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Watermelon Martinis

March 28, 2012 |

Eclipse in Chelsea is my favourite cocktail bar in London. Forget the music, forget the groups of beautiful people lounging on the sofas, there's one reason this place tops my list. The watermelon martinis. Mind blowing. Promise me next time you're in the area you'll pop in for one? You'll find them here . Oh, and make sure you order a round of 'Crack Babies' for dessert. Vodka, passion fruit & raspberry liqueur, topped with champagne. Outrageous. Anyway, a few friends popped round yesterday afternoon to lay in the sun & make the most of our mini heat wave. Having slathered ourselves in factor 4, we decided that we could murder some Eclipse martinis… but there was no way we were moving. There was only one thing for it, we'd have to make our own. So here's my recipe for homemade Watermelon Martinis.

You'll need: A whole watermelon, Vodka (stored in the freezer so it's nice & cold), 2 limes, Ice. Start by slicing off the top of your melon & put it to one side. Scoop out the middle & pop it into a bowl, or directly into your blender. Don't worry about the seeds, you won't notice them. Add a big handful of ice & your vodka. I'll leave the strength up to you. For most people a double shot each is enough, but we put significantly more in! Squeeze both of your limes into the mix & blitz. Leave it whirring away while you get your glasses out. Pop a big handful of ice into your hollowed out melon. Turn the blender off & pour into your glasses. Pour the rest into your melon punch bowl & voila!

Ofcourse, if you're feeling particularly naughty you could do what we did & make yourself individual melons. Just pop the lid back onto the melon & stick a couple straws in.
Bikini from here
Lay back & pretend you're on your own private island. Bliss. PS. If 3 of you share a watermelon, each glass has about 140 calories (a small Pina Colada has around 530!) Watermelon's good for your heart and contains lycopene (antioxidant), beta carotene (good for eyes, skin, helps you tan) and citrulline (natural viagra!). So you can slurp away guilt free, although you may get a little frisky.


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