The Summer House

Whenever I’ve been at my parents’ house in the country, I’ve found my self sneaking to the bottom of the garden for a little DIY time.

When they moved in, there was an unloved little potter’s shed, covered in weeds and looking a little worse for wear.

My dad wanted to knock it down, but after a little persuasion (and a very nice bottle of whisky) he said that we could keep it, but getting it into shape was my responsibility.

It’s taken some time (seeing as I’m usually in London) but my little project is finally coming together!

My paparazza of a mother popped out to see how I was getting on…

Here she is…

And here’s a little before pic…

She’s not finished yet, there’s still lots more to do.

I’m going to whip up some curtains for the windows & of course it will have to have some thoroughly British bunting!

When I’m done I’m going to wrap her in a huge pink bow & give her to my mummy as a reading room.

I hope she’ll like it!

I’ve been using Pinterest (as usual) to find inspiration.


What do you think?

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for my little hideaway?

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  • Kensington_Mouse

    I have exactly the same shed at my parents house! I did something similar about 8 years ago with it – chasing out spiders and painting it all up… only I used it for my studio when I was an artist. Mine was also blue and white, but the inverse of yours. Most tedious job in the world was filling in all the cracks to try and wind and damp-proof it. It’s so cold in winter it is unusable though. As soon as I became a designer My folks took it over and filled it with junk which is quite sad really. Had an old blanket box in there with a tea set and mini kettle and a comfy armchair and lots of art books. Feeling very nostalgic now thanks.

  • Suzie

    Hi there. I’m just about to do the same thing. Our summer house was looking very tired when we moved in and was rotten in places. My husband thought it was beyond repair and I also had to fight to keep it. I’ve patched up all the rotten bits now though, and today I’m going to start painting, yay. Love the colour of yours… f&b? Which one? I’m going round and round in circles trying to decide, and madly googling painted summer houses for inspiration! X