Blow Out Tutorial

This is by far my most requested post, ever!

I really admire girls who can make beauty tutorials, but I’m just not one of them.

Getting ready is my time to think, I put on great music as loud as I can get away with, fling the windows open and get down to business. It’s certainly never occurred to me to take pictures of the process and explain how I do it!

But this is it, I’m finally giving in and showing you how I get my hair to do it’s wavy, bouncy little thing.

Fair warning… I’m likely to make a lot of faces like this:

The foundation of a great blow dry is how it’s washed.

If you’re using rubbish shampoo & conditioner then it’s just never going to last and you’re going to end up doing it all again the next day.

I am completely addicted to KMS California products. They quite literally cut my blow-dry time in half. The ‘Taming Creme‘ is a non-negotiable element. It’ll protect your hair from all that heat and brushing, smooth out any unruly curls or frizz, cut your timing down from about an hour to a swift 30mins and stop it all poofing up again at the first sign on rain (pretty key in London!).

Other than that, you’ll want a hairdryer with a flat nozzle attached, a normal hairbrush, a roll brush (the bigger the brush the faster you can blow, but you’ll get bigger, looser curls) and large crocodile clips.

After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, brush it through to get rid of any tangles.

Add a splodge of taming creme and quickly brush it again.

Clip most of your hair out of the way and leave yourself a nice little section to work with.

Position your brush under the section and your dryer over the top, about an inch away.

Brush through the length of the section and twist the hair under at the end, to create a bit of a curl.

Do the same to the other side, still just working on the bottom layer.

Once you’re satisfied, move up a layer.

Obliterate any frizzy bits on this layer.

Then curl up your hair and clip it into place.

This way the hair will cool into a curl and it’ll stay bouncy for longer.

I find the top of my hair a bit trickier because I blow it up and backwards… which is a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time

Blow the front forwards, so that when you flick it back later it’ll be all swoopy (technical term) and voluminous.

Finally, remove all of the crocodiles.

Shake out your hair.

Squidge a pea sized amount of serum into your hands and rub them so it’s evenly distributed all over your palms.

Turn your head upside down and ruffle your hands through your curls, coating the curls in serum without making it greasy.

Flip up and smooth a few layers through your fingers to define the curls and add shine.

And you’re done!

Ready to roll…

Here are the products I used:

[iframe data-blogger-escaped-scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ height=”120px” src=”,ac5c70938aac3378ed9e7a21843edfff,37d35033fffd24178d71923187dcaf92,03a1a9a0e29293352aa2768b08128a76&rows=1&cols=4&brand=1&price=0&hover=1″ width=”490px”]

I only blow it out once or twice a week, so I don’t damage it and end up with straw (like I did at university when I first discovered hair straighteners! Woops).

When you go to bed, twirl your hair up into a pineapple & tie it up with a snag-free hairband.

That way it’ll keep its curl and stay bouncy all week long.

Ps. If you’re wondering where my button necklace is from, it’s one of my sister’s designs! You can find it here.

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  • Emma
  • This is great – none of the fancy terminology or long list of ‘necessary’ products you get in some magazine tutorials! Love the pics xx

  • Addy London

    Wow this looks great Rosie, as usual… but i think you have a great hair potential in the beginning πŸ˜‰ where did you buy your brushes? I always strugle so much doing an home made blow dry….
    On another note, I am organising a meeting for girls in Fulham if anyone interested x

    • Rosie

      It’s a company called 3ME but I’m afraid I don’t have a link! x

  • anya

    Waited so long for this!!! Thank you!! Very Kate like hair!!

  • Lottie Greenwood

    I wish I had the cooridination to do this!
    But I guess practice makes perfect!
    Thank you πŸ™‚
    P.S love the little picture of custard at the bottom… woof πŸ™‚

  • genieve

    hmm… considering how lovely your hair looks in the finished picture, i think i may have to put the effort in with my hair and try this! thanks πŸ˜€

  • Lindsay Valukevich

    So you only wash your hair once or twice a week? How do you keep it looking great in between washes? I’m so jealous of girls that can do that, my hair gets so oily so quickly and the poor stuff is so damaged from heat.

    • Rosie

      I used to wash it every day but it’s really damaging. Your hair shouldn’t need washing more than twice/three times a week and it very quickly gets used to the way you treat it. Try cutting down to every other day, and you should notice that it needs less washing. Then cut it down again if you like. The products you choose also make a big difference.

      • Me

        I wash mine twice a week – unless i have a very special occasion which i need to do an additonal wash for. I find it’s fine to leave it this long – and if you want to give it a spruce – use some batiste! xx

      • Rebecca

        Love this post! But it’s actually a complete myth that you shouldn’t wash your hair daily – in fact it should be encouraged. You should treat your scalp exactly the same as you treat the skin on your face, and you would never just not wash your face once a week. Just find a gentle shampoo (and you don’t necessarily need to condition every day). It’s actually a little dirty and unhygienic to leave your hair untouched for so long – especially when you’re leaving in muggy London!

      • Sarah

        Do you workout between washes, too?

      • Bethany Burroughs

        What about us runners? I run 5-6 times a week, and can’t make it through with only washing it once or twice… it would be unsightly.. and rather smelly. Do you suggest Dry Shampoo?

        • Aisha

          I have natural afro hair and i run and exercise quite a lot. Instead of using shampoo, i would recommend co-washing. Washing you hair with conditioner instead. Herbal Essences are great for this! Shampoo can be so drying on the hair.

          • Brittany West

            I’m a runner, and I do this too! I get my hair wet in the shower everyday, but only use shampoo 2-3 times a week, the rest of the week I use a light conditioner only.

      • Shweta Chatterjee

        But what about work out? I work out everyday and the scalp gets sweaty πŸ™ and I have no choice but to wash and blast dry…hair is becoming like straw πŸ™ any suggestions!??!

    • I also only wash my hair a couple of times a week. I find it’s good to let the natural oils on your hair to really condition it. For oil you might want to have a dry shampoo handy to soak it up a bit. xx

    • Elisa Whitehead

      Rebecca’s right. But it also depends on your hair type. I have short curly hair that’s manageable and soft but it does get oily easily. I have to wash mine everyday so I just use natural shampoo. Meaning I use shampoo with NO sodium chloride, sodium laureth sulfate, or any type of alcohol. That’s the stuff that dries out your hair and takes all the natural oils out. My shampoo literally has 5 ingredients. I use Everyday Coconut Shampoo.

  • Charlifll

    finally!!! x

  • I know you say you’re not a beauty blogger, but you did a pretty good job with this – well done Rose! I’ve been suffering with The-Londoner-Hair-Envy for some time now, but I’m going to give this a go and see how I do!

    • Rosie

      haha thanks Amber-Rose! Let me know how you get on.

  • Boia Boio

    I’m off now to wash my hair and give it a go! Thanks Rose!

    • Rosie

      Any time! x

  • Mahera Inaya Kamal

    it’s a good thing you’re single again; cause i am in love with you

    • Steve

      Hmmm, that went well!

  • Sara

    What about ghd hair straightener for longer and thicker hair? Would you recommend it?

    • Rosie

      Personally? I have long, very thick hair and would never use one again.
      But that’s just me.

  • Amber

    YES! Finally – I cant wait to try this and see how i get on. I have curly hair so I may look like I have an afro!

  • Finally! The long-awaited hair post πŸ™‚ I always tend to tease my hair for ‘a bit of oomph’. But now, I’ll throw my teasing comb in the bin and start blowdrying The Londoner style! Thank you Rose! πŸ™‚

  • Peebreeks

    Great post! The bouncy blow-dry seems to be massive at the moment. I will need to follow this to get the hang of it. Your hair looks really healthy, I am almost tempted to go back to brunette! x

  • This is so good! I’ve just had some fresh layers cut in so I’m definitely going to give this a go πŸ™‚

    Eve xxx

  • Kamila M.

    lovely hair!
    why is bloglovin not really working for your blog :S

  • Beautiful! You have such gorgeous hair πŸ™‚

  • Hiral Mistry

    Thanks Rose, you’ve also inspired me to finally start a blog!

  • Samantha Lynch

    Helloo, what a fab tutorial. Just one question – which big round brushes do you recommend? I am struggling to find a good quality brush like yours… thanks x

  • Janne

    Hi Rose! Great post, might have to try this out. I have super fine and straight hair, it’s really hard to get it to do anything remotely bouncy.
    Thank you and have a nice day!!

  • Jayne Larsen-Edgar

    Where did you get your brushes from, Rosie? Are they natural bristles? LOVE the post xx

  • doodle

    Rosie what brand are the brushes you use?

  • Catherine

    Great tutorial. I have somewhat fine hair that’s on the thin side – I always feel those kind of hard-bristle brushes will break/damage my hair – what do you think?

  • Guest

    Cheeky tutorial. Well done! New commenting system feels weird. WTH is Disqus? Another social media platform’ to sign up for? *sigh* I.just.can’t.keep.up! I recently discovered bloglovin’ & google plus and my head hurts already. Your new blog layout looks great though.

  • Lynn-Leigh Brandt

    Great post Rosie πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing what seems like a state secret! Would you suggest not using a hair straightener at all then? I feel like I am quite attached to mine for great looking, albeit a bit flat, hair. Will it cause too much damage in the long run?

  • I have quite long hair and used to do this, but it took so long I gave up! It took me around 30 minutes to do a good job πŸ™ Maybe practice is the key! @disqus_hq6dNNmTg8:disqus I use straighteners as it has the same effect, but definitely worse for your hair I guess? x

  • Oh, and I love the new design Rose πŸ™‚

  • HM

    Thanks for this tutorial! I think we have the same type of hair, so I *should* be able to do it… Will try!

    Have you ever used the rotating brush? How do you like them?

    And I really like the new design (Hi Custard!), but I’ve noticed that I can’t come directly from my reader to your blog anymore (it points to

  • Nia

    And what if you can’t afford such products? I love your blog but just can’t help but notice that money doesn’t seem to be a problem for you as it is for so many people these days. I would have a heart attack and give myself a stern talking to for spending so much money on something which isn’t considered a necessity in life.

  • pewp

    currently sitting on my bedroom floor trying this out… so far so good, although the front sections are so difficult! plus i only have one crocodile clip and am using hair bands instead :/

  • Lovely post, since reading your anti diet post I have been getting myself down that gym five times a week however this has really effected my hair as now I have to wash it after every time I go.. any advice??xx

  • i love this! after years of insisting that proper hair styling was just not necessary, my mother finally convinced me to let her do it, and managed to open up a world of lovely, silky hair-ness! still getting the hang of it though, so this tutorial is very useful… πŸ™‚

    Bumble Speaks

  • Stephanie

    I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem but ever since you’ve
    changed your lay-out, I’m having trouble reading your posts through
    Bloglovin. I can see there’s a new post up but when I click through,
    there’s a 404 warning. I have to open your blog in a seperate tab to be
    able to read it.
    Great post though, I know many of your readers were looking forward to you doing this kind of post about your gorgeous hair!

    • Rosie

      Sorry Steph, working on it!

  • Ronja Holm

    I’ve been admiring your tresses for aaaages. Alas, my hair just won’t go along with this. It just won’t have it. Also it’s not as full and lush as yours. But seeing the method behind the mystery is sooo satisfying. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • irina

    Rosie, you are a star * !! πŸ™‚ I am so happy you made this post and
    took an effort to explain it to us. Also, I was surprised to find out
    about the hair washing thing – 2 a week (saw in the comments below),
    will try to give it a go and see if my hair will get used to it.
    Loving your new blog and of course, Dr. Custard πŸ™‚ woofing at the bottom of each page πŸ™‚ xxx

  • LauraCrosby

    I guess the question is, is your hair naturally curly? As it looks that way from the pictures. Mine is naturally curly and the front bit never stays straight in the rain (I live in Manchester so this happens obscene amounts), so does blow drying it like this and using KMS creme really make a difference? As I always struggle to find products that work at keeping my hair straight and frizz free, I would love to know if this helps.

  • Molly

    Great post, Rose! I have all of the accoutrement and may need to give it a go when I get home from work. Playing beauty shop never really gets old! Love the new layout, too.

  • Best post ever!!! So helpful, thanks for doing this. Now to get beautiful, glossy locks like you!!!
    Stevie |

  • Lauren Williamson

    Great post Rosie! I recently got my hair cut so I have been trying to blow dry it properly but it never turns out as nice as yours. Suppose practice makes perfect! And I’ve been looking for a good shampoo and conditioner for ages so I think I’ll have to try these KMS products!

  • emilie spinoza

    Good tutorial, thank you Rosie! I have read several articles about alternatives to “commercialized hair products”…and it is really interesting to know that some of their components are very toxic such as Laureth, Lauryl…Here is one of the articles who talks about it :

  • Bethany Burroughs

    Will she travel to the States for a cut? I’ll tip extra and cook her dinner! No? That’s too bad. For us non-locals what kind of layer cut should we tell our stylist to give us? Just simply layers? Does the brush type matter in terms of what the bristles are made of? xoxo

  • I love this post Rosie. Your hair looks fabulous & as I have similar length hair to you, I must try it!

    Have a fab Tuesday Rosie xoxo

  • Olivia Hester

    I had planned to book a blow dry for this afternoon… but after this popped up via twitter I quickly changed my mind. Thank you for sharing your tips.. absolutely adore your hair! Olivia x

  • Sarah

    Well this will give me something to do after I get finished at the gym later!

    The Purse Snatcher

  • I’m goingto gave to give this a go! My hair is about the same length as yours and not very well behaved, maybe this will make it behave πŸ˜›

    Steph x

  • Amy Lo

    I’ve always loved your hair and cannot wait to try this! And i think you did a sterling job on showing us how with this tutorial πŸ™‚ Keep up the fantastic work!

    Amy x

  • Chloe McFarlane

    Love this, thanks Rose! May I ask where that awesome brush is from? X

  • Hannah Cripps

    It felt like Christmas morning when I saw this post!

  • Ana Laura Francos ❀

    Great post!!! Can not wait to give it a try!! You are so beautiful! I’m a huge fan!!

  • Julia

    hi rosie, great post once again (: i was wondering how you managed to get your hair so healthy and shiny after the university hair straightener problems you mentioned. the same thing happened to me when i first moved to the uk and straightened my hair to avoid frizzing (london weather…) but even now that ive given it up i cant get rid of the straw like texture and the split ends

  • Holly von Bock

    oh me oh my – what a fabulous post! you are so lovely – and I love the matching towel & clips! xxx

  • Nelya Zlamanyuk

    I’m going to have to try this ASAP!!!

  • Mindy Rohr

    I am so surprised at how wavy/curly your hair is naturally…I would have never guessed. My hair is very similar (and I have the hardest time keeping it frizz free without Brazilian blowouts). I am running to the store on my lunch break to snatch up a bottle of KMS Tame Frizz.

    Next challenge…a make up post πŸ˜€

  • Suzanne

    Love this! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Do you ever blast your hair with some cool air as well? I do this once it has dried and find it helps the curls keep shape.

  • KDS

    FINALLY πŸ˜‰ Thank You Thank You Thank You πŸ˜€

  • Nina White

    I’ve just moved to Milan and am feeling terribly unfashionable and dowdy in comparison to the locals – a great time for this particular blog! I’d say you satisfied everyone with this and it looks like something even I can manage!

  • Guest

    Finally Rosie! Thank you! Where we can buy the brush?

  • Frances B

    Great tips! I have horribly thick hair and have never thought to blow dry the front bits forward! love your blog Rose!

  • Kristen

    Thanks Rosie! Like many other readers, I have been suffering from Londoner hair envy ever since I started reading your blog a couple of years ago! Thank you for finally posting this! I have recently bought a nice big round brush and have given the at-home blow out a go again, but I think practice makes perfect because I’m still too uncoordinated for it! Thanks for the tips and I love the new blog design. Xoxo Kristen – Ottawa, Canada

  • Sepideh

    The pictures are awesome!! To blow dry my hair frequently, I have a brush & hair dryer that’s combined and makes it ten times easier to manage! I’ve just been trying to figure out a good shampoo and conditioner for my hair since I have a LOT of hair and it’s thick and can get quite dry!

  • Noelle DeMarco

    Looks fantastic! My hair is so long and thick and curly that I gave up straightening it. It took forever and I would get dead arms halfway through and could barely finish. Oh well, embrace the curl. I would, however, like to try these hair products. Random question: is that a union jack blanket/couch you’re sitting on?

  • Joy Michelle

    Very cute/fun post πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!
    – joy Michelle

    The Joyous Living

  • Melissa

    What type of blow dryer and brushes do you use!

  • Kat

    At last! I am on this first thing tomorrow!

  • Lydia Alexander

    Hi Rosie! Was wondering what brushes do you use? Thank you and great job as always! πŸ˜€ xXx

  • Angie De Angelis

    What if your hair gets sweaty and gross from the gym, which I try and make it to every day during the week?

  • Tish

    Hiya Rose, I bet you get this question a few times over after this fab post – what brand of brushes do you use? I know they make all the difference and I would love to invest! x.x.x.x.x

  • Ruthy

    This is great! Do you think this will work even with fine hair? You are a lucky lady and look like you have pretty thick hair..i get told ‘you have a lot of it, but it is fine’, but going to invest in some better brushes and give it a go….

    Thanks x

  • Tish

    Hi Rose! I know you’ll get this question over and over now you’ve posted this fab tutorial but what brand of brushes were you using? I can guess that would make quite a lot of difference to the blowie too! Thanks! x.x.x p.s Just clicked the links and bought all the products, can’t wait to have bouncy Londoner locks!!!!

  • irina

    Rosie, what would you recommend for the hair that behaves well the first day after wash, and then next day, after I slept at night, they seem to be like more curly, shapeles and all over the place. So I have to either straighten it again or blowdry. And then wash the next day morning. I would like to avoid doing styling it every day.
    Thank you,

  • I love the tutorial, and the new blog look! Looking great πŸ™‚

  • Pam K

    Hooray! I really liked this. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Hannah Bee

    definitely agree that long layers are the key for big bouncy volume! You do have perfect hair though, very jealous- I’ve spent years getting it cut to seem more full and cant wait for it to be your length πŸ™‚


    hannah bee

  • Yaaaay! I’ve been waiting for a post like this – you’re the cutest!
    Delaney xx

  • jade

    Looks amazing! How many sections do you divide your hair into?

  • The slow pace

    Finally! THE post is here! You make it look quite simple… I will try it but lets see if my ears don’t suffer any collateral damage!
    Love love love your hair!

  • Becky Crews

    Serious girl crush going on here… πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    I find the back bit of my hair the hardest to blowdry too!!

  • Love this tutorial, thank you! I always want full, voluminous hair but I am so darn lazy to blow dry and style it! I’ve never done it before. I think it’s time to start. πŸ˜‰

    x Renee

  • Magali Vennin

    Finally! Thank you for this post πŸ˜€ xx

  • GREAT POST!! Your hair always looks so bouncy, full, shiny and voluminous, so seeing how you do it is cool. I’ve never used croc clips to clip up portions of my hair while drying it! Genius! Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚
    Amanda @ πŸ™‚

  • Deirdre

    Thanks for this! I’d kill to have hair like yours! Do you think the KMS Taming Cream would be ok for fine hair types too? And is your hair dryer a Parlux?

  • elizabeth norris

    I need a good cut before I try this, but thanks for the post!

  • Claire Bosselut

    Great tutorial Rosie ! Will def try this out even if I have fine hair and will never get that volume you have… Did you try a hairdresser in France that you would recommend? I think you tried Massato, right?

  • Katrijn

    What about for those of us that work up a sweat pretty much everyday. Do you find you can just rinse and then condition? I’ve always just washed it after a sweaty workout, but that means I end up washing my hair pretty much once a day.
    Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!

    • I also wash my hair daily (I work out & surf, but aside from that my hair is just naturally oily. I cut down to washing every other day & it made no difference besides making me feel greasy, so I returned to daily) and it’s really the heat styling that does more damage to your hair, not shampoo. If you can let it dry naturally a bit first & use good products) so you cut down on blow drying time (and take days off from drying entirely when you can), it helps. I’m actually loving Rosie’s tutorial because it cuts out any need for straightening to get smooth hair too!

      Facts are, we don’t all have Rosie’s hair type or lifestyle habits so a wash and blow-out just once or twice a week isn’t workable for us. Just the way it is!

      • Hey_Kat

        Absolutely agree! There’s no way on earth I can go two days without washing my hair, and I’ve come to terms with that. Rosie has beautiful hair, and she’s very fortunate that it looks great only being washed twice a week or so – but everyone’s hair is different!

  • Roxanne Schreiber

    As a Hairstylist myself I approve of this message!!

  • Izzi C

    Going to try and get this done before school tomorrow! Thanks for the tips, not really any good with styling my hair

  • Grace-Pinayonthemove

    Awesome tutorial Rose, I’ve been dying to know how you make your hair look so fab!

  • It’s a great post Rose! I always thought that you just had ‘that’ kind of hair but actually seeing it half dry in some of the shots, I can see that without your help it would be a bit fuzzy like mine – there is hope for me yet! My hair is certainly finer than yours though, do you still think the Taming Cream would be a good choice?


  • Sophie

    I feel like I’ve found the holy grail. I will be trying a few of these products and tips, though I have a feeling you may just have really good hair… and boobs. Mine don’t do that in a towel πŸ™ Sophie X


  • Daisy

    Blog has been ruined πŸ™ no one likes the read more option

    • Lucille

      False. I happen to love the Read More option. Haters gonna hate.

      • jess rose

        Hi Lucille, I am not keen on the read more options….I have seen other blogs with the same layout and it has put me off reading them, I like to scroll down and read unlike Jestikian (above) or yourself who prefer not to……its not a case of Haters gonna hate just because someone doesn’t share your opinion its obviously a personal preference. Having said that I wouldn’t go as far to say as the blog has been ruined that’s a tad dramatic!!

        • Lucille

          I completely agree, I think it’s a matter of preference. Daisy said that no one liked it, and that the blog was ruined, which is just a really bold, untrue statement, because I, for one, do like it. I was moreso addressing Daisy’s tone; a valid complaint like yours is different!

    • Jestikian Ethiks

      i love it! its great not to have to scroll through! you can scan quick and see what you missed and chose your own adventure! No such thing as ruined. Just evolved. Relax and the good feeling will follow!

  • Kate Jurosz

    Your hair is magical. Thanks for the tutorial, it’s fantastic!

  • Leith Mahoney-Maver

    Awesome! I forgot all about KMS California products. I used them in high school and loved them but for some reason moved on. Time to go back, me thinks!

  • Lucy

    Rosie, thank you for writing this post! Your hair always looks amazing, so I shall have to try out your tips. I may also be doing a bit of KMS shopping!

    Lucy x

  • Emma

    Brilliant tutorial, I’ve been envious of your locks for a while now!

    I think every girl pulls strange faces when getting ready πŸ˜‰

    Hmm maybe…

  • How are you so perfect, seriously?! I’ve tried to blow dry it like this so many times but give up and go to sleep instead. I’m going to give this another go in the hope of The Londoner hair!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  • Yey, finally! πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for sharing! πŸ™‚


  • Megan

    You “pineapple” is my “jumble-um”- so named by a friend of mine from college. How funny!

  • Georgina HattonWoods

    I can’t wait to try this!

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  • Emily @ Sweet Summer Smiles

    I love your hair tutorial! I’ve always wondered how to get those bouncy perfect curls! Thanks!

  • Emily

    Now a exercise/fitness post, pretty PLEASEEEE x

  • The Broke Boy

    I needs me one of those brushes for the perfect Man-Fringe!

  • Kat

    Day off tomorrow will be spent trying this out!! Great post!! Thank you xx

  • Emma Handley

    So trying this tomorrow… x

  • Alana M

    Such a great post! I just tried it and it kind of sort of worked… practice makes perfect πŸ™‚

  • Julia

    Your hair is a dream. Exactly how do you twirl your hair up in the crocodile clips?

  • Emilie Walker

    Thank you for sharing your favourite products! I also always struggle with blow-drying the top layers of my hair, my arms always end up hurting so much. You should definitely do more tutorials, you have so many girls looking up to you and your style! xx

  • Your hair is AHHmazing! I’m not much for blow drying my hair but I think I might give this a shot!

  • Yay! Great post Rosie! My current blow dry routine consists of turning my head upside down and shaking my hair about a bit rock star style while i point the drier at it, maybe tomorrow I will try this more dignified routine. xx

  • Millie

    I have major Londoner hair envy you always look incredible!! I need to give this a go but i have never been good at blow drying my hair!

  • Sarah

    Do you have grey hairs on your crown Rose? I found a bunch of grey hairs on my head the other day πŸ™

  • Marisa Candelas

    Me encanta tu blog. Te sigo desde hace mucho tiempo. Un beso muy fuerte desde Asturias.

  • Is it the light or are you turning grey? Can you recommend a root touch-up? I’ve seen a few greys in my hair but too scared to pull them in case 3 more come to its funeral

    • Rosie

      Yea, I’ve had them since I was about 16! My great aunt was totally silver by the time she was 21, so must run in the family. Not sure on touch ups but defo don’t pull them out!

  • maria

    i have probably just about the same length, cut, colour and thickness as you, i’ve tried so many ways to blowdry my hair, it was okay but not something i would stick with. then i read this in the afternoon and tried it immediately in the evening and … now i look in the mirror and i feel like i see rosie’s gorgeous hair plus my face underneath that πŸ˜€ it’s absolutely brilliant!

    • maria

      and also, i have to add – blowdrying the front section like that really makes a whole difference!

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    I have very long hair and really struggle with managing it, especially when trying to blow dry- does anyone have any tips and tricks they wouldn’t mind sharing?!


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    xoxo Patricia

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    Water Painted Dreams


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    I don’t know how you are so coordinated- I was all over the place. I do have very long hair though, I’ll blame it on that.
    The date went very well which was obviously all down to the blow dry, thank god I remembered this!

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    Any help, please?

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