Blue Monday

Apparently yesterday was the most miserable day of the year.

I don’t know about that, but I do know that it was busy and cold!

Word on the grapevine is that we can expect snow this week, which is something Custard and I are very excited by!

But back to the matter at hand.

I’m afraid I don’t have a proper post for you today. No adventures, recipes, dates or new restaurants… just a little style post.

After a day of meetings and a million errands, I walked along Westbourne Grove to pick up a little happy, on Blue Monday.

Stopping by my all time favourite, Wild at Heart for a big bunch of pink.

Wrapped up against the cold, walking on air in new sneakers.

I could have stormed half way around London in these puppies (and I reckon I almost did!)

Cosy wrap around coat from Issa

Torn jeans (yes, I had cold knees! Didn’t really think that one through, did I?)

Cashmere poloneck // YSL bag

Enormous, snuggly blue scarf // Charm bracelet // Silver May bangle

With my bunch of roses I marched my cold knees down Westbourne Grove, beneath the bluest of Blue Monday skies.

All the way to Otto, for just a little more happy.


Watched by a very handsome stranger, who I’d introduced myself to on the way in.

Don’t tell Custard!

He just arrived in London having been in the country when I was away.

We’re keeping all our fingers and toes crossed for snow. C’mon London, you can do it!

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  • The whole outfit is just beautiful, I love all the nudes around at the moment. And of course, that YSL bag. To die for. The flowers are so so so pretty! Hope you had a lovely ”Blue Monday”.
    Rebecca xxx

  • ninegrandstudent

    Those flowers are exactly what I want for my wedding…once I get asked the all important question of course! You look lovely Rosie! X

  • I am lusting hard for those roses. Such gorgeous colours!! Have a lovely day.

    Sophie xxx

  • Imogen May

    Ooo you look laaavely! It’s all about blanket scarfs in this weather – by far the cosiest garment I own! I get ya about the jeans though, my knees are always chilly.. what a rip off! 😉 I need to get myself down to Westbourne Grove *otto* I have my eye on the flourless chocolate cake.. Ix

  • So pretty, really love the outfit, the classic what with the oversized scarf really looks great!

    xx Cheyenne

  • Gorgeous scarf, love the colours! Hope you don’t mind but I’m praying for no snow as it makes commuting a mare!

  • Got caught in a ‘snow storm’ up north in Durham over the weekend which was amazing fun until the snow turned into driving rain…. Here’s hoping that by the time those snow clouds make it down south they’ll only have fluffy powder for us!


  • Lisa Bryony

    You look lovely. Amazing outfit. I hope we get snow in London too!

    Lisa xo |

  • Gorgeous gorgeous coat & scarf Rosie. That looks such a lovely little neighbourhood too!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Oh that scarf looks like the most snuggly thing ever.

    I’m sad this morning because I’ve realised I really am a grown up now. My bed is opposite the window. When I sat up this morning and realised it was snowing (albeit briefly) I thought about all the ways it would mess up my day. Lucky you still get excited about it!! x

  • Beautiful outfit! I think I need to invest in those trainers! Next time I’m in London I will definitely be paying Wild at Heart a visit!

  • This sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon! 🙂
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Gosh this outfit is lovely! I really need to get myself a pair of those Nike sneakers, they look so comfy!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • The slow pace

    As much as I love your blog (the recipes, the travels!) your style has usually nothing to do with mine. Heels and fancy dresses are not my cup of tea… But this outfit! Amazing! I love it: the coat, the sneakers, the bag, the scarf, the color combination… everything is right up my alley! Lovely!

  • I love these lovely simple posts just about everyday life. A beautiful outfit too!

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • Frankie Lee

    The coat is to die for! Frankie x

  • Gabriela Merino
  • Lovely outfit, have the same trainers – they are super comfy!

  • Great outfit! I love your YSL handbag, it’s perfect!

  • Those flowers Rosie! So beautiful! I definitely agree that yesterday was blue monday!

    Michaela X

  • OOooh you could snuggle right up into that blanket scarf, it looks so warm! I love the colour of your trainers too, they are right up my street 🙂

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Peppermint Dolly

    I love your coat and scarf in this post – looks gorg!


  • Loving your coat! x

  • Great casual look, Rose. The scarf looks divine and so comfortable!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Joy Shiness
  • giulsp

    Nail polish color? It’s gorgeous!

  • You look beautiful! I love those long coats but am just over five feet so always feel a bit ridiculous in them:)

  • Love and Chartreuse

    Your outfit is spectacular!

  • Chrissabella

    You look so lovely! The cream coat is just amazing!

    Happy Tuesday x

  • Those flowers are just beautiful! They would definitely cheer up any Monday of mine, as would your lovely blog posts of course!

    Karen x

  • i pulled the trigger on my first oversized scarf because of you, and now i won’t take it off! digging the snow & ice color palette too. you look absolutely stunning!

  • Beautiful look, love the soft pastel colours.

  • How you are able to rock trainers and no makeup and still look fresh as a daisy is beyond me!

    Gotta love those blanket scarves. Long may they stay in style!


  • Shade of Red Blog

    You look fabulous but what is the deal with snow? It is wet, it is cold, and it gets everywhere!

  • Gorgeous flowers! 🙂 We had a few snow flurries this morning in Cardiff but gutted that nothing stuck! x

  • Emma and Emily

    Gorgeous bouquet of flowers! I love picking up flowers to brighten up my house at this time of year. I got 4 bunches of tulips for 40p last weekend!

  • andrealeighj

    I LOVE those sneakers!!

  • Wow! Your flowers are utterly gorgeous! I’m a sucker for flowers x

  • Anna

    Love this outfit especially that Issa coat! I’m definitely wishing for some snow in the states too!


  • FromGemWithLove

    Rosie, you look stunning. One of my favourite looks from you ever!

  • ah those flowers are beautiful…

    love the bag too!


  • This off duty outfit is gorgeous! I must try those trainers, lots London walking needs something comfy and stylish on your feet! x

  • Completely believe the Blue Monday thing… except we got lucky with a three-day weekend here in the USA, so I reckon it was a pretty happy day for Americans! Love your blue sneakers – stylish and comfy!

  • These photos are gorgeous! You have the most gorgeous hair!!

    Karina xx

  • Those flowers are so gorgeous, shame the nearest place to get flowers by me is the petrol station! 🙁

  • Alicat

    It’s funny, I was feeling blue on Monday too, then someone sent me the link to your recipe for travelling noodles, and I discovered your blog which cheered me right up. Hope you get some snow soon, I’d love to see the pictures (of the snow and the outfits).

  • Brr! You can almost tell how cold it is from the photos alone! That coat looks super warm and snuggly tho! Love you how paired it with laid back sneakers! 🙂

    Xo Alice at The Lone Star Looking Glass

  • Courtney Cartier

    I love this outfit Rosie! This seems to be my uniform lately. 🙂 I recently discovered your blog via Julia of GMG and I love it! I am such an Anglophile and I am loving all your posts. I miss London everytime I read one. 🙂


  • I love your scarf! Looks perfect with your jacket!


  • Queenie Lee

    Gorgeous outfit! Love the flowers too!

  • You look lovely! The flower markets around London just sell some of the most stunning flowers I’ve ever seen I wish I had one near to where I live. I’ve been travelling so have missed all your Florence posts! Definitely going back now to read them all 😛 xx

  • Beautiful photos,
    The bag and the coat is just stunning!
    Such an inspiration to start my very own blog

  • Natasha Lancaster

    Love that look, very casual but stylish. And I’m with you on the snow – it’s been far too long. Snow is such a rare treat in London and I’m secretly hoping that this year it will arrive!

  • Love all the pastels in this outfit!

  • Always love your photos. Those flowers look gorgeous!
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  • That bouquet is amazing!

  • You look amazing! The scarf is ace x

  • That scarf is gorgeous! And everything in that bakery looks to die for! I always get so jealous seeing photos of pretty little flowers shops, we don’t have those where I live. The only option I have for flowers is the wilting bouquets at the local supermarket.

  • Ella-Roe

    Great outfit, you look as snug as a bug! I might buy a pair of those trainers they look very comfy.

  • Tina Hultzsch

    this scarf is HEAVENLY. I was so happy to see that it’s not by a brand I can’t afford but by asos. ordered! your style is just on point, rosie. <3

  • Love your outfit! The color coordination is super nice! And your eyes.. breathtaking girl 😉

    xo Aurora

  • You look beautiful and so does Westbourne Grove! Seeing these pics of my old hood has nearly brought a tear to my eye I miss it so much!! There might be sunshine every day here in Dubai but London is London, nothing will beat it no matter what the weather. Have a good weekend Rosie!

  • Loving the outfit, especially the coat. And those flowers <3