicariously through you with all of this shopping! Looks like some amazing deals!

  • Love the casual outfit! Especially the scarf, gorgeous.
    Gosh those shoeeeeees. The colours and patterns, awesome.

  • Oh I have ballet shoe envy! Those pale blue and minty coloured ones…..! The black anchor ones look like they were designed for you. Hope you bought ’em? And hopefully, one day, it will be spring and we can wear such things on our feet without our toes freezing off.

    Can I ask a blog question? Can you tell me how you get the slider for the items on your blog (in this post you have two – the scarf and jumper one and boot one)? It displays things so nicely but I have searched and simply can’t figure out how to get one!

    Claire x

  • chantelle

    Love all those shoes!

  • You have no idea how painful it is to be sitting on the other side of the ocean, unable to jump into a car and straight into this place. It hurts!!! (PS. Dying for your sweater – looks soooo comfy, but so sleek!)

  • Oh my gosh, those shoes! So much pretty!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • I love your outfit here. It’s so simple and casual..and your scarf is lovely! x


  • Theresa Y.

    Wow! I’m so incredibly jealous that this spot is so close to you and that it has SUCH great deals. I wish there was something with such bargains and quality here in Calgary.

  • Ahhh amazing! If I ever get back across the pond, I will have to make a pit stop here.

    Savvy City Chic

  • Ahh this is great! Those shoes are so cute! I need to get a pair or two of those!
    Also, I loved the outfit.
    Gorgeous as always Rosie!

  • French sole flats are to die for! I honestly never thought I’d see a pair going for £15…what a revelation. Must visit Kilver soon before they all go.

    Rosie x

  • Dea2407 .

    Gorgeous flats, Rosie!!! Did you ever check out Lena Hoschek?! Her designs totally remind me of your style – especially the dresses and swimwear!

  • I love the jumper! Great little post on bargain shopping! 🙂

  • The breakfast looks delicious!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Another great suggestion on where to explore and travel! Thank you :). Please follow my blog, about an American Expat trying to make her way in London: Thanks for the consideration!

  • Everygoodthingblog by Melissa

    What a fun store! The shoes are so cute! Also, I love your effortlessly put together outfit Rosie!

  • Elizabeth Craney

    I’m convinced that the UK is home to the best of the best of just about everything. Absolutely dying to get over there and explore all of these fantastic places you’re always off to!

    xo E

  • Love the outfit, casual and cool – especially the scarf 🙂

    I wish you a wonderful weekend,

    Hayley x

  • I’ve never heard of this place so thanks for sharing-must plan a trip, seriously impressed by French Sole’s display! Love your scarf, thought it was Burberry so nice surprise!

  • Emma Reilly

    Love your outfit! That scarf around your bag is gorgeous!

    Emma xx

  • Hahah yes shopping DOES count as cardio especially when you carry that many bags! I’m absolutely loving your scarf Rose, its beautiful! <3

  • Molly

    Looks like my kind of shopping trip! Infinitely jealous of the whole postcards from Babington trip….

  • Siobhan Elizabeth

    Ah! French Sole shoes are my weakness. And that breakfast looks delicious!

  • Somerset is my home County and it really is just the most stunning place with so much history and pretty surroundings. You look very much at home with all those shoes too haha. Hope it was a good trip!


  • French Sole sounds like my shoe heaven! They all looked adorable. Love your outfit too!


  • I love Kilver Court, my boyfriend is from the south west so whenever we are back in bath / bristol we make a trip. The mulberry store is my absolute weakness.

    Mel x

  • Shoe heaven! This is a great shopping spot for a summer roadtrip – thank you for sharing. Xx

    Olivia –

  • Peppermint Dolly

    I cannot believe they are discounted by that much – I will be making a trip asap!!


  • Beautiful


  • Agnes Shial

    That pencil case had me rolling on the floor laughing!!!

  • Courtney

    I’m stuck inside the house in freezing cold Pennsylvania, USA, and your blog is like a lovely vacation. Beautiful!

  • Kate

    This place sounds great! Love the flats you tried on. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Love your knit a lot 🙂

    The shoes are amazing! Especially the anchor one you tried on!

    x Aurora

  • Megan Owens

    This isn’t a million miles from me – may have to pay them a visit with my birthday spends! Got to love a bargain

    Meg xx

  • I have that pen case!! Bought one for a friend because I thought it was so funny.

  • WestFourteen

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    anyone could check it out and leave feedback, good or bad it would be
    much appreciated Thanks x