A new blog. A fresh start. 

Somewhere to empty my thoughts and document my days. 

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Have you seen these?

  • It seems like everyone is saying ‘I got to the end of your blog.’ I did the exact opposite.
    Once I read a few posts and got hooked on The Londonder I began reading backwards to see where/how you started.
    You’ve been such an inspiration Rosie! I decided to start blogging myself, and hope one day my blog brings people the same joy The Londoner does for readers now and has in the past.

    xx Paige

  • Megan McCarthy

    I have finally done it, read your entire blog! All 63 pages i have scrolled through your home page reading every single post you have written and shared with us all.
    Your life is spectacular and i simply love your witty writing and your beautiful photos. Continue writing, and i will make sure i keep up with it all.

    Thankyou for sharing xx

  • Madi Delliston

    You know your obsessed with someones blog when you read back to 2011!

    Thanks for the great reading xx


  • sally

    I found your blog in 2011 while on my gap yeah in England and have read every single post! Today while bored at work I sought out your very first post to see how far it went back. 5 years on, I have just created my first ever blog post!! Such a great way to store memories and I cannot wait to read back on my own blog in 5 years time. You are an inspiration Rosie xx