Stripes in Paris

I am sitting in Café de Flore, blogging.

I feel almost exactly like Hemingway… although slightly less inebriated, and ever so slightly less clever.

NONE THE LESS, I am in Paris! I have a cup of thick, strong coffee and I’m clacking away on the keys.

But I digress, I’m supposed to be telling you about yesterday, not today (it’s only breakfast time, nothing’s happened today).

My chap and I woke up late and ravenously hungry.

The French wait for no man when it comes to breakfast. Either you eat it at day break, or you miss out.

I am not excellent when I’m hungry. I tend to get “hangry” (grumpy). Having been told by L’Avenue that breakfast was over, I sipped my tea, with the very beginnings of a scowl starting to turn my brows.

“Bugger this” said my love, “let’s just go to lunch.”

Whistled for a taxi and off we went.

Winding through the streets of Paris, all the way to Lipp.

I know I’ve written about this place before, but it’s one of my favourite places in the world… so maybe you’ll forgive me?

Not having wine with food is seriously frowned upon by the very serious waiters.

So, of course, we caved.

Wine for breakfast! How I love France.

We shared a table of favourites.

Snails, ratatouille, filet steak with béarnaise and frites.

Snails freak some people out, but really the texture is no different to clams and they swim in the most marvellous garlic butter, which you get to mop up later with crunchy bread.

I order them at every opportunity!

We sat for some time, catching up.

He’s been travelling lots for work, so Paris seemed like a good place to meet.

Oh, and since my discovery of Pocket Watch, they’ve decided to become a Londoner sponsor! So now I get to work with them! Which is very exciting.

We skipped pudding in favour of having one somewhere else, and headed out for a stroll.

Cotton striped top (check out the detailing at the back!) // White jeans

Prada bag

Sunnies // Necklace // Watch // Shoes

[iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”120px” scrolling=”no” src=”,n_12822410,n_12822422,n_12822214,n_12822574&rows=1&cols=5&brand=1&price=0&hover=1″ width=”600px”]

I have the most wonderful shop recommendation for you.

You’ll love this place!

It’s called Buly.

They sell old school cosmetics, soaps, scrubs, lotions, potions & candles.

Pretty tiled floors, wooden clad walls & shelf after shelf of things to peer at and sniff.

They have every oil and cream you could ever hope for, all wrapped up in achingly cool packaging.

They have huge candles that burn from within a case of hand carved marble, causing the icy blue marble to glow.

I chose “Sacre” (it smells like a church at Easter). Slightly disapointed that it was green and not white, but the smell too good to pass up.

The exceptionally friendly shop girl whooshed over and explained that I could choose green OR white marble, and once I’d chosen I could choose the exact marble!

She explained that they all have different souls and characteristics. Some are pure, some are dark.

I chose an almost pure piece, with a slash of grey across the back.

Not quite innocent, not quite wicked.

And went off to find a gift for mum.

Then we strolled s’more.

We stopped in the square where I would like to live.

And hid from a summer splash of rain.

My shawl is from Temperley.

Once the rains passed, I raced across the square to do something I’d just seen a 5 year old boy do with glee…

We walked to Berthillion for gelato.

Many claim that Berthillion is the best gelato in the world.

I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it is very good!

Mine was salted caramel butter, chocolate & fig.

We ate them over the Seine with our feet dangling.

Before racing inside to avoid another smattering of rain!

Now, I’m afraid there’s a pan au chocolat at the next table and it’s winking at me.

I’m going to have to order one and tell you more tomorrow.

À demain!

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  • Everything about this post makes me jealous. Have a fantastic time!

  • Morgane

    I live an hour away of Paris and i go quite often there but you make me discover places that i’ve never seen!hahaha! Thanks for Buly!
    Btw, your look is absolutely perfect…You look more Parisian and chic than some French 😉

    • OMG! I’m so jealous you only live an hour away from Paris! That’s amazing! I wish I did 🙂
      Rosie as always you look utterly stunning! This post is making me want to hop on the Euro star and head on over to Paris.

      Beth x

      • sylvia

        It’s funny I am french and I used to dream of leaving france for London and I would never got back to Paris now 🙂 We almost live 2h from Paris really :):) It’s such a beautiful city though!!

  • Imogen

    Looks amazing!! I’m so excited – I’m going in September and cannot wait.

    Great photos as usual!

    Immy x

  • Laura

    What a wonderful blog post!

    I’d love to try snails – they sure look good.

    And what beautiful candles! You’ve made me look at flights to Paris…

  • What a great first day! I am already starving so looking at all that food has tipped me over the edge! Little London Girl x

  • Oh wow. I really reaaally love Paris. Photos are gorgeous as ever and I LOVE that scarf! Also the nautical top.

    I’m not a big fan of snails. I’ve had them back in Spain before but there’s just something about the texture that I can’t quite love. Can’t I just eat the garlic butter juices and bread on it’s own?! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  • I’m going to have to head off to Paris just to buy one of those candles – they look amazing! (and jump on the back of that lion too…never too old!)

    I’ve just started a blog of my own, very very new to it all but really enjoying it and would love it if you were to ever check it out:

  • The slow pace

    Your posts always make me smile! That shop is gorgeous, thanks for the tip!
    By the way… are those stripe socks? Love, love, love!

  • Haidee De Fraine

    Loos so fun, jadore

  • The snails!! Very jealous, they look so yum.

  • Pulling my laptop into bed with me and reading your latest post with a big mug of hot coffee is one of my favorite and most relaxing ways to start the morning 🙂 It’s going to be sad when I leave for the US next week and am not in the same time zone anymore. Enjoy your time in beautiful Paris!

  • I love Paris it’s so beautiful 🙂 I am glad to hear you are having a lovely time 🙂

  • I tried snails for the first time last year in Paris & absolutely hated it lol!

  • The epic choice: breakfast or staying in bed? I never bother with hotel breakfast because they don’t serve them at lunch time! (no, I am not lazy! It’s just the timing’s wrong!) Have a great time!

  • Éliane

    Just to let you know, it’s spelled pain au chocolat! It all looks beautiful!

  • Juliaindisguise

    Ahh love your outfit – it’s so parisian chic so goes perfectly! The food also looks uuhhhmazing! x

    Julia in Disguise | UK Fashion Blog

  • Nadine

    This looks like such fun! I must visit paris soon!!

    ‘I feel almost exactly like Hemingway’ made me giggle.



  • Feyi A

    looks amazing! x


  • Emily Kalbun

    hhaha go ahead and eat that pain au chocolate we can all wait until tomorow :D! What a fun time! Just out of idle curiosity, besides the fact that Paris is lovely, what is the purpose for your holiday? Are you meeting with fashion designers gushing over dresses and designs and fabric, or is it just a time to relax and the parisians?

  • sylvia

    love it 🙂 hope you are enjoying your time in Paris! Say hi to my home for me (well London is my home now really :)) xo

  • I love Paris! The perfect place to just wander around sampling whatever delights you find!
    Enjoy! x

  • Angie De Angelis

    If you like Buly, next time you’re in New York, you should check out Min Apothecary in SoHo (Crosby between Prince and Houston). They have the best fragrances and perfumes and all sorts of cool, beautiful smelling potions from around the world… none of the stuff you’ll find at department store counters.

  • Lisa Kristin

    I am honestly so jealous of your lifestyle. It’s the one I’m striving for and will hopefully be able to afford one day 🙂 Also, your photography just gets better and better in each and every post! I love looking at them, and they support your writing oh-so-well. Lovely lovely lovely! x

  • Christina

    That is one more lovely blog post 🙂 I always wonder how you make your blog posts so nice to read. Just the right amount of funny, sweet and interesting information!
    Loving it since I began reading your blog (which is more than a year now!) and just wanted to tell you right now!
    Have a fabulous time in Paris!
    xo, Christina

  • Rachel Taylor

    I’m so jealous, desperate to go back! I enjoyed your post 🙂

  • This was such a torturous post to read as I’m missing Paris and haven eaten a thing yet today! Living vicariously through you, as always!

  • Such beautiful pictures! Paris is one of my favorite places and seeing this post makes me want to go back. Have fun!

  • Paulina Villalpando

    This looks like such a perfect day! I love the watch and the blue outfit.

  • I’ve never seen someone make eating snails look so glamorous and cool at the same time. I’ve always been a bit fearful of adventurous foods, but that garlic butter does make the snails a little more appetizing.. perhaps I’ll try them sometime!
    The smell of church at Easter time brings back so many childhood memories. I know my mom would love a candle of that scent!


  • I love how French your outfit is Rosie! It must be so nice to do Paris with your chap. Btw I’m one of those people that get freaked out by snails!!!!

    Hugs xoxo

  • Those candles are so cool! I’ve never seen anything like it but it looks so interesting 🙂 Glad you’re having fun in paris!

    Every Day In Grace

  • This sounds like a lovely day! And I love your outfit!

  • Jill

    You may have addressed this before, but who takes your picture? The ones of you through the cafe window are to die for. Is it your chap? If so, he is mighty talented!

  • Kate

    Amazing! Scented candles and ice cream flavours on a whole new level, and such beautiful photos. I love the ones of you through the window. Absolutely love your blog. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  • I love your post! They whisk one away on a mini adventure filled with travel and romance instead of my reality- sitting in our old farm house feeding four little ones brown rice porridge! Good times;)

  • Oh how my heart is aching…it’s been almost 14 years since I’ve been to Paris….now to convince my hubby to go there instead of Italy for our anniversary. Thanks for sharing Rosie!


  • I adore Paris! I wish I could live there year round, I think it would make my soul the happiest! I’m so looking forward catching all of your posts about your trip! Have a fabulous time!


  • Sounds amazing!! I’ve been to Paris twice and have to admit I didn’t have the best of times, but maybe third time’s the charm? x Kate

  • wow I love this blue color.
    a 22-year-old’s journey from New York to Paris

  • I’m normally not a huge watch person, but the Pocket range is just so beautiful! Congrats on working with them! I visited Paris a few years ago and it didn’t quite rub me the right way, I’ll have to comb through some suggestions from you and give it another go eventually.

  • Beautiful, beautiful pictures Rosie. Gorgeous post!

  • Victoria Johnson

    The fact that you’re wearing striped socks is actually the cutest thing I’ve seen all week, love you Rosie! xx

  • This post has really made me want to go back to Paris!

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    what a gorgeous lady! adore this post

    Ladies in Navy

  • Athena

    Buly looks like a store I’d love! Have you been to Astier de Villatte in Paris? They also do amazing candles. My friend and I went to Lipp once a little bit past lunch time. The service was so incredibly rude (even though we speak fluent French) and the atmosphere was really not cosy in my opinion, so we walked right out before they took our orders. Seems like you’ve been having a completely different experience! I do love Le Relais de L’Entrecote and Cafe Ruc, if you haven’t tried those:)

  • Punky Brewster

    bloggers are a dime a dozen but you have this natural gift to transport your readers to whereever it is you are, we share the sounds, smells and feelings that youre experiencing.
    My fave blogs…xo

  • Janine Maral

    France is always a good idea.

    Janine Maral from

  • Sitting at Café de Flore is so Hemingway, how about a night cap at the Select?! 🙂
    This sounds like such a lovely day Rosie, it’s great that you guys meet up like this.
    Beautiful beautiful photos.
    Enjoy your time blogging from Paris, not something everyone gets to do 🙂

    xx Cheyenne

  • Goodness you are living my Paris dream, I really want to go back soon and do all of this (especially the eating)

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • All your pictures show how amazing Paris can be! It makes me wish I was sipping a coffee outside a cafe in the shade as I watch people walk by. Thank you for sharing another beautiful blog post Rosie!

    -Southern Adventurer

  • Fifi Tindall

    I’m also in Paris at the moment and I have to say ‘Amorino’ just opposite the Beauborg is a must-stop for Gelato. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in this fantastic (if currently slightly rainy!) city

    Fifi x

  • Maisie

    I am soo jealous. I really want to go to Paris. You look perfect for it too!

  • Love this outfit! So very Parisian, but I may recreate it for my semester in Amsterdam!

  • So glorious. I miss Paris dearly and can’t wait to return. My love has never been and I am dying to see it through his eyes. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Cheers!

  • Is there anything more romantic than a european vacation with your guy? We just got back from an absolutely heavenly few days in Tuscany, wine tasting and lunch at this incredible organic farm. Anyone that is looking for a romantic getaway, TRUST me, this is the one. Check it out! Hope you guys like it 🙂


  • Wow looks like you’re having a terrific time Rosie, we’re waiting for more! 🙂

  • I love paris! This post sums up its gorgeousness!

  • Lauren Bell

    Your trip looks so fun and effortless, it’s just a pleasure to look through your pictures and take it all in. Thank you as always.

  • My sister and I were just talking about your blog and I decided to check and see if you had updated at all….and voila, you have! 🙂 Love your posts, it looks like you’re having an amazing time!

  • Kristen Ayotte

    What a wonderful day! I’m always so jealous of your Paris adventures! I’ve only been once but totally agree with you on the snails. So delicious! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  • chantelle

    I’d like to just comment on how wonderful your man’s photography is. Absolutely stunning work!

  • Loving the socks!! Looking gorgeous as always


  • Oh, how lovely! I spent a year in Paris, and I love and miss the city very much, and these photos help. Were have some French favourites in common!

  • Yay for your Paris posts, they are always my favourites. I’ve been talking about planning a trip there forever, so thanks for the recommendations! xx

  • Hello Rosie 🙂
    Do you think one day you’re gonna do a meet up in France ? I don’t know if you have lots of readers in France actually ! I would be so glad to meet you in real to exchange about blogging and girl things !:)
    By thee way , talking about blogging, here is mine !

    Have fun in Paris!

  • Selin

    Your outfit is divine…perfect travel outfit!

  • Jesse Owen

    Hang on a minute a cut off point for breakfast – that means I’d have to get up early every day. *Shudders at the thought*.

    But wow at everything else – have a brilliant time!

  • That shop looks incredible, and your photo’s are always amazing and perfect quality!

  • I agree, I love snails and that wrap, so pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Love your outfit. I just came from Paris and will probably remember my trip forever. Paris is simply breathtaking city. I love snails too!


  • Great photos, love your blog I’ve been following for a long time now and it’s still one I regularly check!


  • Yuliya

    How wonderful! Looks romantic, stylish, and very Parisian! Have a fabulous time Rosie.

    Yuliya xx

  • Conny

    Such a nice blogpost, hope you enjoy your time in paris ! 🙂 Blog

  • Queenie Lee

    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time in Paris! xx

  • مدونة لـمى

    LOVE this post! and I truly adore this outfit! I might copy you ;p

  • Rosy

    Makes me miss France so much!

  • benthe

    Paris, je t’aime!

  • Holly

    Hi Rosie,
    Long time reader! My husband is a pilot and he had a trip that landed in Paris. I remembered this post from awhile back and since I couldn’t join him on his trip, I sent him for a Buly candle! He returned with a white marble Generaux D’Empire. Points for hubby thanks to The Londoner!