Sunday Bumblings

To “bumble” is to wander around, mosey, mooch, slowly meander and enjoy a nice, easy pace.

The Italians have “dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing), and us Londoners? Well, we have bumbling.

London is deliciously deserted.

It’s almost August so the city has been abandoned, everyone’s hot-footed it to the beach and left the playground empty.

Which is excellent news for us bumblers.

Especially in this heatwave.

Although the heat does seem to have hatched some terrifying works at the Saatchi Gallery!

Things got a little bit creepy for a moment, but don’t worry.

In this outfit everything was all white.

(Sorrrryyy, you know I couldn’t resist that one!)

Asos jeans (adapted with bread knife) // Cotton shirt // White Converse

Isabel Marant jacket (80% off)

Chanel Boy Bag // Tom Ford sunnies // Silver May necklace

[iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”120px” scrolling=”no” src=”,n_7187918,n_10741822,n_9404794,n_12229723&rows=1&cols=5&brand=1&price=0&hover=1″ width=”600px”]

After a little snoop around Chelsea, I headed off to St Pancras to meet the girls for a Sunday catch up session.

The Gilbert Scott insisted we come down to try their new cocktail terrace (full title – Moët Ice Imperial Summer Terrace, which is rather fancy!), and in this heat, how could we refuse?

*Cough* Err… scones help when it’s hot too, y’know.

Clotted cream?

Also an excellent coolant.

Try it some time!

I caught up with Lucy and Anna to discuss all things tech, blogging, fashion… and of course a little about dates, the men in our lives and our wayward girlfriends.

We spent a good few hours chuckling and cackling away like three old women. Piling cream and jam onto our scones and devouring them with little to no grace whatsoever!

Before slurping down a few more options from the cocktail menu.

Finally, as the sky turned a beautiful shade of pink, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our corners of London.

Feeling very full, really quite fat and a little bit tipsy.

Just how every Sunday bumble should end, in my book.

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  • Looked like a purrrrrfect day! Ah, been missing London something awful lately and reading your blog doesn’t help! πŸ˜‰ Keeping a list of fab places to visit should I be able to make it over in November, definitely adding the Gilbert Scott to the list. Cheers!

  • Cat

    Oh man, those scones with clotted cream and cocktails look incredible! I’d happily join you guys right now πŸ™‚


  • Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a Sunday! The all white outfit was perfect for the occasion πŸ™‚

  • skybluesounds

    Love this post, those scones look sooo yummy!!!

    xo Patricia

  • NS

    Looks like the perfect day to me (other than maybe the hugeee insect wall!) I love your jacket! Xx

    PS. I’ve got a new(ish) blog, I’d love it if anyone wanted to check it out!

  • Those ants are so scary!! But cute almost all white outfit! πŸ™‚

  • Oh my. Your jacket is absolutely amazing. It’s so detailed, cool, & intricate. Love it!
    :] // ☼

  • those spiders remind me of harry potter hah!! and those drinks look amazing


  • Jacob Phelps

    lovely look, as always!

  • Your hair, woman, your hair~ *swoosh* Totes worthy of a commercial.

    Ah, to be in London. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday!

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    EVERYTHING about this post has me drooling from the food to the wine to the outfit. adore the pants

    ladies in navy

  • Ooh, I was just at the Saatchi a couple of weeks ago–it was quite interesting. And I agree, if you don’t end Sundays feeling fat and a little drunk, you’re doing something wrong! x

  • Ari Camacho

    Love the white look! xx-Ari

  • Sarah-Jane Hasenauer-Kinsley

    Sunday’s were definitely made for smelling the roses. Love the jacket!

  • Looks like you had a lovely mooch (bumble). Those clotted cream scones look absolutely divine & what a great score on your jacket…loving the whites Rosie!
    Hugs xoxo

  • julesinabox

    What a way to spend a Sunday!
    Must admit there was one or.. (well all of them) cocktail that looks amazing, it makes me feel so jealous that im down in New Zealand freezing to death haha
    Hopefully that lovely weather with stay like that when I travel to London in October (too much too ask maybe?)
    Jules –

  • Eliza

    I love the Saatchi Gallery!!! I saw Matthew Williams show there during fashion week!!

  • Vicki

    Sounds like a perfect Sunday! I’ve spent my Sunday yesterday eating my favorite Italian gelato and chatting with my bestie for hours, so not too bad either πŸ˜‰

    I love your all-white outfit Rosie! And the bag is to die for! πŸ™‚

    Xo Vicki

  • I love the Sunday Bumble! Should make that a regular habit for my sundays too πŸ™‚ x

  • Wow! What a lovely day, those scones and cocktails look AMAZING. Seems like the perfect Sunday to me. xXx

  • You look absolutely beautiful but jeans! In this heat! Crazy lady!
    Not sure what you’ve done differently to your hair but it looks super lovely in these pics x

  • jeniferjamie

    I do a lot of bumbling in London! πŸ™‚ I love your jacket! xx

    Jen xx

  • The slow pace

    What a lovely Sunday… and what an amazing jacket!

  • TheUniStudent

    I need to start using bumbling more often, such a wonderful word!

  • Emma and Emily

    Lovely way to spend a Sunday! I am moving to London pretty soon, and I am excited to bumble around all weekend long!

  • All this food looks so delicious, I’m partial to a spot of afternoon tea! Loving your all white outfit!

  • Haha wow, those ants are fantastic! Although can’t say I’d want to bump into one any time soon… =p


  • Such a great post – you have an incredible eye for style and a gorgeous way of writing!! I look forward to all of your posts πŸ™‚ x

  • Rosie you pull off an all-white outfit so well and that jacket is amazing. Those HUGE ants would make me feel totally uncomfortable, I mean even the pictures do, even though I know its just art.. maybe lame, but still. Anyhow, those cocktails look so snazzy, love it!
    <3 Yara

  • Annie

    I love your post Rosie! A breathe of fresh air and a welcome distraction since I’ve broke up my leg. Keep up the good work!
    Ps: what model is your camera? Your pics look fantastic x

  • Geena

    I think this is one of my favourites that you’ve posted to date! Those cocktails look delicious…

  • I would have actually been terrified of the art in the Saatchi gallery, it looks so real!!! Afternoon tea at the Gilbert Scott looks awesome. Love that place!!


    SilverSpoon London

  • Beautiful photos once again!! ….and I love that outfit on you. You look very chic <3

    Mahshid Ω…Ω‡Ψ΄ΫŒΨ―

  • Elise

    Love the outfit, and the saatchi exhibition looks ‘terrific’ too! FYI the link to Anna’s blog is wrong! E x

  • Steph

    I definitely couldn’t think of a more perfect Sunday – when they designed Sundays, this was what they had in mind!

    (I also think you may have just been an enabler to a purchase of that beautiful jacket!)

    Steph xx

  • Beautiful jacket, London looks glorious, the GS terrace a must go, but Rose, the clotted cream on top of the jam?! Sacrilege! (I’m a Devon girl)

  • Hiral Mistry

    bumbling is the best… so great, I even named my blog after it!

  • Your Chanel boy bag to TO DIE FOR ! Oh my God. Love the all white by the way πŸ˜‰

  • Gregory J Rutledge

    What a lovely day you had

  • Louise

    Chelsea may have been deserted but I can assure you the rest of London wasn’t! I can’t even look at those pictures of the Saatchi gallery ‘artwork’, *shudder*. Cocktails look heavenly.

  • Ro

    In the first pic of you in the gallery your jean rips match the wall/floor boundary like an optical illusion!! Rosie

  • I love the white shirt you have on, it’s perfect. I’ve been looking for something like that to buy for *ages*. Also, the wall of ants is terrifying, not sure I could stand in that room for long!

  • Laura

    Great post Rosie, I am in love with those jeans! Looks like you had a great day, I love a good cocktail on a Sunday afternoon. Feels a bit naughty but its lovely and relaxing! x

  • I love bumbling around London. Bumbling is such a good word hehehe!

    And that food looks so yummy you have made me hungry.

    Beth x

  • Looks like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

  • Love the outfit!

    And the pictures of the ants gave me the creeps too. brrrrrrrr


  • This post was lovely! I really liked the photos of the afternoon tea! The scones, cream & jam all looked so good. I want to have a bumbling Sunday of my own soon. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

  • Queenie Lee

    A great way to spend a lazy Sunday! πŸ˜€ xxx

  • Your outfit really is beautiful πŸ™‚ love all white and ripped jeans <3 Great post!! xx β™₯

  • Everything looked delicious in the blog today, specially the scones! Looked like it was another beautiful day in London!

    – Sourhern Adventurer

  • Bumbling sounds like something a Womble would do. Good word!

    And damn-fine-looking scones!!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  • Love the ASOS jeans lady! And definitely the best recipe to cool off in the summer is all white, cocktails, and treats. Well done!

  • Love this post, as I do all of your post really. They are all so romantic, just sweep you away from reality to a glamorous life in london. Love it!

  • Joan

    Love your jokes/puns … and your outfit … and your long hair!

    I’ll be adding “bumble” to my vocabulary ASAP.

  • geronimonkey

    Ummm . . . that’s not what bumbling means. It means to be confused, clumsy, or to stagger about.

  • Such a perfect Sunday! Loving your outfit and those fabulous brunch pics,

    xx, Kristi

  • Love the fact you talked about tech. *geek alert*

    Fie x Coffee & Confetti

  • Zoe

    Dream Sunday! Every weekend needs to end with girlfriends, something sweet, and lots of cocktails to prepare one for the week ahead. You look marvelous, as usual πŸ™‚ xx

    The What’s In Between

  • Jo Graham

    My cat is called Bumble, and I bet your Dad could tell you the origin of his name – clue: fishing!

  • Absolutely adore your fashion sense! I always wonder how girls are able to pull off the white-jeans look so nicely – just like you! (:

  • Oh my gosh, you say the words “clotted cream” and I’m immediately hungry. It all looks so delicious! Love your outfit, as well. πŸ™‚

  • Kate

    Looks like so much fun! You always manage to find the prettiest cocktails. Loving the all white outfit too. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Really looks lovely, and love your artistic forays! Anna

  • I adore a good bit of bumbling myself! Can’t get over the image of you taking to a pair of jeans with a bread knife, and those gorgeous cocktails are more than enough to blot out the terror of those ants at Saatchi! Lovely post.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  • Love your jeans!! x

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

  • those cocktails look amaaazing! I fancy one right now! – Lifestyle blog – vlogs

  • London Mum

    The cocktails look fab, and I love the jacket! x

  • What a perfectly relaxing Sunday! Those cocktails look yummy and refreshing! And I love your outfit!!



  • clara mcmillan

    You look stunning! πŸ˜‰

    God bless,

    XO, Claire

  • Ah, Oslo (Norway) is the same now, if you avoid all the tourist spots, so peaceful and quiet! London looks so great in the summer.

  • Ketty

    you are looking beautiful in this outfit. ant collection is looks creepy but you are looking adorable .
    Cheap bridesmaid dresses

  • What a lovely day! I love your outfit! Those giant ants scares me a little haha


  • Looks like a lovely day and the cocktails looked amazing! πŸ™‚

  • Anna

    Hi Rose,

    My sister’s and I would like to take my Nana for Afternoon Tea in London, cost is not an issue as its our treat to her and we would like it to be very special. Do you have any suggestions we could whisk her off to?

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    The photos are great! How do you edit your photos into that?

  • A perfect cocktail sunday, what a lovely outfit and day !

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • GinaBriley

    I used to find all white outfits so unappealing, but seeing yours, I’ve changed my mind.

  • Lauren Riegel

    Love your style!


  • definitely gonna “bumble” to Saatchi to see that exhibition:)

    you always have the best days out(and in) xxxx

  • Love your jacket! –

  • Well done. Oh how I miss my girlfriends!!!!

  • Ah these cocktails look incredible! Thanks for showing us this place, I’ll check it out next time I’m in town!