Tommy Tart

In my book recipes should be as simple as they are delicious.

I will concede that there’s a time and a place for a long, complicated dish that takes hours to prepare and wows the table into silence… but if you had to do that every day of the week you’d go cuckoo.

This cheeky little Spring tart is a variation on one of the first things I learned to make in school. So it is quite literally, child’s play.

A tomato, cheese, basil & balsamic tart.

A light, crispy base topped with warm, melting cheese, salted tomatoes & a little flourish of roasted basil.

It takes about 10mins to prep and 20 to cook.

Zero to delicious in 30mins flat!

To make one tart you’ll need:

Ready made puff pastry.

Tomatoes (Any variety you fancy, a mixture of colours is rather lovely)


Fresh basil

Balsamic vinegar



Olive oil

Pre-heat your oven to 220C/420F. Slice your toms.

Lay your pastry onto some baking parchment on a baking tray.

Whack out your soft cheese.

Smooth onto your pastry, leaving a little boarder for the tart edges.

I used a spoon to pat mine down a bit.

Then I licked the spoon.

Next lay your tomato slices on top.

Drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with salt & pepper.

Tear up a few basil leaves & toss ’em on there too.

Pop into the oven for 20-25mins.

When your time’s up, whip it out, drizzle the topping with a little olive oil & serve.

Delicious as part of a big lunch where everyone picks at different plates & sips pink wine.

Delicious with a salad and iced lemon water.

Delicious by itself, eaten from the pan in your pyjamas.

It’s just so versatile!

Here you go, let me give you a bite…

Oh, if only that worked…

We could have scratch & taste blog posts!

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  • I don’t know if it’s something you already have in the pipeline, but if not, you should really consider publishing a little recipe book. I know that whenever you put one up, I quite often try it out and they’re consistently delicious! Not only that, but your food photography really is a joy to look at =)


    • Rosie

      One day Katie, one day! x

    • Nicola Barrett

      Katie you took the words right out of my mouth! Rosie Get on it! I’ll buy it for everyone for Xmas! We could help if you’ve got gaps- I bet you get sent loads of recipes from us lot too! Nic x

    • TheGivingBride

      Agreed! I’ve actually worked on a cookbook before, its tons of fun not the lease of which because you get to taste test recipes. Of course not sure how helpful I would be living in NYC at the moment but the world is quite digital these days!

    • Ria

      I was thinking the same thing:) I actually read the first line of the post and thought Weeee, Rosie’s writing a cookbook then realized I misread it:( The meatballs recipes is my most re-pinned pin, close to 2000 re-pins now.

    • I would definitely buy the book if you made one! Thanked my professor who mentored my thesis with slutty brownies. She loved them and loved the name even more. And this looks delicious!

  • OMG! I have just eaten breakfast and now I am drooling over this! And its so EASY! I will be making this very soon πŸ™‚

    Is that Barry M gel polish on your nails? Love the shade!


    • Rosie

      It’s actually my friend Tanya’s polish and it’s called Peaches & Cream!


  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    This is just gorgeous – I’m hosting a dinner party this weekend and this will be a lovely Spring starter idea with a glass of prosecco πŸ™‚ Thanks Rosie! x

    • Rosie

      Ideal! x

  • Sheila

    Lovely! I feel like anything made with either puff pastry or Boursin is a winner; I will have to try this ASAP. Also, thank you also for the table setting deets! I am always oohing and aahing at your tabletops c:

    xo, Sheila

    • Rosie

      No worries Sheila, thought it might be handy… especially as the plates are in the sale! x

  • Mmmm I’m going to try this with goats cheese πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Mmmm good idea Mollie!

  • Piper Lincoln

    Rosie, you say you learned this in school…I take it from the delicious recipes you post that this was a culinary school? One of my future “plans” is culinary school!
    I am absolutely making this for dinner! I’m a cheese FREAK though, so I think I’ll sprinkle some parmesan on top or something πŸ˜‰

    • Rosie

      Just a normal school Piper! We had “home economics” lessons where you learned basic cooking stuff.
      Would be delish with parmesan, but then again… everything is delicious with EXTRA CHEESE! πŸ˜‰ xx

      • haha totally agree with the extra cheese part πŸ˜€
        this recipe looks delicious and Im a huuge fan of cherry tomatoes so im gonna try this very soon!

        Love your blog Rosie, sending kisses from Prague

  • The queen of food porn!

  • i love tarts and pastry parcels they are always a winner for me ! this recipe is fab, i love a roasted veg and avocado tart which is also quick and easy πŸ™‚
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –


  • If only there was scratch and taste blogs! Haha looks delish!

    Michaela x

  • Lora Schellenberg

    Looks yum! I make a similar tart but use goats cheese for the soft cheese and add roasted red pepper. MMMM!

  • This is my kind of spring dinner, love how simple it is to create yet how unbelievably tasty and pretty it looks ;D

    Mel x

  • Ooooh I love the idea of a recipe book! Or it could a bloggers’ recipe book with lots of bloggers contributing…let me know if you ever want to pursue it, that’s definitely something I’d be in on.

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  • Lola

    Looks yummy Rosie. I’ve made similar before, but often found the top is done before the bottom, and end up with *whisper* a soggy bottom in the middle (Mary would NOT be impressed), but I’ll give it another go! x

  • Ah, boursin makes the world a better place. Never had I thought about incorporating it into anything other than a cheese and biscuit feast, but this post has left me feeling inspired! I second what others have mentioned regarding a recipe book – you really do have ingenious ideas. X

  • Leanne

    yummm I’m going to make this for date night dinner tonight, thank you! x

  • This looks so incredibly easy, such a great garden party meal. I can’t wait to try this, great post!
    Gem. x |

  • This looks incredible! I’ve never seen boursin in Australia, I wonder if it could be substituted for ricotta or cream cheese?


    • RK

      cream cheese more than ricotta but a mix of the two would be ideaal, in terms of texture!

  • Chrissabella

    This sounds delicious and love the pics and blue tiles!

  • Lize

    oooo my friend is coming to visit me from London tonight and this will be a perfect dinner for us! Thanks Rosie!

  • CLS

    Looks amazing !! I’m having a new kitchen (yay!!) so this looks a fab one to try in my new oven πŸ™‚
    While you are recovering how about a giving us some links to other bloggers / sites that you love to look at (we promise to still love yours best !)

  • Oh yes – The Londoner cookbook is THE dream! πŸ™‚

    Eve xxx

  • Nam

    Scratch and taste blog posts.
    One day Rosie, one day.

  • The prefect spring recipe. Gotta try it shortly. Hope your back is a bit better. xx

  • Can’t wait to try this! And your pictures of the precooked tart are just so pretty!!!

    Meghan xo

    PS – hope your back is feeling better!!

  • Sepideh

    This looks SOOOOO delicious!!!!! Boursin is an amazing cheese…even just to eat with crackers (that used to be a go-to late-night snack for my sister and I when we would be studying away) Yummy!

  • The slow pace

    I think this recipe is going to be one of my favourites from your blog!!! It looks delicious and well, the fact that it’s easy peasy to prepare actually helps. Would it be OK if I prepare this for my next picnic??

  • Imogen Stafford

    this looks amazing!

  • It’s hard to believe something this beautiful is so easy to make. I can only imagine seeing this cooling near the window after a long day at work! Thanks for posting!

    • Oh yes, I agree! I can’t wait to make it on saturday evening.

  • This looks so delicious! I’ve tried the low carb bread and I’m hooked! Definitely going to try more of your recipes!

  • It looks so yummy, didn’t know there was so many types of tomatoes. x

  • Sophie

    Looks D-lish. Whenever I do this sort of thing, the pastry bottom is always a tad moist/ undercooked. Is that meant to be the texture??

    Sophie x

  • Such a cheeky little tart! Definitely doable on the student budget, which I love.

    Fie xx Coffee & Confetti

  • JaxGilly

    I am so making this as my contribution to Easter lunch!

  • oooo I have some Gluten Free Puff Pastry in my freezer- I think I will be giving this a go! x

  • Jess

    Looks delicious. I must thank you for sharing recipes that are easy to make at home. I love food blogs but sometimes the recipes are just way too complicated, expensive & overall scary, which is not the case in your blog. I’m going to try this tart soon, hoping as usual that I won’t burn my kitchen down.

  • saradujour

    Oh my goodness, this looks scrumptious! And it may just be the first recipe of yours that I dare try myself. (You were probably a more talented cook as a child than I am now.)


  • Vesna T.

    Dear Rosie,

    Your blog is my favourite cookbook and I can’t wait to try out this recipe πŸ™‚

  • I hope this means your back is feeling better, Rosie!

  • Hawley Tremblay

    I do a sweet version of this without cheese- just some puff pastry and sliced peaches (tossed first in a touch of honey and cinnamon). Dot with butter and bake. SO delicious!

  • TheGivingBride

    Sometimes the most simple recipes are the best. With ripe tomatoes this would look perfect on any summer table!

  • A scratch and sniff blog post – now you’re onto something!!! Quick, let’s get the techies onto it – I feel like it’s the first step to bettering lives πŸ™‚

  • OMG! I love Boursin, I am sooooo making this Rosie. I also agree with the comment below about a recipe book.

    How’s the back? Hope you’re mended πŸ™‚

    Hugs xoxo

  • MissEmmySue

    I can’t believe how lovely and easy this recipe is! It will be perfect for al fresco dinners during the summertime. Oh, and those tomatoes are absolutely beautiful. (:

  • It looks absolutely delicious + there is boursin in it + it’s a vegetarian recipe, so it directly goes on my next-recipes-to-try list πŸ™‚ Thank you Rosie! xx

  • Mmmm this looks lovely, I’ve made a similar one with cheese, pesto and tomatoes. Such a simple idea and so tasty. Hope you are feeling better soon Rose x

  • Lesley

    This looks so rustic and delicious! *Makes a pan full and actually eats it in pyjamas* x

  • Love a bit of ready made puff pastry! My mum used to make recipes like this all the time. She made me apple tart and it’s so delicious and easy!
    Love Jordan xx

  • Cannot wait to make this. In fact, I may do so tomorrow!

  • Amazing. The type of dinner I like to cook. Such a great simple meal πŸ™‚

  • Jolien

    I will definitely try this! Tomatoes and boursin are a match made in heaven anyway. (Lovely together on toast!) And puff pastry can be added to any mix.

  • This looks so delicious and easy to make! Boursin cheese is heavenly!

  • I am so hungry now! πŸ™

    The pictures look so tempting. I have got try it πŸ™‚

    I would love it if you can find time to visit my blog since I have started writing very recently.

  • Looks lovely, the colours are amazing and that heart plate is so cute!

  • Aisling

    This looks delish! Thanks for sharing, Rosie! Definitely one for the summer picnic baskets! πŸ™‚

  • Michelle

    I love your photography. Wow! May I ask what kind of camera you are using for the food shots? Many thanks X

  • Anna

    That looks so so good!

  • That looks amazing! Will definitely have to give this ago soon!

  • This is so similar to one that I make! So simple and yet so elegant……

  • Oh yes, I’m definitely going to try this! I agree with @KatieJaneGold:disqus, you should definitely consider a recipe book! I (along with others, I’m sure) would definitely be interested in buying it!

  • Jo Fisher

    This looks delicious! So simple but so tasty. It’s such a co-incidence though- I made a meal like this a week ago and have the recipe sat in my blogging drafts! I had to chuckle when I saw this pop up – great minds think alike! Not sure mine can compare to yours though! I’ll definitely be making this soon.

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  • Emma

    Love the roll out pastries, so easy to do anything with them! Personal favourite after a long day at work.

    Hmm maybe…

  • Oh goodness, this looks absolutely delicious!

    I need to try it!

  • omg this look so amazingly delicious!!! Can’t wait to try it!

    Maggie A

  • Hannah W

    I love the idea of Boursin on the base! I have done a similar thing before with either pesto or feta, but I think Boursin may be a new delicious favourite πŸ™‚

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Paulien Smid

    It was delicious, thanks!!!

  • It looks so great! Well done πŸ™‚

  • Yekaterina Khegay

    Rosie, I tried this recipe on a weekend and it turned out great, thank you so much! Though I have changed a few things replacing soft cheese with a cottage cheese mixed with a few spoons of a pesto sauce. The post has been even picked by a Yvision (KZ blog platform) team to be featured on the main page wohoooo!!)))

  • I made this for me and my husband the other day and it was incredible- thank you!

  • I made this for me and my husband last week- it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe

  • Cremaluisa

    I love tarts! I do similar one in my blog Rose. Marisa.x

  • I made this again tonight but added the left over chorizo from the quesadillas I made a few nights ago- it was a yummy addition!

  • Tried this last night, went down an absolute storm! I mean, I ate 2/3 of it but everyone enjoyed the tiny sliver I allowed them to have. Try adding peppers to it, I did this and it’s so nice, just adds another layer of flavour! x

  • Amanda Schiavone

    This looks amazing! Do you think it would taste good with sun-dried tomatoes too?

  • wearesavoury

    Wow this looks great!

    Ive made a vegan tarte tatin that has lots of flavour!!

  • Megan

    Hi there, this looks fabulous! Do you think it would be okay to freeze?

  • antheapena

    Just a tip, I tried this for the 1st time last Sunday, I recommend taking the Boursin out of fridge to soften when you defrost the pastry. Mine was cold & crumbly so I used a heated spoon to spread it. I was also a little heavy handed with balsamic vinegar & made 1 corner soggy. The guests loved it though!