Breddos Tacos

Now, I know you’ve heard me say “I know a great little taco joint…” a million times.

BUT! Usually it’s from the other side of the world.

I am very excited to inform you that I do indeed know of a great new taco place, right here in London town.

Hidden in a tomb under the railway tracks, you’ll find Breddos Tacos @ Trip Kitchen.

I blogged about breddos a while ago, back when they were doing sliders in Soho.

Back then the tacos weren’t much to shout about, but holy guacamole… all that’s changed now!

There’s a small but perfectly formed menu.

And new special cocktails every night.

We sipped on a few and nibbled on homemade spicy chorizo.

And a few tubs of holy guacamole, naturally.

Then all that was left was for Alex & I to discuss the menu and plan our attack with military precision.

B-e-a-uuutiful menu faces!

Watched, hungrily by the boys.

Having ordered a fair selection (pretty much everything on the menu), we got stuck into civilised, grown up dinner conversation.

Fuelled by a few of these…

Soon the food started to arrive.

Wave after wave of heavenly plates.

Slow roast chipotle beef rib tacos.

Pickled beetroot & goats cheese tostadas (Alex is vegetarian, but we don’t hold that against her… much).

Patatas bravas. Chunks of potato smothered in sauce & queso fresco.

Frighteningly moreish!

Slow roast pork belly with banana ketchup.

Andrew comment: “How far away can you get from ketchup and still call it ketchup?”

Which is a fair point!

The pork belly was delicious, but I could have skipped the banana mush.

Jalapeño & oregano glazed chicken wings were pretty banging, so they more than made up for the banana incident.

While we all dug in, PJ delighted in snooping on everyone’s eating faces.

Such a kind fellow!

Andrew was more than ready for his close up.

As far as I’m concerned, fish tacos are the best thing to happen to food in… forever.

I’ve posted not one but TWO fish taco recipes (one, two) and I’m sure I’ll have more to come.

Andrew & Alex are Californians, so there were some very high hopes around the table when these little suckers arrived:

We drizzled them in lime.

And demolished them.

Delightfully crisp, light, fragrant and rich.

We quickly ordered another round.

The crispy chicken wings were good ‘n’ crispy.

We had prawns & chorizo from the specials board.

Plump prawns in a tomatoey, sausagey, spicy sauce with a nice little kiss of coriander.

But the real star of the specials board?

The slow cooked beef rib.

Rich & juicy meat that just falls of the bone & melts in your mouth.

A truly excellent meal.

The atmosphere is loud, buzzy, fun; the place was packed.

Old school jams dominate the sound system making everyone burst into song now and then, you just can’t help it!

We skipped pudding and slurped on a few more cocktails.

Including a round of chilli backs; a shot of tequila chased with a shot of jalapeño pickle juice.

Deliciously sweet, sour & spicy all at once… with a fair bit of OOOMPH thrown in too!

But I think it’s fair to say the gents enjoyed the raspberry cocktails best.

Breddos is well worth a visit if you’re a Mexican aficionado.

Find them here & book a table.

Of course you could always just go and prop up the bar. Ask for one of those raspberry jobbies, they’re very pleasant .

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  • Beccy

    I think that’s my weekend plans sorted! It all looks so delicious – and as for those raspberry jobbies, I am sold!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

    • Guest

      Oh dear. Jobbies is such an unfortunate word choice. My little brother once scribbled it in crayon on the walls! It’s rather crude. Teeheehee.

  • Lindsey

    Hi Rose, I’ve been a silent reader for a while but just want to say I LOVE your blog…..other than it gives me serious hand bag envy….that gucci bag you had at the chelsea flower show was so beautiful! Anyway keep the blog posts coming, they motivate me to work hard to achieve the lifestyle I want and that can only be a good thing 🙂

  • Sheila

    Jeez Louise! I was just heading out for some Japanese, but now I have to seriously consider finding me some mexi fare. Looks scrumptious, and I love any place that’s cavernous and candlelit.
    xx, Sheila

  • Queenie Lee

    Oh man, just lookin’ at this is making me hungry! We still haven’t found a decent Mexican in HK yet, but I won’t give up the search! xxx

  • Gemma

    All this food looks amazing!! Now craving Mexican food at 11am!!

  • Reading this before lunch is not the best idea…. Hmmmm. You all must have a decent hungover today! 🙂 x

  • Bethan Axford

    OK, food geek alert! According to the guys at Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental, ketchup is a general term for a sweet and sour sauce originating from Malaysia (I think, we were 5 courses and their wine pairings in by this point so the memory is hazy!) There used to be hundreds of kinds of ketchup its just that tomato is the most popular so we think of ketchup as only tomato.

    But either way those tacos look great. If my Mr. hadn’t already bought a rack of lamb for tonight wed be right down there . . . maybe tomorrow though!

    • Anouk

      So you could make Cherry ketchup! And.. Nutella ketchup!

  • Looks yum. If only I lived in London!!

  • Wow!! Everything looks so delicious! I cannot wait to go there myself in two weeks when I am in London again. Rose, thank you so much for sharing all your fantastic experiences and great reviews.

    XXX from Vienna
    Mahshid مهشید

  • Delfina

    Ohhhhh my gosh you’re boyfriend’s eyes are too beautiful. xxxx

    • Claire

      Which is the boyfriend? haha xx

  • Those look delicious! Wish Southampton had a good Mexican!

    Fie xx

    Coffee & Confetti

  • Those crispy chicken wings look so good! And wow the taco ingredients are out of this world! I want to try them! 🙂

  • Courtney

    ROSE! I’m moving to London…where’s the first place I must have a meal?!?!

  • Is it wrong that your food blogposts make me want to lick my laptop screen?

  • I’m so bummed this wasn’t around when I lived in London a couple of years ago! Good Mexican food was definitely hard to find for this SoCal girl. Everything looks absolutely delicious! x Kate

  • Samantha Bei

    I love tacos. I could literally eat them for every meal of the day and never get sick of them. It looks like I will now have to add tacos to my weekend list of things to do and eat!

  • I loved reading your blog. I’d like to introduce my website as well that is

  • Pacific to Park

    All the food looks so delicious now I’m craving Mexican food. Might have to head over to Tacombi! Thanks for another great post.


  • World of Wanderlust

    Agh! I just accepted 3 days extra work in Edinburgh and will miss London this month! 🙁 Otherwise would have LOVED to check this out!!

  • The food looks lovely 🙂 so jealous! 🙂

  • lisa robb
  • Kate

    You and PJ are such a cute couple! X

  • I remember when you posted about this place before Rosie – the Taco’s seem to have gone down well & you can always tell you’ve had a good time when you come back with some blurry photos!

    Hugs xoxo

  • Looks very tasty! You’re making me hungry hahaha x

  • Shade of Red Blog

    Ought to go, ought to go, ought to go! Thanks for the tip.

  • Fish tacos are my favorite type of tacos indeed 😉

  • Yum! This looks like such a great place. The cocktails look amazingggg and so do those tacos, yum! Can’t go wrong with good Mexican! Also a chili back sounds way better than a pickle back!

  • Your food pictures always look delicious! xx

  • Oh my, got full on hunger pangs from reading this post! I want it all!!!

    Shel x

  • Hiral Mistry

    hmmm I am never really sure about fish tacos, but I will definately have to give these a try!

    Also, was that you I spied in Brixton earlier today?

    Hiral xx

  • Tamsin Wong

    get me some guac! this looks absolutely fab…very good find xox

  • This looks gorgeous, I love me a taco! (But be warned — I learned that the word ‘jobbies’ has quite a different meaning up north!)


  • Kelly

    Hi Rosie,

    Restaurant looks great! All of the places you dine look great!

    I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning… like the very beginning. And you’ve inspired me to blog myself. However, it took forever for me to find the confidence!

    I just posted my first post, and I’m pretty proud of it!

    I hope you can check it out.

  • Aw MAN this looks good. I saw these guys on TV a few weeks ago and am determined to go and try it out. The fish taco look to DIE for! xx

    Katy |

  • This looks like a lot of fun. That Beef had me drooling all over my keyboard. It all looks pretty reasonable price-wise too. Will have to head down and check it out!

    Katie <3

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    uh yum! this is amazing!

    ladies in navy

  • Punky Brewster

    Andrew is dreamy. Pics are great

  • Wowzers, Breddos Tacos have massively upped their game since appeared as a wee pop-up. All these offerings look absolutely fab, I’m so glad to see that you took it as rule to try everything on the menu 🙂

    x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

  • Rebecca Garnett

    Now Im hungry. Looks fantastic. Im planning my London trip around some of these places!! xx Rebecca

  • I need to go to London and I need to go here.

    Looks insanely good!

  • As this increases my Foodgasm. How do you take such amazing snaps?? Which camera is it?

    Would be great if you can spill the beans 🙂

    Wish to take my Blogsite also to such heights. Would be glad if you guys have a look @ and share your valuable feedback.
    Would be great if you can provide some suggestions being a senior in Blogging space 🙂
    Sharing is Caring !!