Guilt Free Egg Fried ‘Rice’

Ok, I’m going to level with you.

This recipe doesn’t look… or sound particularly good.

But c’mon, you can’t judge a book on its cover or on it’s, erm…description. You have to judge it on its taste!

It’s possible I may have gotten my metaphors mixed up, but trust me this is a goood recipe.

Serious thigh slapping, head nodding, mmmmhhmmm inducing tastiness.

Best of all?

It’s crazy low cal, low carb and effectively just a bowl of vegetables that make you feel like you’ve just eaten a big fat chinese takeaway, minus the inevitable regret.

That delicious fluffy looking (and tasting) rice you see there?

Yea, that’s not rice. It’s cauliflower.

Woah woah woah. Don’t run away. I hate cauliflower, I think it’s the devil’s handiwork. But this tastes nothing like it, it just tastes like a lighter version of rice. Carb free and incredibly quick to make, you could knock this up in the time it takes to find a take-out menu.

To feed 3 or 4 you’ll need…

2 tbsp coconut oil,

2 tbsp sesame oil,

2 cloves of garlic, crushed,

2 or 3 fresh chillies, chopped,

1 cauliflower,

2 handfuls of cooked king prawns,

2 eggs,

2 spring onions, chopped,

1 handful fresh coriander (cilantro), chopped

1 handful of peanuts, roughly chopped soy sauce sweet chilli sauce for serving (if you like) Grab your cauliflower.

Tear off the leaves and cut it into tree-like sections.

You’ll want to grate these pretty finely. I use the grating tool on the Magimix.

Once you have your pile of ‘rice’ you might find it’s a little damp. If so wring it out in a tea-towel and spread it out to dry a little. Get a wok nice & hot and add your oils. Crush in your garlic and fry until it just begins to turn light brown.

Add your chopped chillies next.

Followed by your ‘rice’ which will need a good stir around to get all that nice flavour from the oil. Keep stirring and after about a minute add your spring onions.

Add about 2tbsp of soy sauce and keep stirring it all around until it starts to look golden, like this:

Throw your prawns in.

Stir them through and after another minute make a well in the middle of your wok.

Crack your egg into it.

Allow it to fry a little.

Then break it up with your spatular and just as it’s starting to look cooked, stir it through the cauliflower.

Do it again with the other egg and then you’re done! Serve with a handful of chopped coriander.

Sprinkle your chopped peanuts over each bowl as you serve it and offer your guests a slug of sweet chilli & some extra soy sauce.

This sits absoloutley smack bang in the middle of the “healthy 80%” I talk about in The Anti-Diet . Eat as much as you like until you’re full, then stop. Enjoy feeling satisfied and revel in that “mmmm… I feel good” stage, rather than the standard greasy take-away “oh god I’m so full” misery. Get that knack down & you’ll never have to diet again, my friend.

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  • Karima Tillerkins

    Brilliant recipe, thank you! I forgot the prawns and ended up using chorizo instead. Slightly unconventional yet weirdly tasty as well.

  • David @ That Gay Backpacker

    I kinda can’t believe that cauliflower rice is a thing that actually exists. And yet I really want to try it…

  • julia-t

    Weightwatchers were telling us years ago to substitute mashed cauliflower for rice, potatoes and pasta. It’s amazing how the humble and unpopular cauli can be transformed!

  • Sam

    made this tonight (whilst everyone else had takeaway noodles) and honestly believe I had the best dinner – absolutely delicious and that’s with me forgetting to add the peanuts. Totally full but the greedy part of me just wants to eat all over again it was so good !

  • Poppy Fisher-Smith

    Hi Sarah

    If gluten is your only problem with having soy sauce you could use tamari instead as it’s gluten free.

  • Poppy Fisher-Smith

    Hello Sarah

    If your only issue with soy sauce is the gluten content, you can use tamari as that is gluten free. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Svetlana

    I’ve tried similar egg fried rice recipes, but I have to say I’m thrilled with this one, your method is simpler and healthier, win win. Making this today. xx

  • Charlotte

    Hi Rosie, I’m new to the blog, and a dear friend sent me this recipe. I was a little hesitant prior; but after cooking this I was totally blown away. So easy, simple and delicious. I couldn’t believe how moist (and healthy it was). I spent the rest of the reading old posts; such fun. Thank you for the inspiration and keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks Charlotte x

  • Kristen

    Made this for dinner tonight and it was absolutely delicious! Tasted exactly like fried rice, you would never know it was cauliflower. I even tricked my boyfriend into eating it and only told him after and he was shocked it wasn’t rice but loved it none the less! Thanks Rosie!

    The only painful part was grating the cauliflower by hand… since I don’t have a food processor or anything like that, but other than that it was so simple to make! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Roger

    Yes Charlotte, you can use a cheese grater – the largest holes are just perfect. This is a very classy looking website. I am impressed and charmed in equal measure by it.

  • Kate Headley

    Hi Rosie

    I cooked this last night for tea and it was amazing! My boyfriend is a chef and was super impressed – we ate the portion for four between us!

    Definitely trying the mash next!!

    Kate xx

  • I just made this and it is delicious! Thank you. x

  • Jeanne

    This is super yummy – who would have thought that cauliflower could taste THIS good? Thanks for the recipe, and you’re right, by eating this I don’t even feel as though I’m on a diet. As I’m on a student budget, I swapped prawns for tomatoes and broccoli – also very yummy

  • SilentSwans

    A bit late, but I finally made this last night for dinner. My housemate walked in after a long day, and took a big bite and said, “Wow! That is so good!” I had her guess what it was, and she thought it was couscous. Nope! It was super yummy, and it kept well. I ate half of it for dinner and the rest for lunch.

  • kristen

    Made this last night after months of thinking ‘i should make that’. the hubby was disgusted at first when i told him it wasnt rice, but actually cauliflower. that man licked his bowl ๐Ÿ˜‰ we didnt use prawns (in KY, too expensive and not as good as home) or chillies, added bok choy, celery and chicken. seriously, delish.

  • Amy Depwe

    Wow just made this and I am shocked how amazing it turned out!! I did put my moist cauliflower in the oven on bake at 350 degrees while I prepped the other ingredients and it dried it out perfectly!

  • OMG just tried making this today. MIND BLOWN :0

  • Kati Palin

    I finally got round to it…has it really been 9 months since I resolved to!?! Delicious, I added some mushrooms and extra octopus and mussels for a real seafood feast!

  • Katie Bick

    Best meal I’ve had in a while! Your recipes are always amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep em coming!

  • At no point can I see where the amount of rice is called for. Am I blind?

  • SJL

    My boyfriend is allergic to coconut, are you able to use sunflower oil for this?

    • Rosie

      Try and use a cold pressed oil, like Rapeseed. Sunflower oil really isn’t good for you.

  • I cannot stand cauliflower but I’m actually rather tempted to give this a try. I’ll be hitting the anti-diet in the new year so this should get me started as I mean to go on!

  • Emma (SitS)

    It looks pretty damn good to me! I’m going to try something simillar tonight (though vegetarian friendly) thanks for the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carolyn

    I’m absolutely going to have to give that a go!

  • Rhys Davies

    I’m guilty of making egg fried rice.