Ok, you asked for it… so here we go!

I’ve been slacking and a very bad little blogger, I haven’t done one of these in ages.

Rather than bore you with my beauty discoveries every time I make one, I quite like saving them all up and bombarding you with a whole shed load of them at once.

Like Father Christmas emptying his sack, here are my current beauty obsessions.

This is the daddy of all lip balms, by La Roche Possay. No nonsense, no fragrance or colour. Equally brilliant for boys & girls & my constant companion.

Nail polish from my gorgeous friend Tanya Burr, and Mavala oil dryer because I’m too impatient and clumsy to let nail polish dry naturally!

Clinique “Even Better Eyes”. This is a beautifully smooth, light little product that you roll underneath your eyes when you haven’t had the best night’s sleep. The cool applicator chills as the product brightens & hides dark circles. (Clearly a little too well used, as the labels is almost all rubbed off!)

I hadn’t actually realised what a Clinique junky I’d become, so I apologise for the onslaught…

Clinique all in one facial moisturiser. Light, smooth, protects your skin from the elements. Everything you need, in one pot.

Their high impact mascara & strawberry Chubby stick are my current go-to products for when I’m just running out the door and don’t have time for all the other jazz.

Acidophilus because beauty begins in your tummy! (Find this at any good health store.)

Neal’s Yard bubble bath.

I recently started BarreToned, a hard core ballet style work out that KILLS your muscles, so this has been keeping me alive.

Neom luxury shower oil.

I smooth this all over just before the end of my shower. It moisturises & feels like a spa treatment. You jump back into the world feeling & smelling a million dollars.

Lush Rose Jam shower gel.

Feels a little like showering inside a Victoria Sponge, in a good way.

Gradual facial tanner from Creme de La Mer, just to get me through the winter!

It gives a very natural tan & doesn’t smell of fake tan at all, which is always a bonus.

Vaseline Spray & Go.

I don’t understand how nobody told me about this product. I bought it on a whim and holy moly, it’s great! I hate moisturising usually but this is so ruddy easy, you just sort of twirl & spritz yourself all over. It sinks in all by itself & you can put your clothes on right away.

Cheap as chips, too.

Now, if I feel a breakout coming on… I grab my Clinique exfoliating scrub.

Go to town with it in the shower, then follow it up with…

… this little wonder from La Roche Possay.

You just smear it all over your face before bed and when you wake up, you wont even be able to make out a blemish, never mind a spot.

God knows what they put in that little tube, but it works.

My bronzer/all-over-face-dust of choice is also (funnily enough) by Clinique.

It gives a much more natural, rosy glow to skin than other bronzers I’ve tried. Perfect in this miserable weather!

For my eyes I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Naked palette.

You can use it to create very natural, barely there makeup or go wild with a dark smokey, sultry look.

Very handy to keep in your bag if you’re heading from a meeting to a party, or a date.

Finally, I’ve been feeding my candle addiction.

The front runner up there is a sweet gift from Buggy Designs, a personalised, monogrammed candle.

Closely followed by Cire Trudon’s Melchior and Feu de Beaumont’s Jasmine Glass Vessel, which comes with a very fancy gold topper…

So come on, spill. What unbeatable beauty buys have you got for me to try?

PS. I have a little secret I’ll let you in on tomorrow. Make sure we’re friends on Facebook! I think I’m going to have a few very cool posts coming up…

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  • Good tip there for the La Roche Posay thing, thanks – will pass on to my teen. Oh and ‘like Father Christmas emptying his sack’ *snigger*

  • Guest

    Epsom Salts are great to relieve tired muscles..and have a variety of other uses!

  • Rose

    Love the Naked palette and the chubby sticks! Have you tried Benefit’s mascara? I really like that one too πŸ™‚

  • Amber

    I LOVE La Roche Posay! Great choice…

  • I’m currently obsessed with Coconut oil!. I use it as a daily moisturizer, in place of my lotion, for shaving (I swear my razor is lasting a lot longer), a deep conditioner once a week and I even make my own body scrub with brown sugar and vanilla! Not to mention it’s been great for the few times the little ones have had the occasional diaper rash!

    • Jo crawford

      where do you get your coconut oil from? sounds right up my street πŸ™‚

      • Jo,

        I buy in bulk from Sam’s club. You can still get the extra virgin from there! And it saves so much money! A normal 16oz jar is about $7 and I got a massive tub for $15. I haven’t put a dent in it and i’ve had it for 3 months.


  • Brittani

    I’ve also been having a love affair with Clinique, try the Take The Day Off Balm (if you can find it, it always seems to be sold out!!) I’ll have to give the eye cream and the spray moisturiser a go – what a revelation x

  • Where is the oil dryer thingy from? i NEEEED that, im forever doing my nails in a rush and chipping them – never seen that!
    The clinique superbalm moisturising gloss is the perfect combo for that on the go lip colour – its not sticky and does a gloss and lip balm in one!
    Can’t live without mine πŸ™‚

    Mollie xoxo

    • Stephanie Longstaff

      Get it from for Β£6.95 – my fav place for all beauty buys since they are much cheaper than the RRP’s!!
      Steph x

  • Great selection! The Naked palette is a favourite. You’re so right, beauty begins in the tum.

    I’d always recommend Nuxe balms and oils, they’re so so nourishing. If you’re an exfoliation lover, grab a clarisonic and use Elemental Herbology oil based cleansers – so good!

  • Hannah Hewitt

    How have I not heard of this Vaseline moisturiser?? This is going to change my life. Thank you!

  • Debbie Walpole

    Love it … would love to know more about your hair goodies, you always have such shiny and perfect hair in your photos!

    I absolutely love morrocan oil products for my hair and recently discovered Batise XXL Plumping powder for making my hair big, it is AMAZING if you haven’t tested it yet, you should, it doesnt break the bank either!


  • Thanks for this Rosie – I love your beauty posts! Completely sympathise with your Clinique obsession, their chubby sticks are great.

    That Vaseline Spray & Go looks like a lifesaver – I usually hate moisturising too, that sticky feeling of having to wait for it to sink in ugh! I’ll have to try this stuff πŸ™‚

  • Such a good stash but you’ve got to try the glamglow products–their clearing mask and hydrating mask are out of this world amazing and I think you’d love them!

  • Sepideh

    I’ve been using the Urban Decay palette so much in the past month or so! So easy & great for day or night! And the chubby stick is the BEST. I always have one in my bag because it’s so moisturizing and love the colours!

  • Leonie

    I was using some really expensive skincare but it destroyed my skin (I’m allergic/sensitive to pretty much everything). I swapped over to Boots’ Botanics range, specifically the brightening products, and have noticed such a difference! I also really love Body Shop’s illuminating powder, as it matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn’t look chalky.

  • I was just searching for the other beauty posts you’ve written when this popped up, brilliant!
    I’ve got a complete and utter Kiko addiction – there are loads all through Milan and I know they’ve gone to London now! I’m not normally a massive make-up buyer but everytime I go in I come away with at least €30 worth in my little plastic bag! I really recommend popping in, they always have so many new interesting products! I’m also a sucker for Tom Ford lipsticks..
    Lucy xxx

  • I am a massive Clinique junkie too and totally agree with the high impact mascara and chubby sticks – they are super! I like their brush on cream eye liners which are also amazing. Interested to see whether La Roche Posay cream would work wonders for me too!

  • Ann

    I keep a jar of organic coconut oil in the bathroom and use it as an after shower lotion as well as rinse with it for healthy gums and to remove toxins (oil pulling). Don’t spit it down your sink or use it in the shower as it may clog your drain. You should also look into dry brushing. It is a must for skin and great for your lymphatic system.

  • Thank you for the La Roche Posay mini review I am going to check that out!

  • I have been in love with Xen-Tan for a few years now! It gets me through winter and smells of cherries! I can’t recommend it enough for nights out or a perfect summer glow! x

  • Sam

    Ooooh, I’ve been meaning to give Clinique products a shot. I think you have convinced me!

    That Curious Cat

  • Great products! I love everything Effaclar from La Roche. Just like you said, I don’t know what they put in there, but it certainly works.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Alicia Cooper

    Man, now I feel like I am going to spend my entire paycheck on Clinique products! haha I love reading reviews on this stuff before buying them though because they are so pricey! so glad you enjoyed so many of their products! <3

  • disqus_h74oKmXe0l

    Great post! Which foundation do you use Rosie?

  • Ill be running out and buying the La Roche Posay product after work! Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

  • Andrea

    BB cream! Also, any makeup by FACE (Stokolhom), but especially their liquid foundation and gel eyeliner!

  • I’m excited to know what the secret is. I can’t help thinking it must be something to do with all these dates you’ve been going on recently missy πŸ˜‰

    I love the idea of the spray on moisturiser! Have you seen the advert? If not, I urge you to Youtube it now. It’s so clever!

    Can I go totally off-subject and request a new blog post on your new home? Desperate to see it/how you decorated it. Loved the last place so can’t see how this can beat it!

    Katie <3

  • Love this post, Rosie!
    I think Effaclar Duo is too strong for the whole face, though! So caveat for those who have sensitive skin who feel like slathering it on their whole faces too. πŸ˜‰

  • Shaleen G

    I love the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I also love the monogrammed candle from Buggy Designs. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Str-Vectin face lotion!! My wrinkles are disappearing and I’m in love. Don’t forget to put it on your neck and dΓ©colletΓ© too! Must try this mer face tanner…


  • Jen

    I’d also go with Nivea in shower moisturiser. Cheap as chips as no forgetting it and putting your tights on! (Also no nasty aerosol…)

  • MissEmmySue

    Urban Decay eyeshadows are just fabulous, aren’t they? I’ve yet to buy a palette from them that I don’t love! And the Clinique chubby sticks have become one of my go-to lip products over the past few months. I love the color variety that they offer!
    I’m always in search of a good lip-balm so I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for the La Roche one- it sounds lovely!

  • Louise

    Great products! I love the Naked palette!
    Lou x

  • I love the Liz Earle range – Cleanse and polish is amazing. And its smells gorgeous too.
    I was looking for a new eyeshadow palette and the urban decay one looks great.
    Thank you Rosie. Love your blog,
    Kirsty x

  • I love Effaclar Duo! Retinol is my number one beauty secret right now for fighting acne and aging! And sunscreen of course.

  • good beauty buys- I love the moisturiser πŸ™‚

  • Aimee Flanigan

    Great products! That candle looks amaaazing!

    Aimee AroundTwenty xx

  • Almond oil all the way. Natural, cheap and so good for you. All that vitamin E really does wonder for my skin! I use it on my face instead of moisturizer. It also does work very well on my super duper dry elbows πŸ˜‰

  • Jenna

    Great selection of products! Urban decay’s naked palette is amazing. I don’t use any other eyeshadows!

    Jenna ||

  • Damn!! If only I’d known about those BarreToned classes before I moved away from West London πŸ™ Now they’re too far away for me to travel after work to attend for one hour. Siiighh you’re making me want to move back to West London!

  • I love these and have been searching for the perfect lip balm. I am going to give it a try. Thank you, thank you!

  • fasttimeswithfob

    I love love love my Naked Palette. Looks like you’ve got Naked Basics which is wondrous. I’ve got Naked 3 though because the pink-y undertones work well with my skin & green eyes.

    You ought to try Lorac’s touch-up to go. It’s like a little pen that serves as both concealer and foundation, but it doesn’t dump out a whole bunch of liquid foundation or leave your skin feeling coated. It’s my go-to, especially for when I’m on the go.

    I have a Revlon matte chubby stick that is my absolute favorite. It actually stays on longer than my Clinique one, which is odd. Maybe it’s because it’s matte.

  • Lotta Gordon

    I’ve just recently come across your blog and i absolutely love
    everything about it…especially since you seem to be just as much of an
    Clinique-addict as i am and don’t even get me started on all that
    gorgeous food, the restaurant reviews, your sweet, sweet dog…i could go on! I hope to find
    some of the places you suggested on my next trip to London! Thanks for
    the beautiful posts and inspiration!

  • One Fell Scoop

    Smashbox O-glow – arrives in a clear tube, but turns a different shade of pink depending on your natural blush-colour. Super clever. (

  • OK I’m sorry to be a party pooper/grammar nazi, and I did love the post and all, but I can’t help noticing that you misspelled ‘La Roche Posay’ as ‘La Roche Possay’ and it made me think of borat saying pussy in a really funny accent and I’ll leave now…

  • such lovely picks! la roche posay — cannot go wrong!

  • Thanks so much for sharing rosie! Im a huge la roche posay fan too!

    Michaela X

  • littlemidge83

    High impact Mascara, definitely the best. I’ve used it and have been raving about it for years. Every time I try another, it’s just a wasted of my money. I’m gonna try the vaseline Spray & Go. Awesome! Thanks!

  • Anna M

    Okay… two months ago I got my monthly Birchbox subscription and inside was the most fabulous leave in conditioner ever! It smelt like heaven! You can only get it through their website so here is the url..left my hair silky and I got tons of compliments! Boys love the way it smells.

  • love the clinique chubby sticks and moisturiser! have to try some of the other products out soon

    xx Milly

  • Mel

    The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is my favourite palette right now! It’s such a great little palette to have especially when it comes to travelling.

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • LilyLipstick

    I love the Clinque Even Better Eyes too, their roller ball eye cream is great too. x

  • Love urban decay! Thanks for all the tips πŸ™‚

  • Your blog is my absolute favourite! Clinique’s products are amazing. I’ve been using their anti-blemish 3 step skin care routine and the Soap and Glory products to get my skin through this horrendous weather!

  • I love the Spray & Go moisturizers–they’re awesome. I’ve been looking for a good gradual tanner for my face, I’ll have to check out the Creme De La Mer one for sure!

  • Tanya Burr

    Yay I’m so happy you like my nail polish! πŸ™‚

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Check out my newest blog posts regarding beauty products: ! The most recent is my “lust list” and oh boy, there’s a lot of things you’ve just GOT to try! Also, my Valentine’s Day lip products and the beauty products I’ve gotten in January. Enjoy!

  • Emma R

    I find that using natural products on my skin really works. Good old Marks and Sparks have a “pure” range of skincare – their facial oil smells heavenly, gives you soft skin and is under a tenner!

  • Chubby sticks are my addiction, and I need to give the La Roche Posay treatment a try. Winter has not been kind to my face, I’m breaking out like crazy.

  • AgnesDG

    Rosie – and everyone else reading this – I’m gonna share with you the BEST beauty/health product I know of: Matcha Green Tea Powder. It is basically ground green tea leaves that make up a powder, and I think one teaspoon is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. So a shot (1teaspoon in water/juice whatever you like) a day literally cures everything! This has become my morning ritual and I just can’t describe how much it does for me. Google it! I especially advise it for people living in London/other cities with the pollution, stress etc. This rinses you from the inside:) Also, if you’re wondering, the highest quality is the powder that has the brightest and strongest color. Although my experience is that most producers available on the western market offer a fairly good quality.
    A must-have in my collection! πŸ™‚

  • GuΓ°rΓΊn Inga GuΓ°mundsdΓ³ttir

    You must try the Lanolips tinted lip balms. It’s the best lip balm I’ve EVER tried, and that’s saying a lot. The one in Rose is lovely, moisturizing and a very subtle pink color.

  • Beth

    I’m not really a fan of Clinique mascara or chubby stck. Love all there skin care stuff though. Have you ever tried channel mascara? Bit expensive but totally worth it! Also body shop have a really good lip stain if you want just a natural healthy tinge to them.

  • Grania Boyle

    If you can get past the smell, try a spritz of apple cider vinegar as toner. A tip I read from none other than Scarlett Johannson. I dilute it with some water. The difference in the clarity of my skin since using it is remarkable. Really good for blemishes as well.

  • Danielle

    great choices! I’m putting some of them on my shopping list!

  • I’ve become quite the Clinique addict too – great products that aren’t astronomically expensive! Excited to check out the La Roche Posay blemish cream you recommend!

  • A peak inside my bathroom cupboard isn’t nearly as glamorous as this! Thanks for sharing x

  • TheGivingBride

    I have to admit to being completely obsessed with Essie nail polish!

  • Vicki

    two items… organic rose hip oil and paw paw cream. I just started on rose hip oil (trilogy brand) and its a GOD SEND!!! My Nan put me onto paw paw ointment when i was a kiddie. And yes an epsom salt and lavender oil bath is the absolute best πŸ™‚ x

  • I try not to put so many cancer causing chemicals on my skin so I stick to raw, organic virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser, Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid soap and Aloe Dent Flouride-free toothpaste, and use Trilogy or Pai Skincare.

  • What perfect products! I’ve been really curious to try out the Tanya Burr products!

    xoxo Anine

  • I swear by those acidophilus capsules! Also a huge fan of UD eyeshadows & have their naked palette.

    Hugs xoxo

  • Chick Chat

    The Vaseline spray sounds amazing! I can never be bothered to wait for moisturiser to dry so this sounds PERFECT,

  • Argh, not I just want to go and buy a ridiculous amount of beauty products that I really can’t afford!

  • Ulrike Schulz

    My favourite is definitely Clinique πŸ™‚

  • Carol

    Hey Rosie, can you post the name of the La Roche Possay product? The redirect isn’t very clear and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thanks x

  • A secret? Oh do tell! I want to try that nail polish dryer because I always chip my nails. My favorite beauty product is so basic- cocoa butter. It’s the best for dry lips. πŸ™‚

  • domfas

    The Wet Brush is the best brush ever! You can brush your wet or dry hair with it and never feel a knot…. plus it makes your hair so soft. I don’t go anywhere without it! I got mine at Target- but saw that the sell it on

  • disqus_WYqc6UdbGR

    I love La-Roche Posay’s effacler foaming gel πŸ™‚ it smells nice and makes my face feel very clean. I also use it on my back/chest in the shower if I’m breaking out.

    I use coconut oil on my face now in place of any lotion because it’s supposed to be more natural than any chemicals found in most products. Ever night I apply diluted apple cider vinegar (5 to 1 ratio) with cotton balls on my face/neck as a toner. I use a Q-tip in tea tree oil (not diluted) for spot-treating any blemishes (I haven’t tried the LRP duo formula but I’m interested in trying it out!). I also buy vitamin C powder (~$10) and mix it with water for a brightening treatment every 3 days…it lasts forever and costs a fraction of the $30+ vitamin C formulas out there. Every week I use raw, unpasteurized honey as a face mask, sometimes with some cinnamon mixed in πŸ™‚

  • PeonyandPeach

    I love a good nose into other people’s makeup bag/skincare stash! I’ve been using coconut oil a lot recently, it’s great for removing makeup, even waterproof mascara and it’s great as a night time moisturiser. I’ve also been using it as a pre shampoo hair treatment, it just smells so good! I’ve also been loving the Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub, it’s really ‘scrubby’, if you know what I mean!

  • Lyndsey Smile

    I love the Vaseline spray its fab, my fav is the cocoa butter one it smells gorgeous. The chubby sticks look good, think I will try them out xx

  • Love that your beauty routine isnt so high-maintenance, Rosie!
    I personally love Tom Ford makeup and Chanel – for skincare, I trust Lancome even if I’ve ranted on their loyalty schemes πŸ™ Looking to try some good ole French skincare soon!

  • Jaci Shaffer

    I love that you included Acidophillus in your post. I just recently started taking Acidophillus, Deodorized Garlic, and Cranberry Pills, myself, and it’s surprising just how well they make you feel.

  • Chrissabella

    Love the La Roche Posay cream, such a life safer and really want to try the oil seal dryer, sounds amazing for clumsy girls like me ha πŸ™‚

    Greetings from London,

  • Amilia Sofia

    I bet those candles smell gorgeous! I love Clinique, used it for years & want to try that spray moisturiser too xx
    Mili Mola

  • Leith Mahoney-Maver

    I cannot express just how much I love knowing what other people’s beauty regimens are. Thanks so much for the tips, can’t wait to try out some of those creams! – Leith

  • I used to love the Roche Posay overnight tube of wonders, but have found something even better. Clinique makes a red clay mask that you are recommended to leave on for 15 or so minutes (though I often do an overnighter) – it is even better!

  • Livinz

    I definitely recommend Trilogy Rosehip Oil – great all-rounder. Use it as an intensive moisturizer before bed, put it on blemishes, stretch marks – it’s amazing. Smells lovely as well. πŸ™‚

  • Alright I’m really not much of a beauty expert at ALL! but my very very favourite product in the world at the moment is Origins Modern Friction.. its a gentle facial scrub and it makes my skin so so soft I could swear that if my skin could talk it would loudly sing out of joy whenever I take it with me to the shower πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing Rosie!

  • doublecurl

    on the clinique trail…I find their lash power mascara is better than all the others! its a little on the natural side but it tubes up on your lashes and glides off with warm water without smearing. same goes for tears so no smudging or running at all. It’s the only mascara I’ve ever repurchased and I’m probably on my 10th tube at the mo.

  • Julianne Lawrence

    I’ve been buying a lot of Clinique lately too – and Benefit!

  • Hi Rose :] I’m a big fan of Lush Products, and thought you might want to try Sea Spray. I know you’re an ocean girl and Sea Spray allows you to bring the smell of the ocean with your hair. Check it out :]

  • Thank you for sharing your skincare routine, which is very different to mine because I have very sensitive and eczema-prone skin. I do use the La Roche Posay though. I will be trying out your coconut oil recommendation.

  • Adaleta Avdic

    This is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done-mainly because I’m beauty obsessed and it’s nice to see exactly what you use yourself!