The Rum Kitchen

The Rum Kitchen is a new little place in Notting Hill. Oh boy, is it my kinda restaurant! It’s relaxed, fun, young, the menus are a little sticky & the food is simple but mindblowingly good. Started by the same team behind Ping , it’s a Caribbean beach shack (minus the beach, sadly) with a cellar boasting over 100 types of rum… hence the name. Seeing as it’s only a short walk from my house, Will & I thought we should head down to see what all the fuss was about.

Forget the wine list. We were ready for some rum punch & cocktails.

Lots of them…

Having sipped on half the menu, we decided The Rattlesnake Punch was the clear winner… so we should probably order some food. I went for the saltfish fritters with chilli jam.

Will plumped for salt ‘n’ chili squid.

The squid was good. Fresh, perfectly cooked, crispy & came with a delicious garlic mayonnaise. But let’s be honest, it was nothing compared to my fritters. They were fluffy, rich, punchy & unimaginably comforting to eat. I wanted to be stuck in the rain in a little shack on a beach eating a big bowl of them. Will had terrible food envy, so we ended up sharing both.

For the main event we went for fish gumbo & cornbread, spiced up chicken supreme with yam bubble ‘n’ squeek, jerk gravy & chilli butter and a side of jerk wings.

The gumbo was well balanced & surprisingly rich. Perfect for dunking the homemade cornbread.

The chicken supreme was exceptional. Beautifully cooked chicken, a spicy, deep sauce & old school buttery bubble n squeak. The shining beacon of the entire meal however… the wings. I know I’ve been prattling on about chicken wings recently but these aren’t deep fried like the others. They’re spicy, sticky & the stuff dreams are made of.

After another round of cocktails it was time for puddin’.

Butterscotch banana pudding and chocolate rum cake with chocolate sauce & icecream.

Ok, don’t tell anyone… but having finished off pudding, we ordered another round of wings. They just were that good & pretty much all I’ve been thinking about since. Visit their (rather snazzy) website here & try them for yourself, bruddah. On weekends they even do brunch. Just the thing to fling at your hangover. Out of towners, if you’ve got a jerk hankerin’, give this a whirl !

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  • Guest

    Living in Notting Hill and being congenitally lazy the Rum Kitchen is an
    obvious choice. That said it’s not just convenience that brings me here
    (and not every day just those that end in a Y) It goes without saying
    the collection of rum is amazing but it’s not just called RUM this food
    is a refreshing relief in rotting hill – unpretentious honest food
    (always go for the sweet potato fries) and with what is truly
    exceptional: The door staff who take an active interest in the local
    crowd, who get that on occasion ( or for me frequently) in going to a
    venue with rum in the name can end up in being a little inebriated.