Langdon’s Birthday

I mentioned running into Royston last time, but what I didn’t say was that it was his birthday!

He was having a last minute bash at EN, and he insisted PJ and I joined in.

So after a cat nap and a quick change, we headed out into the balmy evening.

EN is a beautiful, modern and cavernous restaurant which is currently bursting with towering jars of spring blossom (my favourite!).

We all hugged and greeted one and other before taking our seats.

There’s nothing quite like two wizened old faces to test out your b&w shots!

After a round of cocktails (virgin for Milo) we got cracking with the starters.

Kumamoto oysters from Washington state, with ponzu.

Tuna tartar.


Crab STUFFED miso!

And fried chicken.

As the dishes slowly emerged, we all chatted and caught up on each others adventures.

Everything from travels, to work and tips from the countryside (did you know that the American countryside is seemingly teeming with ticks?! After a day out camping you have to check over every inch of yourselves, and I mean every inch. Finally that song makes sense!)

Liv was in charge of ordering, and man, can that girl order!

The plates just kept on coming.

Black cod.

Sticky garlic rice.

Tempura vegetable… things.

But the real treat was the Wagyu beef, which was presented to us before it was seared.

Just look at this marbling…

They whipped it away again and returned with a platter of rare slices.

Which started paparazzi field day!

They brought out a hot stone for those who like their beef a little less rare, which brought us all endless amusement.

Who doesn’t love an excuse to play with their food?

Having eaten our fill, it was time for pressies.

All kicked off by Royston’s charming young chap, Milo.

We only had time for one quick round…

…before birthday cake(s) and singing!

“Oh hey, what’ve you got there Langdon?!”

After pudding we played a few games and continued with our adventure filled story telling.

Langdon’s about to go on tour with his band, so it was great to all spend a little time together.

We also chatted about the benefits of meditation when you’re traveling like crazy and living in such a busy city. It’s well worth taking a look at and the charity work they do if you get a mo.

Happy birthday, gorgeous! Here’s hopin’ the tour goes off with a bang!

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  • Guest

    Can’t sleep…so this was just what I needed! Food looks delicious :)!

  • Stephanie

    Lovely post, Rose! I’ve been to EN before and it’s lovely!

    Please do a “prom dress” inspiration post too! xx

  • That food looks beyond delicious Rose. x

  • Veronica

    Hmmm…who is this PJ? πŸ˜€ That food looks amazing, I love Japanese! I can’t hardly ever afford to eat it as much as I’d like being a student! I’ve been following your blog for ages and have been lurking about, not commenting; not today! You’re such an inspiration, Rosie, I’d love to meet you one day!

  • 1. That first photo of you is PERFECTION (frame it) 2. Those B&W photos of PJ are amazing (Frame them) 3. Liv is such a stunner. 4. I’m hungry. xxx

  • Anon

    Hello Liv Tyler !

  • Pacific to Park

    Love the post and your pics really capture all the personalities. It feels like we are sitting at the table with you. Also love that song, it reminds me of summer!


  • Yum! Love that my home of Washington state made an appearance in the form of an oyster! We do have delicious seafood here!

  • Amy

    Wow those pics of Liv are gorgeous! Stunning Lady… well whole table really!

  • Callie May

    Ummmm. Liv?! Just mention that one casually! Rose!!!! Doesnt that just look like a delightful evening…! My ‘oh my god how amazing is Rose’s life’ factor just went through the roof. Xx (dessert looked pretty good too!) xxx

  • Lilia Esperon

    You hang around with Liv Tyler!? How do you know her!?

  • The food here looks fantastic, especially those Kumamoto Oysters. Next time I am in London I would love to check this place out!

  • Anon

    Well hello Liv Tyler!

  • Gorgeous pictures, and the food looks yummy.

  • Crab in the miso = win! And, major props for the whole meditation thing. I fail every time I attempt to do it, but I’ve always envied those who can successfully “quiet their mind.” – a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

  • Milka

    Food looks amazing as always! Was that the actress Liv Tyler?

  • dandelionwords

    Liv Tyler ordered the food, nbd. lol

  • Oh wow, Liv Tyler is such a beauty! What a surprise to see her on your blog! Looks like great food and company!

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    ah that food. it looks insanely good!

  • Sabrina

    Rosie is that Liv Tyler?!

  • Pam K

    Gorgeous photos and it looks like great fun!
    The food photos had me salivating as usual πŸ™‚

  • Matt and Mandy Sargent

    Liv Tyler…swoon. And dessert looked yummy enough to lick off my screen!

  • oh man that fooooood! Looks amazing, and don’t even get me started with the dessert. The photos are so precious specially of Milo giving his present πŸ™‚


    The Fashionista Bubble

  • Talk about a post full of beautiful moments – loved all the laughing faces πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful post Rosie! As always πŸ™‚

  • Gemma

    as i was reading i thought that woman looks familliar.. then it clicked; that’s Liv Tyler!
    looks like a fun time πŸ™‚ xx

  • April

    Ermm…. Liv as in ARWEN!!! I mean how cooler can your friends get. Not reading you blog any more as your life seems so perfect I can’t even handle it

  • Kaia deBruin

    gorgeous photos, love EN, love liv tyler!

  • Hi Rose, great post! I was wondering what camera you used? I’m looking to buy a new one and your b&w’s are stunning x

  • Debbie Walpole

    That beef looks AMAZING, and wow Liv is absolutely stunning! Your life is a dream xXx

  • So liv is… Liv Tyler?! That’s one hell of a good guest star! x

  • Mala

    No one has realised that’s Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon! Rose, you have such incredible friends! I am so intrigued as to how you met, I must say!

  • Queenie Lee

    Wow, the food looks amazing, especially the crab filled miso and the birthday desserts! YUM! xxx

  • Blackened cod is my favourite! Good food, good company – what more could you ask for!

    Hugs xoxo

  • Lovely post Rosie! You look gorgeous in stripes as well πŸ™‚ just wondering, is your new man actually PJ by any chance? He does have that photography thing going on, and you two seem to be spending a lot of time together…! Lucky you (and him!) if so πŸ™‚

    • Angel

      Well… PJ cant be Rose’s guy. If you look at the photos a bit carefully there seems to be a man sitting right next to her(an anonymous hand in one photo) whereas PJ seems to be sitting opposite to her.

  • Really nice pics! It seems you have spent such a good time together <3



  • Food looks great! Next time I am in NY I will have to look out more for food than for fashion and πŸ™‚
    If only NYC streets style were not so great for photography ;/

  • Anouk

    Oh my! Is that Liv Tyler??

  • Just casually having dinner with movie stars haha. You know, just your everyday birthday meal with friends! Love it! x

  • Sarah Mac

    Liv Tyler?????

  • Guest

    Did you by chance get Liv’s shirt info? I’m in love!

  • Rachel

    The food looks pure perfection. Licking my lips just reading this. And…. Liv Tyler??

  • NeΕΎa

    Omg thats Liv Tyler!!!!she is stunning!!!

  • Gorgeous food as always Rosie, you take the most beautiful photos that always make me so hungry!

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  • Leuko Tigraki

    Is that Liv Tayler? Because she looks so much like her.

  • Ahhh I was having a total Liv Tyler fan girl moment & then I become distracted by the amazing looking desert..
    Cheeky question..But surely I can’t be the only one interested…Is PJ your new fella? πŸ™‚

  • love this post! everything looks delicious!

  • Abi Alderson

    Great post!
    Pretty sure Rose isn’t PJ’s… type?

  • Good luck to Langdon on his tour.

    I need sticky garlic rice in my life!

    Fie xx

    Coffee & Confetti

  • Holly von Bock

    I can’t believe this!! Liv Tyler is one of my ultimate ‘who i would love to see in the flesh’ (that sounds weird) celebrities – she’s got the most amazing face, I’m so jealous. SO

  • Sepideh

    The food looks amazing! Where the heck do you put it all Rosie?!

  • Sandra

    Just casually eating out with Liv Tyler and family..! Food looks delicious! and your photos look execptionally amazing! You have really captured some great moments with the camera πŸ™‚ x

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    Food looks incredible and what oh-so-fabulous friends you run around with my dear! Liv’s a stunner and Milo is adorable! x

  • I love that you’ve been eating at all my favorite spots in New York, because whatever menu item wasn’t available when I was there or that I didn’t order, you have. I feel like I’m vicariously eating so many wonderful meals. Looking forward to your next post!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  • Laura

    Wow Rosie, food looks incredible – I’d be happy if I was eating that for my birthday! πŸ™‚

  • You always go to restaurants with the most delicious looking food! I can never read your posts hungry.

  • Shade of Red Blog

    That is fabulous, Rosie, looks like you’re having such a blast in NY!

  • I almost licked my screen. Food looks glorious! πŸ˜›

  • MissEmmySue

    I kind of love that you’re all wearing stripes…
    Looks lovely. (:

  • Hiral Mistry

    Great post rosie! You have inspired me to write my own blog πŸ™‚ Check it out, I would love to know what you think if you have a moment!


  • Rockin up for a dinner date with a celebrity… and finding out you are stripey top twins. πŸ˜‰ Only you, Miss Rosie. Props x

  • Ria

    Is that really Liv Tyler?!?!? Wow, she’s even more gorgeous when she’s au naturel! The movie The Strangers is one of my favorites, I have it on dvd and it scares the heck out of me every time I watch it (which has been about 30 times!).

  • Great post…..wizened old faces indeed!! I’m sure I’ve seen PJ before somewhere….does he know the Getty clan? My memory is quite good….and the photo looked like him…..

  • Grace Denny

    Oh god… Thanks, I’m frickin’ starving now! haha. The sticky garlic rice and wagyu beef is right up my alley!

    XO, G from grace’d

  • Maike

    Hello Rose or helpful reader,
    I can never see the outfit links in the posts and the shop section won’t load for me. I’m on a mac and using safari. Do you know of a way to fix this?

  • Your life is a dream! How do you know Liv Tyler?!? Amazing food!!

  • Very cool birthday get together πŸ™‚ Liv always seemed like such a down to earth lady. Everything from the food to the people looked amazing!

  • I was looking at the pics going, damn that lady looks so much like Liv Tyler and then realised it WAS her and then I was like, Liv looks AMAZING!!

    Also, is that your man on the left with the jumper round his shoulders? He is very handsome, such a lovely face and kind eyes, I feel like he’s a good un Rose, bit more grown up and won’t be too careless with you. Best wishes! L

  • I can’t wait to go to bed tonight so I can dream about the Wagyu!

  • Kate

    Yum. Every time I visit your blog, I leave feeling hungry! It looks like a lovely fun evening as well. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  • looks like a great night – Liv is so beautiful!!! how cute is her boy….

  • Emma

    Liv is beautiful. Food looks amazing

  • Lucy

    You might want to look wizened up in the dictionary. Chortle

  • Brittany Foley

    I love love love the grayscale shots in there. Black and white captures expressions so well. Better than color photos, I think.

    xoxo Britt
    Life In and Out of Boston

  • Lauren

    Just noticed that nearly all of you are wearing stripes hehehe!

  • Matt MG Band Goldberg

    ……the food looked amazing….but most of all I loved all the stripey matching tops !