Slowcooker Pork Ragu & Low-Carb Cheddar Mash

This makes a cracking supper.

You throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, then forget about them until supper time.

When you finally return you’ll be greeted with a kitchen that smells like heaven and a great, big pot of rich, meaty goodness waiting for you on the side.

Then all you have to do is take the lid off, whizz up your mash, pour a couple glasses of wine & serve!

I’m a big fan of low carb mash.

It feels decadent & comforting but you don’t get that “uggh” heavy feeling you get with potato. You also effectively trick yourself(/significant other/children) into eating a big bowl of vegetables without even noticing!

This recipe serves four people, but I like to make it for two and then enjoy the leftovers for a couple of days.

For the ragu:

Leg joint of free-range pork (about 900g)

2 tins of chopped tomatoes (400g each)

2 red onions, quartered

4 large cloves of garlic (peeled)

1 large glass of wine + 1 small glass of water

Squeeze of honey

2tsp smoked paprika

1tsp cocoa powder

Few splashes of soy sauce

Big pinch of salt & pepper

For the mash:

1 large cauliflower

1 pack miso paste



Mature cheddar cheese

Salt & pepper

Throw all of your ragu ingredients into your slow cooker & set to “low”. Leave it all cooking away for a good 5-6hours. When you return it should be easily shreddable & fall apart when poked with a fork. Shred it all up. Put on “high” and cook for 30mins.

After about 10mins you can make your mash.

Put your miso paste into a large pan with about 2inches of water in the bottom. Get it boiling and cut your cauliflower into separate little trees. When it’s boiling put them in and cook for about 10mins or until a knife slides through with ease.

When it’s ready, drain the water away and put the cauli in a food processor. Add a generous knob of butter, a splash of cream, two handfuls of grated cheddar cheese, salt & a good grind of pepper. Whizz it all up until you’ve got mash! You can decide how “thick” you want it, by how much cream & butter you add.

By this time you should be ready to serve!

Pop it all on the table…

Add a little fresh greenery to the meat if you like.

And a little extra pepper to the mash.

And dig in!

I made it for Tom and he was blown away. If a gruff, rugby playing boy approves carb free mash, then I can’t see anyone having a problem with it!

But by far my favourite bit is all the leftovers. The flavours mingle overnight in the fridge & become steadily more delicious by the hour.

Eggsellent with eggs in the morning.

And you just have not had a grilled cheese sandwich until you’ve had a slow cooked pork grilled cheese sandwich!

The sauce soaks into the bread but the outside stays crispy. The cheese melts into the cracks & oozes out of the sides.

You could stir it through pasta, put it on top of more veggies or you could always just stuff a baguette & take it to work!

But if you do, you have to promise me that when you’re surrounded by jealous coworkers asking “oh, what have you got there?” that you’ll crack this joke…

What do you call it when you cross a dinosaur and a pig?

Jurassic pork!

…should clear a space in no time.

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  • saradujour

    I have no idea what this post was about – I was blinded by that gorgeous GIGANTOR flower assortment! So beautiful, lucky you. x


  • Colleen

    This looks so good! Similarly if you put a meat and a jar of salsa in the slow cooker all day it makes the most incredible tacos! I get so many compliments when I have people over for Taco Tuesday and little do they know I put under 2 minutes of effort into them!


  • Krystal R.

    This looks so delicious. Definitely trying that carb free mash!

  • Emma Jobson

    This looks amazing Rosie, I think it might be worth making just for those sandwiches!! Yummy x

  • Sheila

    Holy deliciousness, I plan to make this soon! And I clearly need more peonies in my life, they’re so beautiful. Thanks for the recipe!
    xo, Sheila

  • BBQ pulled pork from the slow cooker has become a week night staple at home. The flavours definitely develop so having leftovers is a necessity, and pulled pork makes for the perfect burger topper. Quick question, how many meal times a week do you go low carb?

  • Jessie

    Looks absolutely moorish! I don’t have a slowcooker though- how could I do it in an oven? Also- I totally fangirl over your blog! Had your skinny banana icecream today with cocoa and vanilla essense through it, and it was amazing and strangely sin-free!

    • Rosie

      If you have a heavy pot with a lid you can just gently roast it for a few hours at about 120C xx

  • Thanks for the recipe Rosie. I am definitely making this during exams, so dinner is nutritious and easy to make.

    Fie xx

    Coffee & Confetti

  • Guest

    Looks yummy! Could I make it with beef instead of pork? (For us Kosher readers!) xx

  • That looks totally scrummy! thanks for sharing Rose xx

  • Beccy

    This looks absolutely delicious! Dinner for tonight is now sorted!

  • This looks totally melt-in-the-mouth! Normally I tend to run away from anything slow cooked but this may have converted me…!


  • Jo Fisher

    This looks like absolute HEAVEN. Rosie you’ve gone and done it again! We’re not even halfway through the morning and now all I want is pulled pork. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to try this!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  • This looks like a perfect comfort food dish & as I have a slow cooker it would be rude not to try it!!
    Hugs xoxo

  • This looks amazing! I am such a fan of your blog and all the cooking you do πŸ™‚

  • I love all your carb free tips and recipes!

  • The slow pace

    After the chocolate debacle of this past weekend I’m trying to eat less. Mainly salads, fruits an chicken. This post doesn’t help, Rosie. It doesn’t help. Could you please post pictures of your gorgeous legs instead of this for a while? I need a little bit of motivation!!!

  • This looks so good!! Will definitely have to try making this for dinner soon. The flowers on your table are beautiful too!

  • Emelie

    This looks heavenly rosie! I’d be happy to eat pork ragu all the time πŸ˜€ It would be great if you’d like to check out my little slice of the internet at πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Oh it’s recipes like this that make me want to buy a slow cooker. Should clear out all those unused kitchen appliances to make room…
    Agree about the pulled pork cheese toastie, made one with left overs a little while ago, delish!

  • OMG – can’t wait to make this just so I can make that scrumptious sandwich! The Mister and I are big fans of low-carb mash too – instead of the miso, we boil ours along with a few cloves of whole garlic and then mash them in with the cauliflower. Yummmm…. Thanks for what looks like another fantastic recipe!!!

    Meghan xo

  • Oh my that looks good!!

  • Oh my, Rose! This looks insanely delicious – especially that grilled cheese sandwich! I think the slow cooker might just be one of life’s greatest inventions!


  • That looks incredible, I definitely need to buy a slow cooker now!

  • gillian

    This looks delicious, cant wait to try it out & enjoy a cheeky grilled cheese with the leftovers after πŸ™‚ x

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • That is one tower of a sandwich! I’ve made cauli mash before but never with miso; will definitely have to give it a try. Ever use the slow cooker for veggie stuff?

  • Oh looking at this makes me hungry. I never thought about a low carb mash like this before but I definitely will give it a try.


  • This looks incredible! I think I need to make this for the girls at uni.

  • Laura

    This looks amazing!!! Anything with ‘pulled’ in the title and Im dribblin’! Yum! xx

  • Looks delicious! My boyfriend and I are going to make it tonight πŸ˜€ xx

  • Taurean Coughlan

    Oh dear lord. that looks amazing. Death row dinner would def be that sandwich with the leftover meat. Delicious.

  • Hannah

    The token dad-jokes are my absolute favourite part of your blog! (Followed closely by the food-porn).

    (Which now has competition with the picture of Custard in glasses that I only noticed now)



  • robyn

    can you make this pork without a slow cooker?

  • Emily Kalbun

    As usual, you have come up with a recipe that is easy and mouthwatering! What inspired this recipe? There are a lot of interesting flavors-cocoa, paprika, soy sauce- interesting combo. What gives?

  • I’m not a fan of cauliflower but I absolutely love cauliflower mash. Have you had cauliflower crust pizza? Using cauliflower as a carb substitute is genius because it’s definitely got some heft without feeling too hefty, if that makes sense. Anyway, loving your blog as always!

  • Coralie Rose

    that looks very tempting! i’m afraid too complicated for my liking (i’m a very lazy cook), but i will be sure to pass the recipe over to my dad! (the chef of the family) πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Guest

    First! Can you post me a portion of this…as my prize? πŸ˜‰

  • I’m going to have to give this a shot! Especially the mash, how cleaver. Thank you for sharing this yummy looking recipe!

    That Comfort Girl

  • Looks delicious!

  • This meal absolutely delicious Rosie! Can’t wait to make the grilled cheese sandwich too! πŸ˜€

  • Sophia Nicholls

    This looks fantastic. I need a slow cooker in my life!

  • Marielle

    Looks absolutely amazing! Thanks for all of the genius recipes, Rose πŸ™‚

  • KFunk

    Looks amazing! Just got two big cauliflowers (to make your chicken bowls, actually!) but will have to try this as well. And I made shrimp saganaki last night…on a Rosie recipe roll this week apparently! πŸ™‚

  • geronimonkey

    Rose, I’m a little confused why you think it’s healthy to encourage a lack of carbohydrate, but you don’t feel it’s necessary to lessen the fat content in this meal; indeed, you promote a greater use. Pork is a very fatty meat and you’re pairing it with cream, butter and cheese. Carbs aren’t necessarily bad but you seem to be implying that not having carbohydrates automatically makes the meal healthier. Wouldn’t it be more healthy to have mashed potato, but with a dollop of fat-free yoghurt to add creaminess, and semi-skimmed milk?

  • Rosie! This is wonderful! I can’t wait to make this and turn it in to a cheesy sandwich. Yum. I miss your list of favorite blogs. Any chance that you plan to bring it back? Or am I just a boogey and can’t seem to find it for myself? πŸ™‚ thanks!

  • Liz

    Hello Rosie!

    That mash look ridiculously tasty. I bet everyone appreciates you being the cook!

    I wanted to ask you about the book by Barry Groves. I know you normaly do
    not write book reviews but maybe you wouldn’t be reluctant to do one on
    this book. It just sounds seriously interesting and captivating.Have a beautiful night. Many greetings from Germany!

  • Can we talk about those gorgeous peonies?! And gahhhhh, what I wouldn’t do to be your roommate… I’d trade you awkward, funny stories for yummy food any day!

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    Looks amazing!! L x

  • That grilled cheese….wow. Can’t wait to try it!

  • This looks utterly insane! I love your cauliflower alternatives – such a fabulous idea! Will defo give this recipe a try!

  • MissEmmySue

    Well, I’m a vegetarian but you can bet I’ll be making that cheddar mash! Yeee!

  • Hey, Rosie!!

    That looks delicious like all your recipes!!!

    I can’t wait for your next outfit post though.

    I hope you have time to visit my blog sometime!!


  • Katie Louise Clarke

    Sounds bloody amazing πŸ™‚ x

  • I’ve been looking for a new slow cooker recipe and this looks like it will do the trick. Can’t wait to give it a shot!

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    Looks delicious!

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    I just started reading your blog! I can’t wait to follow in your culinary footsteps πŸ™‚

  • Truly mouth watering! It looks so tasty, and anything with mash has my vote!

    Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  • Sepideh

    I make a similar version of that mash and it’s so TASTY and guilt-free!

  • Grania Boyle

    Sounds and looks totally delicious can’t wait to try it

  • Rosie I really wish you were coming to TN instead of TX or that I was able to come on my husbands next business trip to London. You are my soul sister in food. I love it and I’m not afraid to eat it! Safe travels!


  • Shade of Red Blog

    Safe travels, Rosie! You inspire me every day.

  • lisa robb
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    Oh my! I need to get a slow cooker, like right now!! πŸ™‚
    What a mouthwatering post, Rosie!

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  • Wow – I LOVE pulled pork – never attempted to make it myself though… I’ve been searching London for the best though – The Joint in Brixton gets my vote

  • dj_b

    Rosie, can I use this mash to top a cottage pie or will it not hold up?

  • That looks gorgeous! I love mash and always feel a bit down when I’m doing low-carb and can’t eat it so this is perfect!! The pork looks lush as well x

    Katy |

  • Emma Hartland-Mahon

    Can you recommend the best brand/ model for a slow cooker please? x


    Never heard of Low Carb Mash, but it looks fab and we’ll be trying it tomorrow!
    Thanks for the heads-up!
    Emma πŸ™‚

  • Frk. Sams

    I would love to try this, and other slowcooker recipes out, but I don’t own a slow cooker..
    What’s your weapon of choice Rosie? πŸ™‚
    Would love to have an experts opinion before I go out and buy something that won’t last me more than two or three dishes πŸ˜€

  • Dee

    I made this today – the pork was cooked beautifully! My sauce didn’t have the depth of flavour I was expecting though, but a little stove time and tweaking helped. Also, cauli-mash was delicious!! Thanks Rosie, your recipes are really helping me with low carb ideas! The pad thai salad is my fave!