Hanging Out

I’m not the sort to relish traditional exercise.

I don’t long for the gym, I like to get my heart racing with a good dollop of fun.

My current body stretching, muscle toning, heart thumper is all down to swinging.

Not that sort of swinging, cheeky.

Yoga swinging!

My clever big sister saw me curtain climbing and hanging upside down in LA and thought I might like to do the same back home, so treated me to a rather swish yoga swing.

As you can see, I’m enjoying it hugely!

One of the first things I learnt was the “inversion” (hanging upside down to you & me).

If you often sit in front of a computer or wear high heels then this is just the best thing thing you can do to stretch out your back & decompress.

It increases oxygenation of the cells, which is detoxifying and boosts your energy levels.

Reduces blood pressure, increases fertility and even sorts out irregular or painful periods, apparently.

Look mum, no hands!

Apart from pretending to be a bat, you can also work out. Stretch, build muscles & tone up, using just your own body weight.

It does wonders for your core muscles, trust me it hurts to laugh the next day!

You can choose to just do regular yoga, with a little extra help (try downward facing dog with the swing holding up your hips and you’ll really increase your flexibility) or you can use it to swing from the handles and really push yourself…

Of course, Custard thinks it’s only good for one thing…

“Meditation time.”

Yoga swinging’s getting bigger & bigger.

There might be a class near you (TO THE GOOGLE MACHINE!), but you could always pop one up in your sitting room/garden like mine.

Find one here & they come with hooks ready to roll.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to freak all my friends out by inviting them to a swingers party…

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  • G.C

    That looks so cool! Although when it gets really cold I don’t envy you doing yoga outside! πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Will hang it inside when it gets too chilly! I imagine it’ll please Custard hugely! x

      • G.C

        Haha yes, I imagine he would be a very enthusiastic yoga partner!

  • Vilde :)

    Haha! that looks like so much fun, though also a bit difficult πŸ™‚ I’m really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work Rosie πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Thanks Vilde! x

  • cremaluisa

    Rose, how can you look so amazing upside down! amazing!!! not for me though! Marisa.xx

  • Charlotte

    Wow this looks awesome, I’ve never seen a yoga swing before! Will have to give it a go. Xx http://www.worthwakingupfor.co.uk

  • english.rose1991

    Love this idea, where did you get the frame from though Rose- I can’t see it on the website link?! Thanks! Ali

    • Rosie

      I think she got it from the same place, if you email they can organise frames etc. x

  • Lottie Greenwood

    The Swingers Party comment just had me laughing a little too loud in the office!
    This looks amazing… I reckon I could fit one in my lounge although it may become a cat toy….
    Lottie xxx

    • Rosie

      Haha sorry about that Lottie! Hope you’re not getting too many strange looks πŸ˜‰ x

  • Marianne

    I’m pleased to see you getting into yoga swinging Rosie but I’m really disappointed in this post. You’ve left out SO MANY if not ALL of the benefits of yoga swing use which include helping with:-

    Blood pressure

    Pulse rate















    Hand eye coordination


    Heart disease



    Carpal tunnel syndrome






    Obsessive compulsive disorder


    Back pain


    I really wish you would inform correctly and not just say something is fun when in fact it is a life changing tool that many of us are championing for use in all schools and homes.
    Glad to see you linked to the correct, safe Yoga Swing store however.

    • Rosie

      Excellent list Marriane, thanks!

    • Guest

      I think it would have been pretty irresponsible of Rosie if she had suggested that a swing could help with Alzheimers and the like. As it is, most of us are happy with being pointed in the direction of a potential exercise tool, without being treated to a list of totally unsound, unproven ‘benefits’….

    • I’m sure she was just trying to keep it brief, reading a massive reel of benefits doesn’t make for very light reading. πŸ˜›

      P.S. I should add also that a lot of the benefits in your list there haven’t been officially studied or verified.

  • I would probably get so tangled up, that the Emergency Services would need to rescue me……PS. You mentioned you were writing your exercise routine post in Feb…but I haven’t seen it..I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to read some fitness tips from you!

    • Genna

      This is an exercise post. She did a swim one not long ago also.

      Some people aren’t happy unless you’re wearing spandex jumping up and down on a little box. Expand your horizons a little.

      • Woah, I fail to see what Jessica said to warrant such a harsh reply, bad day?

        • Thank you for your comment…maybe Genna doesn’t like Mondays!! πŸ˜‰

    • Rosie

      Oh lordy that would be an embarrassing call to make! “Hello, 999? I’m stuck in a swing in my bedroom…”
      What sort of exercise routine were you hoping for?

      • I naturally have a curvy shape…so whilst I am happy with my small waist I’m not so happy with my thighs ;( I know genetics play a part here….but can you recommend exercise’s to tone this area? Is it just from walking as I know you mentioned you walk a lot? Thanks

        • Lauren Rae

          I too had your problem, try interval training. Couch to 5k would be an easy way to start, sports bra, trainers and earphones! If you know anybody who has the insanity workout and would lend it to you, it is amazing and seriously gets you feeling good! Also try “pop pilates” on YouTube, there are lots of videos to target specific parts of your body, you’ll see a difference doing it daily for two weeks and it only takes 10-20 minutes. Hope this helps!

          • Thank you for the tips Lauren…I know of the insanity workout your talking about…but I can’t do too much jumping even with a sports bra!! Will google pop pilates now, I think I will have to make a plan and stick to it…no excuses!! x

  • Amber

    that looks SO much fun – hellow christmas list!!! I NEED a yoga swing in my life… and a custard! http://amberhollyharrison.wordpress.com/ xxx

    • Rosie

      How cute would that be?! Opening your stocking on Christmas morning & Custard peering out…

      • Johanna Filipson

        best christmas present EVER !

  • Nichola Allan

    Oh my God, I want this so badly it’s unbelievable. I’m officially going to get back into yoga again now, though I’m not sure my landlord would appreciate my installing it in the house!


  • Haha this looks like so much fun! Custard certainly seems to like it =p


  • Becca

    I have to try this! I’ve only been to a few yoga classes so far, but this looks more intense and fun too. x


  • Rosie, this looks hilariously fun. Surely someone has dedicated time to create doggy yoga of some sort – maybe you could incorporate Custard for dual workouts – haha!. x x – T + M

  • I love yoga – this looks like a super duper version of it & your commentary had me in stitches!

    Happy Monday Rosie xoxo


  • Suzie

    Ahhh Rose is replying to comments todayyyyyyyyyyyy. Hi Rosie!! Thank you for giving me something to read on a boring Monday on my own in the office :(((((((((

    Lots of love xxx

  • Oh wow, this looks like tremendous fun…I may just have to invest in one for myself!

  • This looks like so much fun, and I am totally with you on the exercise needs to be fun thing, why would we want to make it harder to be motivated to do?!
    You are a lucky lady being treated to one of these πŸ™‚ xx


  • Anna

    thumbs up for making inversion look so easy!!! I tried yoga swings ones, but I’m scared of doing the inversion! I prefer sticking to the regular yoga!

  • I’ve always wanted to try this, but can see hurting myself haha. I’ve done the swingset like thing in the gym where you use the cables to workout with your own body weight, and had a hard enough time with that. Something to try though!

  • Jesus Christ, your body is very flexible. I’ll be knackered if I did all this and only god knows where I will land. You make it look so simple but girl that must be really hard. I don’t think I’ll be able to move once it’s finished πŸ™‚

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  • I’ve been meaning to get back into yoga. This is perfect! Haha.

    I’d mean a lot if you could check out my blog!

    Love from Seoul, South Korea!

  • Alisha Magic

    This looks like so much fun! Love any exercise that can have you giggling and dogs joining in! xx

  • Isabel Cristina

    This looks so awsome!

  • Audrey Burke

    Hi Rosie! Bit of an off topic question from this post: do you have any suggestions for cute/practical winter boots? Winter is fast approaching here in Michigan,USA and I’d rather not renew my UGGS…looking for something fresh and different!

    Stay wonderful!! πŸ™‚ -Audrey

  • Megan {Willow Way Blog}

    that looks so fun! I hate the gym and I’ve always loved reformer Pilates – so fun and it hurts the next day!

  • Sepideh

    That. looks. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!! I would love to have something like that and be able to stretch! LOVE it!!!!!


  • This looks amazing! I totally dig anything hip and different. Going to the gym is lame-o!

    But I’m kinda worried that I will tear the curtain – eek! Is it quite robust material?


  • Holly von Bock

    Oh my god that looks SO much fun! Poor Charlie will be sorely disappointed if he see’s I’ve ordered myself a swing then I say it’s for yoga! I really want to get into more stretching etc but my gym only offers one yoga & one pilates class a week which I don’t think is enough if you really want to commit. But I suppose better then nothing, I’ll be interested to see how often you use it! πŸ˜‰ xxx

  • Yoga swinging looks like the most wonderfully scary/intense/awesome combination! xoxo

  • Hayley Elliott

    I love this! Thinking I need to get me a swing πŸ™‚ you are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration and the fun post! Xo!

  • The slow pace

    That looks super hard!!! I’m sure my teeth won’t be safe in that yoga class… πŸ˜‰

  • Taylor Harvey

    This looks rather challenging but fun! I am such a fan of your blog and am in the early stages of blog-dabbling myself. Were you in Bath today by any chance? I’m an American, studying in the UK for the semester, and could have sworn that I saw you.

  • Elizabeth Craney

    Literally DYING to try this! I’m about to search like mad for somewhere in the US that has these. A workout that is based in swinging around like you’re in the circus and/or a monkey?? it’s too good.

    xo E


  • That looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to take a regular yoga work out to the next level. That was very thoughtful of your sister!

  • This looks awesome, I have to try it soon!


  • Michelle
  • Lexis

    That looks like a lot of fun. After reading your “hanging upside down” post, I finally went and took the Aerial Silks class I found locally. It was a lot of fun and I found new muscles that could be sore. Thanks for the nudge.

  • If I had a swing like that, I’d do yoga for a sec, then yawn, and end up swinging and chillaxing with a glass of wine. I need a gym trainer to yell at me, otherwise I won’t get anything done.



  • Camille Beygui

    This looks like so much fun



  • Holy moly, this looks like it could be the funnest level exercise can get!

  • thunderlegz

    Awesome! Rosie, Im so, so bored. Do I remember your mom having a llama? How many animals do you have there?! Jealous. xoxo. H

  • Laura

    This looks like my kind of exercise, as I really dislike the gym. How long have you been doing yoga/ inversion exercises? As I can imagine it requiring quite a lot of skill. x

    Heroine In Heels

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • This is awesome! Will have to invest in one. You never cease to improve my life with your blog posts! Just made a batch of your avocado cookies, and they are fantastic.

    Step into Estherina’s World

  • As usual, wonderful photos, however I would have liked it if you had included a video of someone using this who knows how to use it as I am intrigued!

  • I think it’s pretty safe to say that I need one. Like last year, so now I could see the effects πŸ˜€ I’d heard about it before, but never really seen this in action, so this was great πŸ™‚ Now I just need to find somewhere I can afford to try it. Or just ask for one for christmas, you know the classic wishlist gift along with socks and a digital camera.

  • Wow! Would absolutely love to try this out once I approve my yoga skills πŸ™‚ did your sister/a teacher teach you or are you self taught in this? Love it!

  • Emily

    I took a flying yoga class a few months ago and absolutely loved it! It’s surprisingly challenging and left me really, really sore but it was a blast. I definitely need to get back in there soon!
    And you look gorgeous, per usual!


  • Looks so amazing! Wish we had it in South Africa πŸ™‚

  • kerrie

    So cool, love it xx

    pinkluc0zade.blogspot.com x

  • Johanna Filipson

    That looks so cool, I could definitely use a bit of a back stretch.. Custard seems to be enjoying it as well, he’s TOO cute Rosie! /Johanna


  • Hah. Just after reading this post I found an event for a beginners aerial yoga session on InterNations here :p fully booked, but they promised another one!

  • Akansha

    I must find a place like this in San Francisco and give it a shot!

  • Kelly’s Reality

    I tried arial yoga once and had fun until my friend and I got nauseous from the all the swinging πŸ™ Super cool but I’ll stick with my barre classes!


  • Greek Girl Glasgow

    I think I know what I want for Christmas this year! Thank you Rosie πŸ™‚ I really love your blog <3 xxx http://greekgirlglasgow.com

  • Gina Evans-Forte

    This looks really strange, yet rather cool! Might have to consider giving this a go one day! x

  • Margarita Orellana

    Hello, I would like to know the price of the swing. Thank you very much