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DIY Chanel Drip Tshirt

March 2, 2012 |

This little chopped up vest is my homemade homage to Zevs and his series of liquidated logos.

(Images via

I whipped up the drippy logo & popped it off to t-shirt printers StreetShirts, who had my badboy back in the post the very next day! The whole thing cost less than a tenner, which I would probably have spent had I bought transfer paper etc to do it by hand. The model shown is a mens small and I cut the sleeves & neck off to make it a little less boxy. I ordered it in plain black but I actually got a sort of midnight glitter effect which I quite like! If you fancy your own Chanel Drip, you're more than welcome to download the .jpeg I used. Just click on the picture bellow & save it to your computer.

Send it off to your printer of choice, ask them to 'vectorize the image' (get rid of the white background) & voila! Your own little piece of designer graffiti.

There's no reason men couldn't wear this too, although (unless you fancy a bit of peacocking) stick to matt black & white.

As for the rest of the outfit: Boots by Asos Blazer by Zara Jeans by Diesel Sunnies by Ray Ban Watch is this mens Casio (UK) or here for US Nails by Mavala & my blue clutch is by Clair Vivier in Royal Blue Pebble

But to be perfectly honest... I just can't wait until summer when I can pair it with little denim shorts & sling it over a bikini at the beach!

Although I'm sure if you follow me on Pinterest you're more than aware of my current summertime cravings.

I have terrible wonderlust that just cannot be satisfied with anything other than the clearest waters & the whitest sand...

Ahhh, I can dream.


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