An Afternoon in Cambridge

I had to go to a meeting in Cambridge.

I’ve never been, so PJ & I decided to make a little roadtrip out of it!

BMW kindly supplied a fancy set of wheels, which we stuffed to the gills with… stuff, and set off.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ height=”710″ scrolling=”no” src=”//” width=”612″]

A 4 series convertible that drove like a dream.

We zipped through the British countryside with the top down & the music blaring (you can plug your phone in to the radio, which is pretty handy).

We arrived in Cambridge soon after lunch time, I legged it into my meeting (I won’t bore you with the details). And then the rest of the afternoon was our own.

Footloose & fancy free, we set off to explore.

We couldn’t possibly have picked a more splendid day for it!

The sun blazed down above while a cool breeze whipped along the water, rustling the trees and turning the grass into ocean waves.

The blue skies made the perfect backdrop for the unbelievably beautiful sandstone buildings.

The ultimate spot for two roaming shutterbugs!

The narrow, winding, cobblestone streets were just too picturesque to resist.

We followed our feet down to the river.

Finding row after row of punts, we collared a fine fellow to “drive” us and leapt in.

A punt, for those wondering, is a flat bottomed boat, used in shallow waters and propelled along by a punter, who pushes against the river bed.

Originally used for shooting & fishing, now they’re pretty much just for larking about on the river.

We punted along the winding stream, expertly manoeuvred by our boatman who took the time to point out the old buildings and enrich our minds with a little of their history.

I have to say it was hard to listen and not just get swept up in the magic of the place.

Blossom fluttered down from the trees, canoodling couples whispered to each other, students taking a break from exams shrieked and laughed from wobbling boats.

We quietly sat and watched the play unfold around us, turning to smile at one and other now and then.

^ That’s Patrick, our rather beautiful guide.

Mr & Mrs Mallard.

A guitarist singing on the bank was the golden ribbon tying up the dreamiest of afternoons.

If you find yourself in Cambridge and fancy a punt, give Patrick a ring. He knows his stuff!

Once you jump off, you’re free to roam the grounds… so we did.

I made friends with a visiting Canadian.

Discovering we’d missed the Kings Collage Choir Service by a whopping 8mins (mildly devastating), we lay our jackets in the long grass and just enjoyed the last of the sunshine.

Before walking back into town in search of supper.

We took a reader’s recommendation (thank you Victoria!) and went to Chop House for a stonkingly good feed.

Cambridge is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

The people are lovely, it’s positively soaked in history and everyone whizzes around on bicycles; which is brilliant!

I’m only sorry I only had the afternoon but will absolutely be back for seconds. I highly recommend a trip.

For those interested:

Calder blazer // ASOS dress (currently on sale!) // Topshop Shoes // Gigi Bag //

Kendra Scott bangle // Silver May dragonfly necklace

[iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”120px” scrolling=”no” src=”,n_8924136,n_4839691,ef9b952fca9cdfb3e3f931b25a831ccd,n_9576538&rows=1&cols=5&brand=1&price=0&hover=1″ width=”600px”]

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  • Love the colours you are wearing Rosie! So summery. Cambridge looks lovely and what perfect weather you had. Order us more of that sun please!

    • Rosie

      Sadly I hear we’re due rain all weekend long, Anna. πŸ™

      Not sure I believe them though, it’s pretty sunny here!

  • So glad you enjoyed your trip! A couple of friends said they saw you out the front of Kings and now I’m really wishing I’d been in town that day and been brave enough to come and say hi! =p

    If you ever get the chance to go back, you should try punting (yourselves this time- much more fun!) out towards Grantchester (away from the town centre)- it’s really picturesque down that way and you can hop out of your punt at The Orchard for afternoon tea in amongst the cow fields which is always lovely! It’s also a pretty fun place for a summer swim!


    • Rosie

      Oh Katie, that sounds IDEAL!

      Firmly on the list for next time.

      Very sorry I didn’t get to say hello, I met lots of lovely readers. Always a joy when people come and say hello, especially when they follow it up with a tip for something to do… which I guess you’ve done now anywhoo!

      I’ll give a little advance warning when I come back next time xx

      • Haha that’d be brilliant =) And I’m glad you actually like it when readers come and pester you- there are so many of us, I’m surprised you manage to get anything done! =p


      • Great minds think alike, I love the orchard tea garden! I’ve been several times and always loved it, the last time was for my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend it was a lovely date day. I actually wrote a blog on it last summer I highly recommend it if you return to Cambridge Rose!
        Rosie x

  • Elouise

    Oh no this post makes me so so sad because I have just messed up my A level exams and doubt I can get my place at Cambridge….
    It is beautiful though, isn’t it? I always feel so at home there.

    • Rosie

      Really beautiful Elouise, but don’t stress too much!
      A Levels seem like the beginning and end of the world right now but in a few years you wont give them a second thought!
      I’m sure you didn’t do as badly as you think you did. xx

      • Elouise

        Aw thanks to both of you, it’s just I desperately wanted to go to Cambridge, didn’t expect to even get an interview and ended up getting a reasonable offer- to just throw it away by messing my exams up. I can’t bear retaking the year so am feeling miserable..
        I hope you are right Rosie T, that I didn’t do as badly as I’m sure I did(!), and I guess you are right Rosie M, it will be ok. Thank you!xxxx

    • Elouise, remember everything happens for a reason! And the best advice I’ve ever received, ‘It will all be alright in the end, if it’s not alright, it’s not the end!’ x

  • Cat Unwin

    Looks absolutely beautiful! I’ve popped Cambridge on my list of places to go and explore this summer thanks to this post!

    • Rosie

      Great to hear Cat! x

  • Hannah G

    My University! Glad you enjoyed the trip – I’m at Pembroke College. You should visit in May Week if you want Cambridge at its most extravagant!

    • Rosie

      What happens during May Week, Hannah G? x

      • Emma

        Lots of May Balls and garden parties! (So lots of ball gowns, unlimited food/champagne/pimms and music!) x

      • Hannah G

        May Week is the week every college has its ball – it is abound with Garden Parties, Balls and June Events. You usually need someone to get you a ticket to these, but you can hire punts to watch the firework displays: x

  • Your outfit and afternoon both looked perfect!

    Hope the weather is this good, for the bank holiday weekend.

    Fie x

    Coffee & Confetti

    • Rosie

      Thanks Fie! Keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine! x

  • Sophia Nicholls

    This is a beautiful post. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting my hometown. It is lovely to see it from your perspective and it certainly makes me miss it. Makes me wonder why I still live in Southampton! Maybe my boyfriend will read your post and decide we should move after all πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Well Southampton can be beautiful… in places! πŸ˜‰ x

      • The common in the sunshine being one of them! x

      • Adam Baldwin

        Jesters for instance! *chortle*

        • Natalie Smith

          It is the “Palace of Dreams” haha!

  • Katie Franklin

    Beautiful! Have you got hair extensions in Rose? Your hair looks incredible!!

    Katie x

    • Rosie

      Lord no, I’m not nearly patient enough for that stuff! Just fluffy hair from being blown about in the car I think, but thank you! xx

    • Tess Keating

      Was totally going to ask this question too! Serious hair envy!!
      Tess xxx

  • Holly von Bock

    LOVE the photos of you in the boat – completely beautiful! xxx

    • Rosie

      Gracias Hollster x

  • Luxx Mint

    It’s hard to beat the UK when the sun is shining so hard! You look really content in all of your recent posts Rose, i’ve really enjoyed reading them πŸ™‚

    Luxx Mint

    • Rosie

      Agreed! There’s just nowhere nicer.

      And thank you, that’s lovely to hear x

  • You weren’t lying about the number of photos! Looks like a wonderful day. I fancy a day with Patrick on a boat! Little London Girl x

    • Rosie

      Ha! I did warn you! This was as few as I could bare to cut it down to! x

  • Libby SJM

    The city looks really beautiful and especially on such an amazing day! I really love your bracelet, so pretty x

    • Rosie

      I’d quite like to see it in the rain too, I bet the cobbled streets look amazing! x

      • Libby SJM

        I agree! Would be great to be snuggled in a cafe for an afternoon with the rain pounding down x

  • Gorgeous photos. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such perfect grass before. I must be getting old…I’m appreciating grass! Lol.

    Can’t wait for you to try that burger place I mentioned via Twitter. You are going to LOVE it! Amazeballs. :o)

    V @ Life+1
    New Post : The 5 Best Kinds of People

    • Rosie

      Can’t beat a bit o’ grass! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • You look amazing as usual Rosie πŸ™‚ I am following your blog for such a long time and still I am stunned to see each post. Wish I were there too…

    • Rosie

      Thank you so much lovely girl! xx

  • Sandra

    Such lovely photos! I went to Cambridge a few years ago during the summer and it was absolutely stunning, just as you said! So magical and rich with history, I loved it!

    • Rosie

      I can’t believe I haven’t been sooner!

      I want to do some more British exploring this summer. x

  • Dreamy pictures – haha love the one of Patrick caught unaware whilst punting… Those little boats looks super cute and cosy too – perfect for a date!

    πŸ™‚ Mollie xoxo

    • Rosie

      Agreed, Mollie! The ideal date! x

  • Oh god this post is just so perfect. You are just so perfect. That dress is a dream on you and you’ve made England look like a fairytale wonderland. Love it x

    • Rosie

      So glad you liked it Emma! Our mutual love of the UK makes Pinterest all the better! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Francesca Trafford

    You have to go straight back to the Fudge Kitchen! It’s been around since I was tiny and makes the most sinfully sweet and gooey fudge! It’s just opposite Kings and they make it at the front of the shop and the smell alone is worth the trip. They always let you try a sneaky bit too!

    FSHT x

  • Absolutely gorgeous photos, you look beautiful, and what amazing weather there was.

    Jess x

  • Goodness, what a gorgeous place! I hope to visit Cambridge when I’m visiting London next year! Maybe I’ll get a chance to run into you πŸ™‚ I love the photos of you on the punt! The weather looked perfect in every way!

  • America has some pretty idyllic university towns, but in terms of sheer force of architecture and that kind of magic that only comes to building after standing for, oh I don’t know, over several hundred years, the Brits take the cake! I did a study abroad at Oxford one summer and loved it, also hearing a great deal about their famed rival Cambridge! Thinking of going back to university?! – a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired.

  • Rosie Mabin

    Rosie helloo!
    Reading this from New Zealand, its currently 12.20 at night in the middle of winter and I’m in my student flat seeing my breath as I type – this actually gives me hope that summer will come again!
    From one Rosie to another, I think your posts are brilliant gal! x

  • Thanks I was looking for a place for lunch on sunday to bring my (french) parents visiting so your post was just perfect timing as I was struggling to find a nice place with the bank holiday weekend! I love Cambridge so much I want make the most of it hoping it won’t be too grey this weekend… Always a pleasure to read your articles!

  • Beccy

    Looks like a wonderful trip! I love Cambridge – my brother lives there and I always love visiting. Beautiful dress!

  • Lor

    So beautiful! This makes me miss England so much, in the midst of trying to settle in Australia and feeling a little homesick πŸ™ but your blogs always give me drive for adventures and seeking out the beautiful little things that touch your heart and make you smile. Thank you <3
    (I may be sliiiightly tipsy.. Laying in a hammock with a cocktail though..)

  • Eek this looks so lovely! One of the many things I love about England is the rich history πŸ™‚ Will definitely have to visit Cambridge soon and go punting xxx

  • In love with this post. Spring is showing and it’s beautiful!

    -The Southern Adventurer

  • Cambridge looks absolutely lovely! So perfect for a summer jaunt. I really do think I’ll need to pop by sometime, preferably during an extended UK-trip. For us foreigners it’s so easy to just hop on over to London, but we never seem to be terribly good at exploring all the other lovely places England has to offer.
    I also have to say…PJ takes really lovely photos of you! You can tell there’s someone behind the camera who really cares – both about the art and the photographic subject. πŸ™‚
    Maja /

  • Oh my god ! I wish I could studied there ! It’s simply amazing there … the prestigious university of Cambridge was for me a dream when I was young !
    I love the dress you are wearing btw πŸ™‚

  • Malin

    You look stunning as always! May I ask what is your height ? I love love love the dress, and I want to buy it! I’m only 162cm myself, so maybe it’s too long ?

    Hugs from Norway πŸ™‚

  • While all of the pictures that you and PJ take are smashing, my fav is the one of the ducks under the tree. It’s beautiful.

  • Leila B

    Absolutely love this post. I’m heading to Cambridge this weekend to visit my brother, so it’s made me super excited! I was just wandering Rosie if you could link me to your blogger bake sale post, I can’t find it and I was hoping to find the talented guy who made the burger cakes, as I remember him commenting on the blog post. Thanks!

  • Liz

    Beautiful photos – so much green! I live in the he UAE and miss all things green so much.

    Liz xx

  • Lovely pictures, I love the dress you were wearing!

  • Lesley

    I definitely need to visit Cambridge! I feel like I always take travelling around England for granted, and instead go someplace a bit further away. x

  • skybluesounds

    LOVE this post, you made Cambridge look so dreamy!! Definitely top of my list when my man and I go to Europe for our honeymoon!!!!

    xo Patricia

  • Looks like a dream place Rosie, I really want to visit it thanks to you!


  • That sounds like my kind of town!! I wish we had more places in America that were bike friendly, but I suppose when it’s 90 degrees with humidity in Georgia it’s not really “Bike weather” anyhow. Love your posts! They always inspire the travel bug inside of me!!

  • Hannah Lee

    Too much perfection in once post! Dreaming of studying at Cambridge one day and also hoping you come back to California to visit some of your readers at UC Berkeley!

  • Queenie Lee

    Cambridge looks absolutely stunning! We went punting in Oxford and it was awesome, you should definitely check it out too, if you haven’t already! πŸ™‚ xx

  • Lula Mae

    Suddenly I want to move to Cambridge. You captured it so beautifully dear!

    Lula Mae

  • I live in Cambridge – I am pleased you had a lovely time! xx

  • Anouk

    Oh gee PJ is such a good photographer, he manages to make you look even more adorable! Are you still using your Sony RX100? I’m thinking about buying it!


  • Scrolling through this post and all I keep thinking is how gorgeous your hair is. It’s so thick and pretty! Happy to see that you enjoyed your trip!

  • Your photos are perfection! I’m so in love with your maxi. Cambridge looks fabulous but hey, they’re accommodating a fabulous person!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  • Grace Denny

    Aw, it looks absolutely gorgeous! So picturesque!!

    XO, G from grace’d

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    You look absolutely radiant. Rose!

  • Cambridge looks wonderful! The dress you’re wearing is absolutely lovely! xoxo

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    ah what an absolutely beautiful spot! πŸ™‚

  • Fabulous photos & gorgeous outfit! Hopefully, I don’t bring the rain from Hong Kong back to England end of the month! Sorry in advance if I do xx

  • I love Cambridge!!! Definitely one of my favourite places as it’s just so beautiful and I love the history. The dress is beautiful and I loved it paired with the blazer. X Kate

  • I’m going to visit Cambridge as soon as possible.. It looks so lovely. Love your outfit. x

  • A A

    Looks like an lovely trip, i really want to go there too.

  • Sarah

    My hometown! It is beautiful especially in the sun where everyone goes punting or sits along the river. You picked a really lovely day to visit! xo

  • I love Cambridge, I went to school there and my hometown is not far away. You should pop in for a visit if you like quaint beautiful places, here’s my blog on the town..

  • That dress is beautiful! x

  • Hannah Pearce

    If you want a “Cambridge” closer to home, come to Oxford! Looks pretty much the same πŸ™‚

  • Looks beautiful! And brings back great memories of taking my cousins punting there when they visited from the US. Two 6ft3 american footballers meant that the top of the boat was pretty much level with the water… so we all got soaked!

  • Cambridge is such a lovely old worldly place- beautiful history and architecture! An art and a history lovers dream!! Beautiful pictures!

  • So beautiful!!

  • Christina

    You are so adorable, Rosie!

  • Your dress is soo pretty! And the landscape and city look amazing! πŸ™‚

  • blaise.dyer

    Someone did a serious job of lawn mowing is my conclusion. Plus you look gorg :). Cambridge looks kinda like Oxforrddd, I’ve never been!!



  • gina

    great outfit, love the car, love the boat – what a great afternoon you lucky girl!!

  • Guest

    I’m a history student at Clare and it is so lovely to see someone enjoying (and taking such beautiful pictures of) my college! If you come back you *have* to try Fitzbillies’ for breakfast/lunch or dinner which they serve on the weekends only – best place to eat hands down! glad you had fun in our sunny little city x

  • Claire Bosselut

    Lovely post and beautiful dress. Do you have a recommandation for a bra with a back like this one?

  • Lisa and Stella

    Stunning photos and a few quite familiar scenes as I’m a Cambs girl. So glad the weather was glorious for your visit πŸ™‚

  • MissEmmySue

    The color of the sky is absolutely unbelievable! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a sky so blue or grass so green…
    I’m glad you were able to enjoy such a beautiful trip. (:

  • This has to be my favorite post! I absolutely adore this dress and I’ve just bought it. Cambridge is beautiful! I have never been but I have always wanted to go and now, now I HAVE to go! Its so beautiful! These pictures are gorgeous. Yes, this is my favorite post.
    I’m glad you had such a good time

  • Great natural light in the shots! You look gorgeous Rosie!

  • Mia Salazar

    Cambridge looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go there and once in my life, I’ve wanted to study at the university. And your dress, I love it! It screams summer. | the suburb scenes

  • Gorgeous shots! I love your dress too! πŸ˜€

  • What a perfect way to wile away an afternoon. The back of your dress is gorgeous Rosie. Glad you enjoyed the car. I used to have a BMW hard top convertible as my company car & they really are great fun!

    Hugs xoxo

  • Stephanie

    I work in Cambridge, it’s so beautiful!



  • Olga Kazarova

    You would love the south-german City TΓΌbingen. It reminds me a lot of Cambridge and we also have those “gondolas” πŸ˜‰

  • You capture Cambridge so beautifully! And Patrick really does look like the type of person you’d see in there, charmingly handsome but doesn’t seem to realise it!

  • Cambridge looks amazing! I’ve never been either so will hopefully be able to make a trip in the summer πŸ™‚ love your posts! Charlie

  • Elouise, we say in Scotland “What’s fir ye, won’t go by ye.”
    πŸ™‚ x

  • Emma R

    I loved Cambridge when I visited last year, but the weather was absolutely horrible – cold, with an icy wind that didn’t make us want to stay outside for too long! Your photos have encouraged me to return – it looks like you had the perfect day. A punt is a must too, I didn’t get to do that during my visit!

  • Those backlit photos are so beautiful. What a day!

  • silly wombat

    Beautiful as always.

    Is that a tattoo I spied?

  • Beautiful!! Think I need to add a road trip to Cambridge to my list!


  • HandLuggageOnly

    You’re so lucky! πŸ™‚ I was stuck indoors revising for exams on this particular day (I know this via your instagram). Looks like such a lovely day and a fantastic set of photos too! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • We were there a few months ago and I was blown away by how picture perfect it is. Fab shopping too! Great photographs too x

  • ninegrandstudent

    Your day looks lovely, and I love your dress! I had a remarkably similar day a few weeks ago, so I recognise Clare Bridge you were standing on. However I was lucky enough to be visiting a Clare student, so had access to the gardens – you can see the pictures on this post x

  • Cambridge does look so beautiful I’d love to go visit sometime πŸ™‚ Your outfit looks so pretty and i have to say your hair is looking very long and disney like, i am too envious

    Lauren x

    Please nominate my blog for Best Lifestyle Blog and Newcomer here !

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Absolutely love your look! The pictures are unbelievably beautiful!

  • Come to Oxford! πŸ™‚

  • I’ve just fallen for Patrick.

    • Katie

      Hi Carolina,

      I have just read the happy ending to the love story that blossomed between the two of you as a result of this blog post- so lovely. It has given me the confidence to go and get my happy ending, too! Good luck to both of you.

      Katie x

      • Thank you, Katie! So nice of you. Get that happy ending… it’s possible! Sometimes you have to wait, sometimes good things happens. Just take the courage to chase what you really want. And maybe mine started as a bizarre and silly crush, but now it definitely got more serious and deep… you see, anything is possible.
        Thank you again, good luck !

        Carolina xxx

  • This looks wonderful! Have always wanted to go to Cambridge.

  • Great photos. Looks like you had a lovely day out! Love your dress too πŸ™‚

    Yazmin xx

  • Thank you for such a beautiful pictorial stroll through a place I am dying to visit. So gorgeous!

  • Janelle Saldana

    You look so pretty Rose! Can’t wait to visit some of the places you post! Especially London!

  • Swati

    Hey Rosie! Been reading you all the way from India for a couple of months now, Love the pictures! Thanks so much for taking us on your journeys!

  • Kate Vista

    Oh! I love Cambridge, although I was a Harvard girl myself.

  • Sinni

    Wow these pics are simply stunning what a beautiful place. πŸ™‚

  • it looks amazing – can’t wait to visit England again, its been way too long! Cambridge was featured in the film ‘Brideshead revisted’…dreamy!

  • Sounds lovely and looks like you had a good day for it too. I haven’t been there in years. Time for a return trip!

  • Looks like a dreamy day, and wonderful photography, as always!

  • Laura

    Wow Cambridge looks beautiful! Reminds me of Durham, where I went to uni. Lovely dress Rosie!

  • Jennifer

    You look so lovely in that ASOS dress!

    I loved being at Uni in Cambridge – there’s so many hidden gems down those cobbled side streets. Look out for their vintage markets and also if your there for the evening visit Lola Lo’s for some dancing and cocktails.

    The Varsity hotel roof bar is also amazing with beautiful views over the city (it’s just round the corner from where you get the punts from) xx

  • Maja Markiewicz

    Love you blog Rosie!! Best tips and great outfits! Love the dress, especially the back!

    Have a look at my lifestyle blog about living in Barcelona πŸ™‚

  • That dress with that blazer is the perfect summer outfit, looks just lovely on you!

  • Cambridge now def on my list of must see places for my up coming U.K. trip πŸ™‚
    Thanks for showcasing it so well Rosie xx

  • Your outfit suited your destination perfectly! That dress is so lovely.

  • Wow! Amazing photos. I really miss the UK when I see pictures like these! Cambridge looks stunning.
    I’ve recently been introduced to your blog by Steph at and I’m really enjoying all your posts!

    Soo jealous you got to drive the new 4 series! My hubby misses his BMW’s and I think the 4 series will be on the list when we move back to Europe!
    Looking fab as always! Take Care
    Heather : )

  • I’ve just had a weekend away in Cambridge and only wish it was as beautiful as this! Instead we had a lot of rain but I’ll definitely be back again soon to punt!

    Here was my rainy weekend there: